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Act I Scene 1: Time at last for celebration (Chorus)
Act I Scene 1: Why do you look so downcast (Jenik, Marenka, Chorus)
Act I Scene 2: Jenik, what will happen if Mother's right? (Marenka, Jenik)
Act I Scene 2: Promise me that you would never (Marenka)
Act I Scene 2: Is it so unfair to want to know (Marenka, Jenik)
Act I Scene 2: Such a mother is a blessing (Jenik, Marenka)
Act I Scene 2: Faithful love I vow to you (Marenka, Jenik)
Act I Scene 3: Every detail has been sorted (Kecal, Krusina, Ludmila)
Act I Scene 3: Hold it! Are we not forgetting (Krusina, Kecal, Ludmila)
Act I Scene 3: Well, as I told you, he's kind and he's gentle (Kecal, Ludmila, Krusina)
Act I Scene 4: Look! She's coming! (Kecal, Ludmila, Krusina, Marenka)
Act I Scene 4: Fine then, say what you will (Marenka, Krusina, Ludmila, Kecal)
Act I Scene 5: Introduction: Polka - Take your partners for the polka (Chorus)
Act II Scene 1: So charge the glasses, lads (Chorus, Jenik, Kecal)
Act II Scene 1: Furiant
Act II Scene 2: Ma ...Ma ...My mamma said (Vasek)
Act II Scene 3: Don't say you're the boy (Marenka, Vasek)
Act II Scene 3: I know there's a girl for you (Marenka, Vasek)
Act II Scene 4: I have plenty of others (Kecal, Jenik)
Act II Scene 4: Just a word or two, my friend (Kecal, Jenik, Chorus)
Act II Scene 4: Time and time again I encounter men (Kecal, Jenik)
Act II Scene 4: Think what it's worth, lad (Kecal, Jenik)
Act II Scene 4: You'll go home to Moravia? (Kecal, Jenik)
Act II Scene 5: Ah, my friend! Once you learn (Kecal)
Act II Scene 6: Come now everyone, gather round (Kecal, Chorus, Jenik, Krusina)
Act III Scene 1: I'm near now to despairing (Vasek)
Act III Scene 2: Roll up! Roll up ladies and gentlemen! (Ringmaster)
Act III Scene 2: Ballet
Act III Scene 2: Oh, it looks so lovely! (Vasek, Esmeralda, Indian, Ringmaster)
Act III Scene 2: Mother doesn't matter, Mother wouldn't care! (Esmeralda, Ringmaster)
Act III Scene 3: Oh, I don't understand it! (Vasek, Hasek, Kecal, Micha)
Act III Scene 3: What? Dare he? Would he? You do what? (Hata, Micha, Kecal, Vasek)
Act III Scene 4: No! I don't believe you! (Marenka, Krusina, Kecal, Ludmila, Hata, Micha)
Act III Scene 5: Oh, Vasek! Don't run away! (Kecal, Vasek, Ludmila, Hata, Krusina, Micha)
Act III Scene 5: Think it over, Marenka, think it through (Ludmila, Hata, Krusina, Kecal, Micha, Marenka)
Act III Scene 6: Oh, but the pain! The burning pain! (Marenka)
Act III Scene 6: We dreamed upon a moonlit night (Marenka)
Act III Scene 7: Marenka mine, Marenka mine! (Jenik, Marenka)
Act III Scene 8: So then, young man (Kecal, Marenka, Jenik)
Act III Scene 8: Be calm, oh my love (Jenik, Marenka, Kecal)
Act III Scene 9: Tell us, Marenka, it's all up to you (Chorus, Marenka, Jenik)
Act III Scene 9: It's Jenik! What's he doing here? (Hata, Micha, Jenik, Kecal, Marenka, Ludmila, Krusina)
Act III Scene 10: Everybody get out of the way! (2 boys, Vasek, Hata, Krusina, Ludmila, Micha, Marenka, Jenik, Chorus)
Act I Scene 1: Introduction - Rosa Mystica (Assunta, Chorus, A Young Man)
Act I Scene 1: Well ... I'm tired of waiting! (Maria Corona, Assunta, Carmela, Chorus, A Young Woman)
Act I Scene 1: The vision has begun (Don Marco, Chorus)
Act I Scene 1: Ah, sweet Jesus, spare me this agony (Annina, Chorus)
Act I Scene 1: Look! The stigmata (Chorus)
