University of Michigan Band


Active: 1896 - ; Ann Arbor, MI
The University of Michigan Marching Band traced its origins to the pioneering efforts of 17-year-old Ann Arbor student Harry dePont, whose open call for campus musicians brought together over two dozen players on November 13, 1896. The student-run organization, initially helmed by conductor Ray P. Warren, quickly earned a loyal following on the strength of its appearances at school track meets and baseball games; still, the band remained a Read more grass-roots cause without official University support and was plagued by financial struggles and internal conflicts throughout the early decades of its existence. Finally, in 1913, U of M's Board of Regents agreed to allow the marching band adequate funding, hiring Wilfred Wilson as its new conductor two years later. Under his leadership, the membership swelled from 40 musicians to nearly 100 by the time of his exit in 1926. William D. Revelli assumed the conductor position in 1935, remaining at the helm for the next 36 years; under his command, the University of Michigan Marching Band emerged as one of the most honored groups in collegiate music. Their many recordings include the albums Touchdown USA! Big Ten Marches and Stars & Stripes Forever. Read less

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