Independent Opera Orchestra

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Ah, my sweet consolation! (Dominic, Monique)
How light the grace (Dominic, Monique)
Dominic, Casimir, Marie-Joseph, St. Just, Balthasar (Grandmother)
This time my patience cannot still endure (Grandmother, Dominic)
My mother says all girls grow sad and languish for love (Lucille, Yolande, Laura, 2 Young Men)
Lucille. Ah, Lucille? Stay I beg, I implore you! (Suitor, Lucille, Sofa)
Ha, ha, ha! Where's Dominic? ... (Dominic's Voice, Ensemble)
Come and dance! (Edward, Monique, Dominic)
What's happened? What's happened? (Dominic, Edward, Ensemble)
Oh, what an intriguing, fascinating situation! (Edward, Lucille, Laura, Yolande, Dominic, Monique)
Have they all gone now? (Dominic, Monique)
I shall never be ready in time (Julia, Chorus)
Weightless beyond the burning margin of our air (Julia, Chorus)
But what has happened? (Julia)
Julia, are you trying to speak to me? (Mark, Julia)
Where is that Death they paint with the grinning skull and gaping eye holes (Julia, Chorus)
Oh why did we leave the house that day? (Mark, Julia)
Don't leave me! (Mark, Julia)
But our child lives still (Mark, Julia)
Then do not leave me (Mark, Julia, Chorus)
But I hear nothing! (Mark, Julia, Chorus)