Vladimir Zhivopistsev

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Formats & Featured

No. 1 Girl's Chorus and Scene
No. 2 Scene, Arioso and duet
No. 2: "I've loved you since we were children"
No. 3 Scene
No. 4 Chorus and Dance
No. 4: Hopak
No. 5 Scene and Arioso
No. 5: "Young Love can flare up"
No. 6 Quarrel Scene
No. 6: "You crazy old man"
No. 6: "Kochubey! I was wrong"
No. 7 Chorus and Mother's Lament
No. 8 Finale
No. 9 Prison Scene
No. 9: "So this is the reward"
No. 9: "It's you, you cruel man!"
No. 9: "No, you are not mistaken"
No. 10 Mazeppa's Monologue and Scene with Orlik
No. 10: "How still is the Ukrainian night"
No. 10a Mazeppa's Arioso
No. 11 Mazeppa's Scene with Maria
No. 11: "Long has my mind been working on a plan"
No. 11: "When I am near you I know no fear"
No. 12 Scene between Maria and her Mother
No. 13 Crowd Scene
No. 14 Finale
No. 14: "My friend, let us offer up for the last time"
No. 14: "Hear the prayers of repentance"
No. 15 The Battle of Poltava
No. 16 Scene and Andrey's Aria
No. 16: "Here days passed by in happy succession"
No. 17 Scene and Duet
No. 17: "You destroyer of sacred innocence"
No. 18 Scene - Appearance of the Demented Maria
No. 18: "O hush, hush, hush my dear!"
No. 18: "I remember a field"
No. 19 Finale
No. 19: "Wake up, I am dying"
No. 19: "Sleep, my baby, my pretty"
"But that is just fantasy!"
"Plain. Round-shouldered"
"She has shaken your hand"
"The moon looks in at your window"
"Stop that mewing"
Masker's Dance
" I had better get her married her off"
"Friends, depart"
"It will work, Nanny, won't it?"
"Splendid, Señor, splendid"
"Will you cherish me in my old age?"
"Give it back!"
"If you have a daughter"
"It looks like the first act"
"Buy some fish"
"Ferdinand alone is dearer"
"If I had known"
"My beard?"
"There is no greater happiness"
"Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!"
"My prettty...My pretty..."
"When the cheerful fop starts hanging around"
"Ah, time does not want to move on at all"
"Come in, come in, Antonio"
"Should we take a sly look"
"It's bad to peep"
"How my soul is beaming!"
"You are not playing in tune"
"My respectful greetings to the Señor"
"Please, let us continue"
"Here I am, a nun"
"They have gone gladdened"
"It must be here..."
"The bottle is the sun of our lives"
"To the pretty nun"
"They're bring more wine!"
"Take care, Antonio!"
"Straight down to business now"
"I can't understand it"
"Aha, here's Mendoza at last"
"What is this?"
"Son! At last"
"Don Jerome, Don Jerome!"

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