Steven Tharp

American Classics - MacDowell: Complete Songs / Tharp, Et Al
Release Date: 06/01/1999   Label: Naxos  
Catalog: 8559032   Number of Discs: 1
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No. 1.
No. 2. From far, from eve and morning
No. 3. Is my team ploughing?
No. 4. Oh, when I was in love with you
No. 5. Bredon Hill
No. 6. Clun
Introduction: The 911 Call - Overture - 911 Emergency - Can you send somebody over here now? (Men's Chorus, Operator, Nicole)
Act I: The Tragedy: There's a man watching me (Nicole)
Act I: The Tragedy: Aria: That's me! That's me! (O. J. Simpson, Director)
Act I: The Tragedy: Once upon a time (Nicole)
Act I: The Tragedy: Then he beat me, slapped me until I passed out (Nicole)
Act I: The Tragedy: Take the hand off, you're in a trap (Men's Chorus)
Act I: The Tragedy: We're through (Nicole, Operator, O. J. Simpson)
Act I: The Tragedy: Sorrow, a life of sorrow, with such abuse (Nicole)
Act I: The Tragedy: Hello, it's Nic, who's this? (Nicole, Ron)
Act I: The Tragedy: Ooo. Come nigh and harken to me (Kato)
Act I: The Tragedy: You look so strange (O. J. Simpson)
Act I: The Tragedy: Our Father, who art in Heaven (Quartet)
Act I: The Tragedy: O. J. is a fugitive from justice (Police, Men's Chorus, Bystanders)
Act I: The Tragedy: Mama I'm scared (O. J. Simpson, Men's Chorus)
Act I: The Tragedy: We interrupt our coverage (Connie Chung)
Act I: The Tragedy: The Letter (O. J. Simpson)
Act I: The Tragedy: Can you believe it? (O. J. Simpson)
Act I: The Tragedy: All hail Judge Ito, all hail Judge Lance Ito (Men's Chorus)
Act II: The Trial: Ladies and gentlemen of the jury (Clark, Cochran)
Act II: The Trial: Aria: I am Rosa, Rosa Lopez, soy Rosa (Rosa Lopez, Questioner)
Act II: The Trial: Mister Fung, you've got a funny memory (Mr. Fung, Scheck)
Act II: The Trial: He says, "I am master, still got the moves" (Commentator)
Act II: The Trial: Blessed are women, bringing care to others (Quartet)
Act II: The Trial: Epilogue: The people charge O. J. Simpson with murder in the first degree (Men's Chorus)

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