Trinity Wall Street

Handel: Israel In Egypt / Julian Wachner, Trinity Wall Street
Release Date: 09/12/2012   Label: Musica Omnia  
Catalog: 404   Number of Discs: 3
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There are 3 Trinity Wall Street recordings available.

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Formats & Featured

Part I: Overture
Part I: Your harps and cymbals sound (Chorus)
Part I: Recitative: Almighty pow'r (High Priest)
Part I: Air: Sacred raptures cheer my breast (High Priest)
Part I: Recitative: Bless'd be the Lord who look'd with gracious eyes (Joseph)
Part I: Air: What though I trace each herb and flow'r (Joseph)
Part I: Recitative: Prais'd be the Lord, from whom all wisdom springs (First Israelite Woman)
Part I: Air: When the sun o'er yonder hills (First Israelite Woman)
Part I: Recitative: Who trusts in God should ne'er despair (Second Israelite Woman)
Part I: Air: May balmy peace and wreath'd renown (Second Israelite Woman)
Part I: Chorus: The Lord hath given strength unto His people (Chorus)
Part I: Solo and Chorus: To God, our strength, sing loud and clear (Israelite Man, Chorus)
Part II: Recitative: Now there arose a new king over Egypt (Tenor)
Part II: And the children of Israel sighed (Chorus)
Part II: Recitative: Then sent He Moses (Tenor)
Part II: They loathed to drink of the river (Chorus)
Part II: Aria: Their land brought forth frogs (Alto)
Part II: He spake the word (Chorus)
Part II: He gave them hailstones for rain (Chorus)
Part II: He sent a thick darkness over all the land (Chorus)
Part II: He smote all the first-born of Egypt (Chorus)
Part II: But as for his people (Chorus)
Part II: He rebuked the Red Sea (Chorus)
Part II: He led them through the deep (Chorus)
Part II: But the waters overwhelmed their enemies (Chorus)
Part II: And Israel saw that great work (Chorus)
Part II: And believed the Lord (Chorus)
Part III, Moses Song: Moses and the Children of Israel (Chorus)
Part III, Moses Song: Duet: The Lord is my strength and my song (2 Sopranos)
Part III, Moses Song: He is my God (Chorus)
Part III, Moses Song: Duet: The Lord is a man of war (2 Basses)
Part III, Moses Song: The depths have covered them (Chorus)
Part III, Moses Song: Thy right hand, O Lord is become glorious (Chorus)
Part III, Moses Song: The enemy said, I will pursue (Tenor)
Part III, Moses Song: Thou didst blow with the wind (Soprano)
Part III, Moses Song: Who is like unto Thee, O Lord (Chorus)
Part III, Moses Song: Aria: Thou shalt bring them in (Alto)
Part III, Moses Song: The Lord shall reign for ever and ever (Chours)
Part III, Moses Song: Recitative: For the horse of Pharaoh (Tenor)
Part III, Moses Song: The Lord shall reign for ever and ever (Chorus)
Part III, Moses Song: Recitative: And Miriam the prophetess (Tenor)
Part III, Moses Song: Sing ye to the Lord (Soprano, Chorus)
Part I: Symphony
Part I: The sons of Israel do mourn (Chorus)
Part I: How is the mighty fall'n! (Chorus)
Part I: He put on righteousness (Chorus)
Part I: When the ear heard him (Chorus)
Part I: How is the mighty fall'n! (Chorus)
Part I: He deliver'd the poor that cried (Chorus)
Part I: How is the mighty fall'n! (Chorus)
Part I: The righteous shall be had (Chorus)
Part I: Their bodies are buried in peace (Chorus)
Part I: The people will tell of their wisdom (Chorus)
Part I: They shall receive (Chorus)
Part I: The merciful goodness of the Lord (Chorus)
Komm, Jesu, komm
Drum schliess ich mich in deine Hande
Singet dem Herrn ein neues Lied
Wie sich ein Vater erbarmet - Gott, nimm dich ferner unser an
Lobet den Herrn in seinen Taten
Alles, was Odem hat
Jesu, meine Freude
Es ist nun nichts Verdammliches an denen
Unter deinen Schirmen
Denn das Gesetz des Geistes
Trotz dem alten Drachen
Ihr aber seid nicht fleischlich
Weg mit allen Schatzen
So aber Christus in euch ist
Gute Nacht, o Wesen
So nun der Geist
Weicht, ihr Trauergeister
Lobet den Herrn

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