Act I Scene 1: Stop it! (Michele, Carmela, Chorus, Don Marco)
Act I Scene 1: Ah, poor Michele, it is not I your rival (Don Marco)
Act I Scene 1: Interlude
Act I Scene 2: Canta ninna, canta nanna al mio bambino (Assunta, Carmela, An Old Woman, Renata, Annina, Man's Voice, Woman's Voice, Concettina)
Act I Scene 2: Annina, I've something to confess to you (Carmela, Annina, Assunta)
Act I Scene 2: Annina, Annina! (Maria Corona, Assunta, Carmela, Annina, Son of Maria Corona)
Act I Scene 2: Michele, Michele! (Annina, Michele)
Act I Scene 2: Sister, I shall hide you and take you away (Michele, Annina)
Act I Scene 2: Veglia su di noi, Santo del Sangue (Chorus, Annina, Michele)
Act III Scene 2: Oh, my Love, at last the hour has come (Annina, Carmela)
Act III Scene 2: Maria, Salvatore! (Assunta, Maria Corona, Salvatore, Don Marco, 1 Tenor, 1 Bass, Carmela)
Act III Scene 2: Gloria tibi Domine in saeculum et in saeculum saeculi (Chorus, Don Marco, Annina)
Act III Scene 2: Annina, Annina! (Michele, Salvatore, Don Marco, Maria Corona, Carmela, Assunta, Chorus)
Act I: Virgin of Troas (Calkas, Priests and Priestesses, Worshippers, Antenor, Chorus)
Act I : Back to your hovels ... (Troilus, Antenor, Chorus)
Act I : Is Cressida a slave ... (Troilus)
Act I : Morning and evening I have felt your glance ... (Cressida, Troilus)
Act I : Forgive me ... (Pandarus, Troilus)
Act I : I haunt her beauty like a naked soul ... (Troilus, Pandarus, Calkas, Cressida, Evadne)
Act I : My father! Evadne, follow him! (Cressida, Priest, Pandarus)
Act I : Slowly it all comes back (Cressida, Evadne, Pandarus)
Act I : Why niece! ... in tears? (Pandarus, Cressida, Evadne)
Act I: Sweet sir, there's something ... (Cressida, Pandarus, 1st Soldier, Troilus, Chorus)
Act I: Dear child, you need a little comfort (Pandarus, Cressida. Troilus)
Act II Scene 1: Does talking put you off? (Pandarus, Cressida, Horaste, Evadne)
Act II Scene 1: How can I sleep? (Cressida)
Act II Scene 1: At the haunted end of the day (Cressida)
Act II Scene 1: Hush! Don't be so alarmed! (Pandarus, Cressida, Troilus)
Act II Scene 1: If one last doubt, one lurking fear remains ... (Troilus)
Act II Scene 1: New life, new love! (Cressida, Troilus)
Act II Scene 1: Now hold me close ... (Cressida, Troilus)
Act II Scene 2: The Storm
Act II Scene 2: From isle to isle ... (Cressida, Troilus)
Act II Scene 2: Who would go drumming ... (Pandarus, Cressida)
Act II Scene 2: My name is Diomede ... (Diomede, Pandarus)
Act II Scene 2: This thing shall be revok'd ... (Troilus, Cressida, Pandarus, Evadne)
Act III: All's well! (Watchmen, Cressida, Evadne)
Act III: Troilus! No answering sign ... (Cressida, Watchmen)
Act III: Cressid, daughter ... (Calkas)
Act III: You gods, o deathless gods ... (Cressida)
Act III: Proud, wondrous Cressida (Diomede, Cressida)
Act III: Take it, take it (Cressida, Diomede, Evadne, Watchmen)
Act III: Evadne! (Troilus, Pandarus, Evadne, Cressida)
Act III: Troilus! (Cressida, Pandarus, Troilus)
Act III: What is this sudden alarm? (Troilus, Cressida, Pandarus, Diomede, Chorus)
Act III: Sextet (Diomede, Troilus, Cressida, Pandarus, Calkas and Evadne)
Act III: She has brought shame upon her father! (Calkas, Diomede, Troilus, Cressida, Chorus)
Act III: Diomede! ... Father! ... (Cressida)

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