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Europa steht! (Chorus)
Recitative: O seht sie nah' und naher treten! (Fuhrer des Volkes, Genius, Chorus)
Aria with Chorus: O Himmel, welch' Entzucken! (Vienna, Chorus)
Recitative: Das Auge schaut (Seherin, Chorus)
Recitative and Quartet: Der den Bund im Sturme fest gehalten (Seherin, Vienna, Fuhrer des Volkes, Genius)
Es treten hervor (Chorus)
1. Kyrie
2. Gloria
3. Credo
4. Sanctus
5. Benedictus
6. Agnus Dei
1. Dixit Dominus Domino meo (Ps. 109/110)
2. Confitebor tibi, Domine (Ps. 110/111)
3. Beatus vir qui timet Dominum (PS. 111/112)
4. Laudate pueri Dominum (Ps. 112/113)
5. Laudate Dominum omnes gentes (Ps. 116/117)
6. Magnificat anima mea (Luc. 1:46-55)
Act I Scene 1: Introduction
Act I Scene 1: Each day this realm of England faints and fails (Cedric, Men)
Act I Scene 1: Good Thane, most noble Thane, I pray ... (Isaac, Men, Cedric, Squire)
Act I Scene 1: Welcome, Sir Knights! (Cedric, de Bracy, Brian, Isaac, Women, Men, Rowena)
Act I Scene 1: Drink, drink ye all ... (Cedric, Men, de Bracy, Brian, Rowena, Ivanoe, All)
Act I Scene 1: The Palmer! The holy Palmer! (Men, , Cedric, Brian, Rowena, de Bracy)
Act I Scene 1: Is she not fair? And she is rich withal (de Bracy, Brian, Men)
Act I Scene 2: O moon, art thou clad in silver mail ... (Rowena)
Act I Scene 2: Good Palmer, thou didst speak of one I knew ... (Rowena, )
Act I Scene 2: Like mountain lark my sprit upward springs (, Isaac)
Act I Scene 3: Will there be no more fighting? (Sopranos, Chorus, Friar, King, All)
Act I Scene 3: Chorus: Plantagenesta! (All)
Act I Scene 3: Isaac, my Jew, my purse of Gold (Prince John, Cedric, de Bracy, Rebecca)
Act I Scene 3: Tis from our Royal brother, Louis of France (Prince John, Heralds, Crowd)
Act I Scene 3: What means his motto? (Sopranos, Crowd, Friar, Locksley, Prince John, Rowena, Cedric, All)
Prologue: Nowell! Nowell!
Narration: Now is the birth of Jesus Christ
Song: It was the winter wild
Narration: And it came to pass in those days
Choral: The blessed son of God
Narration: And there were in the same country
Song: The Oxen
Narration: And the shepherds returned
Pastoral: The shepherds sing
Narration: But Mary kept all these things
Lullaby: Sweet was the song the Virgin sang
Hymn: Bright portals of the sky
Narration: Now when Jesus was born
The March of the 3 Kings: From kingdoms of wisdom
Choral: No sad thought his soul affright
Epilogue: In the beginning was the Word
First Music
Second Music
First Act Tune
Prelude - "Great Diocles the Boar has kill'd" - "Sing Iô's! praise the thund'ring Jove"
"Charon the peaceful Shade invites"
"Let all mankind the pleasure share" - "Sound all your instruments"
"Let all mankind the pleasure share"
Prelude - "Let the soldiers rejoice" - "Rejoice, rejoice, with a general voice"
"To Mars let 'em raise" - "Rejoice, rejoice, with a general voice"
Symphony - "Since the toils and the hazards" - "All sing great Diocles' story"
Dances of Furies
Second Act Tune
"When first I saw"
The Chair Dance
Prelude - "What shall I do"
Third Act Tune
Butterfly Dance
Trumpet Tune
"Sound, Fame, thy brazen trumpet sound!" - "Let all rehearse"
Fourth Act Tune
Country Dance
Prelude - "Call the Nymphs"
"Let the Graces and Pleasures repair"
"Come, come away"
Prelude - "Behold, O mightiest of Gods"
"Oh the sweet delights of love!"
"Let monarchs fight" - "Hear, mighty Love!"
"Since from my dear Astraea's sight"
"Make room, make room"
"I'm here, I'm here, with my jolly crew" - "We'll rejoice as well as you" - "The mighty Jove"
Dance of Bacchanals
"Still I'm wishing, still desiring"
"Tell me why"
"All our days and our nights" - "Begone, begone, importunate reason"
"Let us dance, let us sing"
"Triumph, triumph victorious Love" - "Then all rehearse"

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