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I. Andante, allegro vivace
II. Allegro giusto
III. Andante misterioso con nobilta, andante maestoso
IV. Adagio, allegro giusto
I. Prelude: Largo solenne, andante pastorale
II. Andante misterioso, maestoso, presto, allegro
Act I Scene 1, "Rouen, a Tuesday in late February, 1871, 4 AM"
Act I Scene 1: Count? (Carre-Lamadon, Count, Loiseau)
Act I Scene 1: I know, I know, you never want to, girl (Coachman)
Act I Scene 1: Cigar? (Loiseau, Carre-Lamadon, Count, Coachman)
Act I Scene 1: A lonely street or an alley (Loiseau, Carre-Lamadon, Count)
Act I Scene 1: Say, know why they call her Ice Cream? (Coachman)
Act I Scene 1: You can get in if you want (Coachman)
Act I Scene 2, "Aboard the coach, starting out"
Act I Scene 2: There was a boat (Coachman)
Act I Scene 2: These really are wonderful (The three wives)
Act I Scene 3, "Dawn": Darling, look! (The wives and their husbands)
Act I Scene 3: Do you know Mme. de Vidoudet? (The wives, later the nuns)
Act I Scene 3: Very bad for business, war (The husbands, later Cornudet)
Act I Scene 4, "10 AM": What time d'you have? (The husbands, Cornudet)
Act I Scene 4: If I were a big bad wolf (Loiseau)
Act I Inter-scene, "Noon": See anything? (M. & Mme. Carre-Lamadon)
Act I Scene 5, "3 PM": Oh my God! (The husbands and wives, Cornudet)
Act I Scene 5: I gotta hand it to you, girlie! (Loiseau, Boule, Cornudet, the nuns)
Act I Scene 5: Gentlemen, pardon me (Boule, later Loiseau and the Count)
Act I Scene 5: These are the tastes of ... (The wives, husbands, Cornudet)
Act I Scene 5: Tiny gherkins, pickled onions! (The wives, husbands, Cornudet)
Act I Scene 5: Men don't understand (The wives, Boule)
Act I Scene 5: You know how it was (Boule)
Act I Scene 5: At first I thought I'd stay (Boule)
Act I Scene 5: Someone helped me out (Boule, later the wives and husbands)
Act I Scene 5: It's like that Badinguet (Cornudet, Boule) 1:18
Act I Scene 5: God it's cold! (The wives)
Act I Scene 5: Nothing but snow (Coachman, later Boule and the others)
Act I Scene 5: I think I see lights! (Boule, the wives and husbands)
Act I Scene 6, "Arrival at Totes, 6 PM": Raus! Raus! Raus! (Prussian Officer)
Act I Scene 6: Come in, come in (The Follenvies)
Act I Scene 6: Monsieur Follenvie! (The Follenvies)
Act I Scene 6: Things are looking up! (The husbands, Follenvie, Cornudet)
Act I Scene 6: Mademoiselle Elisabeth Rousset? (Officer, Boule, later the Count)
Act I Scene 6: Well, you see how things are (Mme. Follenvie)
Act I Scene 6: It's a funny thing waking up under occupation (Mme. Follenvie)
Act I Scene 6: They're pigs! (Boule, Mme. Follenvie, the wives)
Act I Scene 6: An unprovoked attack is barbaric! (Cornudet, Mme. Follenvie)
Act I Scene 7, "In the Inn, 10 PM": What a collection! (The Loiseaus)
Act I Scene 7: Our little Miss has to siss (Loiseau)
Act I Scene 7: Come to my room (Cornudet, Boule)
Act I Scene 7: Oh boy! (Loiseau, later Mme. Loiseau)
Act II Scene 8: Prime ... bonds (The Count, Carre-Lamadon, the nuns)
Act II Scene 8: Ubi caritas (The nuns, M. & Mme. Loiseau)
Act II Scene 8: Good heavens! One o'clock! (The Count, Loiseau, the wives)
Act II Scene 8: Darling look! (The Carre-Lamadons, Mme. Loiseau, Cornudet)
Act I: Introduction
Act I: Slut! You slut! (Braxton, Rosalind)
Act I: Easy and quietly (Boconnion, Tovey, Rosalind, Braxton)
Act I: The key! (Boconnion, Tovey, Rosalind)
Act I: You see! What did I tell you? (Rosalind, Boconnion, Tovey)
Act I: Old goat! (Boconnion, Rosalind)
Act I: The cup it is white and the ale it is brown... (Tovey, Boconnion)
Act I: Am I beautiful? (Rosalind, Boconnion, Tovey)
Act I: A horn! (Boconnion, Rosalind, Tovey, Sherrin)
Act I: Good evening, sir (Sherrin, Boconnion, Rosalind, Tovey, Leda, Fenney, Tooley)
Act I: I once played Romeo, in Chester (Fenney, Sherrin, Tooley, Leda)
Act I: It looks very well on you (Jenny, Rosalind)
Act II: Overture
Act II: Good morning, your Excellency! (Tooley)
Act II: Recitative: Item: A fountain in the Palladian style (Sherrin / The Count)
Act II: Duet: Good morning, your Excellency (Fenny / Hugo, Sherrin / the Count)
Act II: Duet: This morning I was passing the square (Fenny / Hugo, Sherrin / the Count) - Aria: O when will I a lover know (Jenny / Haidee)
Act II: Well? (Fenny / Hugo, Sherrin / the Count, Leda / Mrs Traxel)
Act II: Haidee! (Leda / Mrs Traxel) - Interlude
Act II: Your eyes are shining, Rosalind (Boconnion, Rosalind, Tovey)
Act II: Entr'acte
Act III: The horn! Their horn! (Tovey, Boconnion, Rosalind, Jenny)
Act III: Then look! Soldier, look! (Jenny, Tovey, Rosalind, Boconnion)

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