Sylvain Bergeron


Country: Canada  
After studies at the University of Laval, Canadian lutenist Sylvain Bergeron was educated at the University of Laval. He received further instruction from Paul O'Dette and Eugen B. Dombois. In 1984, he was a finalist in the First International Lute Competition in Toronto. While he also performaed as a member of the Ensemble Anonymous (from 1980 to 1990), he was a finalist at the first International Lute Competition, held in Toronto in 1984. He Read more serves as music director and one of three artistic directors of La Nef, an ensemble he and other musicians formed in 1991. He has also acted as music director for various recording projects, including Perceval, Montségur, Le Jardin des délices, Musiques pour Jeanne la Folle, and Chansons et poésies amoureuses du Moyen-Age et de la Renaissance. Numerous period-instrument orchestras, including Les Violons du Roy, Tafelmusik, L'Ensemble Arion, Les Boréades, and the New York Collegium, have sought his skills on both lute and theorbo. He has performed in recital with gambist Jordi Savall and has collaborated with singers such as Daniel Taylor, Catherine Robbin, Suzie LeBlanc, Agnès Mellon, Jennifer Lane, and Christine Brandes. His recordings can be found on Dorian, Atma, Analekta, PGM, SRC, and UMUS labels. Read less

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