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"Buying CDs online: the skinny on some of the major vendors" -- San Francisco Classical Music Examiner, October 19, 2008
ArkivMusic ties for first place in writer Scott Foglesong's survey of online CD stores. Classy, gracious, friendly, and endlessly inviting, ArkivMusic is a crown jewel among record stores.
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"Classical music is enjoying mini-comeback thanks to the Internet" -- Omaha World-Herald, March 16, 2008
Sales at ArkivMusic, an online classical CD emporium, rose 30 percent in 2007, an astounding figure considering that CD sales in general were down more than 15 percent in the United States last year, according to Nielsen SoundScan. Read More

"Reprise, Not Requiem" -- Billboard Magazine, February 2, 2008
At Growing Online Classical Retailer Arkivmusic.com, Digital Still Means Physical. Read More

"It's Not All Gloom—News from the Classical Front" -- Stereophile, February 2, 2008
You thought the only new articles about CDs you'd be reading would be about further declines in sales? Well, it turns out that ArkivMusic, the country's leading website for new and formerly out-of-print classical recordings, posted, um, record sales last year. Read More

"On the trail of the disappearing disc" -- Telegraph UK, November 11, 2007
As 2007 ushered in a new dawn, I placed a hefty bet with my 15-year-old son that by the end of 2008 there would be no chain stores specialising in the sale of CDs or DVDs. Read More

"ArkivMusic Resurrects Out-of-Print Warner Classics Opera Titles" -- Stereophile, October 7, 2007
ArkivMusic.com has just signed a deal with Warner Classics to reissue, on demand, out-of-print recordings from Teldec, Erato, and Warner Classics. Read More

"Keeping out-of-print CDs in circulation" -- The Boston Globe, August 31, 2007
ArkivMusic, an online retailer that launched in 2002, is out to reverse that trend and restore as much of the deep catalog as possible...The project began three years ago; as of this writing, the company has made more than 3,700 recordings available in this way. Read More

"ArkivMusic Offers Archival Music on Demand, Just for You!" -- Fanfare Magazine, July/August 2007
And—what’s this?—thousands of deleted classical titles, presumed dead and gone forever, are suddenly for sale once more. It’s Y2K all over again. Somebody forgot to make the disaster happen...Read More

"Web site keeps classical CDs in the mix" -- Chicago Tribune, Sunday, 7/1/07
So you think the classical recording business is dead in the water? Think again. The recent reissue of 55 out-of-print Chicago Symphony Orchestra titles by the online classical music store ArkivMusic points up how Web-based options are helping to fill the void created by the shuttering of Tower Records...Read More

"Rebirth of the Classics" -- Commentary Magazine, Monday, 6/18/07
Superb classical CD’s are often abruptly withdrawn by record companies for reasons having little or nothing to do with intrinsic quality, and much more to do with marketing ploys and vagaries of taste...Read More

"EMI Classics joins out-of-print service" -- Chicago Sun Times, Monday, 6/10/07
EMI Classics announced last week that it will participate in online retailer ArkivMusic's ArkivCD on-demand program...Read More

"Dropping DRM a boon for classical music" -- USAToday.com, Monday, 6/4/07
"Generally speaking, with classical music there are so many physical discs that you can buy for $8 – uncompressed CDs with liner notes," says Eric Feidner...Read More

"Undeleting the Classical Music Catalog" -- ArtsJournal.com, Monday, 6/4/07
ArkivMusic is a real-world test of the Longtail phenomenon. The idea is to take old recordings that are no longer part of the CD catalog and make them available on demand...Read More

"PSO discs see light of day again" -- Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Sunday, 6/3/07
The Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra is deleted no more. The recording industry employs the harsh term "deleted" to describe CDs no longer being pressed...Read More

"ArkivMusic Mines the Greats" -- Stereophile, Sunday, 6/3/07
ArkivMusic, one of the Web's leading sources for classical music recordings, has struck a deal that enables them to release on their own reissue label, ArkivCD, out-of-print titles from the extensive catalogues of EMI Classics, Virgin Classics, and Angel Records...Read More

Christian Science Monitor -- Friday, 6/1/07
ArkivMusic recently surveyed 4,700 of its customers about their purchasing habits. Nearly two-thirds said they don't listen to music on an iPod and three quarters have never purchased classical downloads...Read More

"ArkivMusic Begins Selling Out of Print Recordings, Burned to Order on CD" -- PlaybillArts.com, Thursday, 5/31/07
The online retailer ArkivMusic will release out-of-print classical recordings from EMI Classics' extensive catalog as "production-on-demand" CDs... Read More

"Classical Music’s Digital Download Boom" -- ArtsJournal.com, Wednesday, 5/30/07
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"Web distributor gives ‘lost’ CDs a 2nd life on demand" -- Philadelphia Inquirer, Sunday, 5/27/07
In recent weeks, the disc occupied prime real estate on the home page of ArkivMusic.com, as the flagship release in a new agreement that gives the classical-music Web site the rights to discontinued items in the EMI catalog - but this time free of marketing projections or sink-or-swim sales goals... Read More

WNYC-FM Soundcheck, Tuesday, 5/22/07
New York Times critic Anne Midgette on ArkivCDs
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"ArkivMusic Licenses Out-of-Print, EMI Classical Catalog" -- Digital Music News, Thursday, 5/10/07
ArkivMusic, an etailer specializing in classical music, recently licensed a considerable collection of out-of-print recordings... Read More

"Buying Classical CDs in a Post-Tower-Records World" -- The New York Times, Thursday 12/28/06
Where are classical music lovers in New York supposed to purchase all the recordings recommended by New York Times critics now that Tower Records is going out of business? Read More

"Where Collectors Can Get Lost Classical Recordings" -- The New York Times, Saturday, 11/25/06
“About 50 percent of what gets played on most classical stations on any given day is an out-of-print recording,” Mr. Feidner said. “That’s our wish list, because stations play these things all the time. People are looking for them.” Read More

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