Tsippi Fleischer


Born: 1946; Haifa, Israel  
Born 1946 in Haifa, Tsippi Fleischer holds degrees in music, Hebrew language, Middle Eastern history, and Arabic language and literature. Fleischer is also a lecturer at Bar-Ilan University and Levinsky Institute in Tel Aviv. Selected works include a musical after Shalom Aleichem (1975); the cantata Like Two Branches in Arabic for chamber choir, two oboes, psaltery, cello, and a set of tar drums (1989); The Gown of Night (1988) a magnetic tape Read more piece made from the voices of Bedouin children (a work chosen in 1989 to represent Israel at the International Rostrum of Composers at Unesco-Paris); In the Mountains of Armenia for Armenian girls, narrator, and clarinet on magnetic tape (1988); The Clock Wants to Sleep for children's or women's chorus (1980); and the oratorio 1992 for symphonic orchestra, mixed chorus, and ensemble of guitars and mandolas in memory of the expulsion of the Jews from Spain (1991). Read less

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