Yvonne Barclay

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Prologue: Peter Grimes (Hobson, Swallow, Peter)
Prologue: You sailed your boat round the coast (Swallow, Peter, Mrs. Sedley, Hobson, Ellen, Chorus)
Prologue: Peter Grimes, I here advise you (Swallow, Hobson, Peter, Chorus)
Prologue: The truth - the pity - and the truth (Peter, Ellen)
Prologue: Interlude I
Act I Scene 1: Oh, hang at open doors (Auntie, Boles, Balstrode, Chorus)
Act I Scene 1: Good morning, good morning! (Rector, Nieces, Mrs. Sedley, Ned, Swallow, Auntie, Boles, Balstrode, Chorus)
Act I Scene 1: Hi! Give us a hand (Peter, Boles, Balstrode, Ned, Auntie, Hobson)
Act I Scene 1: I'll have to go from pub to pub (Hobson, Ellen, Ned, Chorus)
Act I Scene 1: Let her among you without fault (Ellen, Hobson, Mrs. Sedley, Ned)
Act I Scene 1: Look! The storm cone! (Balstrode, Ned, Boles, Chorus)
Act I Scene 1: And do you prefer the storm (Balstrode, Peter)
Act I Scene 1: They listen to money (Peter, Balstrode)
Act I Scene 1: What harbour shelters peace (Peter)
Act I Scene 1: Interlude II
Act I Scene 2: Past time to close (Auntie, Mrs. Sedley, Balstrode, Boles, Nieces)
Act I Scene 2: Loud man (Auntie, Nieces, Mrs. Sedley)
Act I Scene 2: There's been a landslide up the coast (Fisherman, Boles, Balstrode, Auntie)
Act I Scene 2: No, I mean love (Boles, Balstrode, Chorus)
Act I Scene 2: Pub conversation should depend (Balstrode, Chorus)
Act I Scene 2: Have you heard the cliff is down (Ned, Auntie, Mrs. Sedley, Chorus)
Act I Scene 2: Now the Great Bear and Pleiades (Peter, Nieces, Boles, Balstrode, Auntie, Chorus)
Act I Scene 2: For peace sake (Balstrode, Peter)
Act I Scene 2: The bridge is down (Hobson, Ned, Ellen, Boles, Auntie, Nieces, Peter)
Act II: Interlude III
Act II Scene 1: Glitter of waves (Ellen)
Act II Scene 1: Now that the daylight fills the sky (Ellen, Rector, Chorus)
Act II Scene 1: Child you're not too young (Ellen, Rector, Peter, Chorus)
Act II Scene 1: This unrelenting work (Ellen, Peter, Chorus)
Act II Scene 1: Fool to let it come to this (Auntie, Ned, Boles, Mrs. Sedley, Balstrode, Swallow, Nieces, Rector, Chorus)
Act II Scene 1: People . . . No! I will speak! (Boles, Balstrode, Rector, Auntie, Ellen, Chorus)

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