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1. What's the best way to find what I'm looking for?

We believe that our "drilldown" navigation provides the most accurate and comprehensive method for finding a classical recording, starting with the general categories of Composers, Conductors, Performers, Ensembles, Record Labels, and Operas by title. Use the alphabet links at the top of each page if you don't see what you are looking for in the "most popular" list that appears.

Using the search box in the upper-right of our home page, you can also search ArkivMusic by all of the categories above as well as by Album Title and Catalog Number. Our Record Label browse pages also include a Catalog Number search.

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2. Why can't I find the composer, conductor, or performer I'm looking for in the list that appears when I click the links for those categories on your home page?

The list that appears after clicking on one of these links on our home page (e.g., Composers), shows the most popular names in that category. If the person you are looking for is not listed there, click on the first letter of the person's last name in the alphabet links that you'll see across the top of the page. Repeat this process for the first two letters of the person's last name until you find the name you are looking for.

For example, to find recordings of the lutenist Hopkinson Smith, click Performers on our home page, then the letter S in the alphabet links, and then Sm. Scroll down on the resulting page to find his name.

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3. Is there a way to find recordings by instrument (e.g., viola) or period (e.g., Renaissance)?

Although we're not confident in the effectiveness of this tool, we do have an option to browse by instrument. We do not currently have a way to find recordings by period.

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4. Why can't I find a new release that I've heard or read about?

It is not unusual for titles to be released in Europe weeks or months before they are available in North America. We recommend that you check back with us periodically.

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5. Do you carry out-of-print or used recordings?

ArkivMusic carries a huge selection of out-of-print recordings licensed from the original record label and reissued by us in our ArkivCD program. We also sometimes have titles in stock that have recently gone out of print. Bear in mind that many out-of-print recordings are reissued with different packaging and catalog numbers or may be in print in other countries and available as imports, so it pays to check our site for the specific performance you are looking for. ArkivMusic does not sell used recordings.

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6. Do you carry VHS video, LPs, or cassette tapes?

We currently offer recordings for sale in these formats only: CD, Super Audio CD, DVD, and Blu-ray Disc.

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7. What is a Super Audio CD? Will a Super Audio CD play on a regular CD player?

Super Audio CDs are thought by some to be the next advance in recorded audio fidelity. Virtually all of the Super Audio CDs currently being produced are "hybrid" SACDs, which will play on regular CD players. In rare cases when an SACD is not a hybrid, we try to point this out on that title's product page. You can read more about Super Audio CDs in an article about RCA's Living Stereo series here.

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8. What does "Special Order" mean when it appears under the "Add to Cart" button?

A Special Order is a title that the CD distributor or importer no longer carries in stock but may still be able to get from the original manufacturer if one of our customers orders it. If you order a Special Order title and we cannot ship it within 45 days, we will cancel your order and notify you via email.

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9. How can I tell if an opera recording includes a libretto in English?

Recordings from Deutsche Grammophon, Decca, Philips, EMI, Virgin, Sony, RCA, Harmonia Mundi, Chandos, CPO, and Opera Rara normally include an English libretto, although less expensive reissues may only have synopses. It is not always easy for us to know if a given recording includes a libretto in English, but we do try to note if a libretto is missing in the album notes for the CD.

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10. How can I tell if an opera DVD includes English subtitles?

All Region 1 DVDs include English subtitles. We try to include the region information on the product page for each DVD as well as specific details about subtitles when this information is available to us.

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11. When I clicked the "Buy" link on a radio station's playlist page, why did I get a page on ArkivMusic telling me the recording is out of print?

ArkivMusic works with radio stations across the country to make it easy for listeners to purchase the music they hear on the radio. Unfortunately, many of the CDs heard on classical radio stations (about half of what is played) are out of print, because record labels continually delete titles from their catalogs that radio stations continue to play from their libraries. Out-of-print recordings are constantly being reissued, however, often with different packaging, catalog numbers, and couplings. Most radio stations place a "Buy CD" button next to every entry on their playlists. We try to link each playlist entry to a relevant CD available on ArkivMusic, including linking out-of-print titles to available reissues of the same recordings. Alas, some out-of-print recordings remain unavailable, with no purchasable CD to link to, causing the "out-of-print" message to appear.

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12. Does ArkivMusic sell sheet music or scores?

ArkivMusic does not sell sheet music. Here are a few good sources for printed music:

You might also try the websites of ASCAP and BMI, which include a comprehensive database of all works held by the two rights societies:

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13. I have LPs or CDs to sell. Can you help me with a valuation or appraisal?

ArkivMusic does not buy or appraise record collections. You may want to try these sources:

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14. How do I get recordings of my music/performances to be available for sale on ArkivMusic?

If your music is available on CD and professionally packaged for retail (with bar codes) you can inform us of your distribution company for North America and we can contact them about the availability of your title. If your album is self-distributed or available from a North American distributor (and packaged for retail), please send information about it to us via email.

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