Sophie Eckhardt-Gramatté


Born: January 6, 1899   Died: December 2, 1974   Country: Austria/Canada/Germany   Period: 20th Century
Sophie Carmen Eckhardt-Gramatté was born in Moscow. Her maiden name being Sofia (Sonia) Fridman-Kochevskaya. As a young woman she studied at the Paris Conservatoire, taking violin lessons from Alfred Brun and Guillaume Rémy and piano from S. Chenée. Her composition teachers were Vincent d'Indy and Camille Chevillard. She initially performed her own music on concert tours of Western Europe. By 1920, she married the expresionist painter Walter Read more Gramatté in Berlin and toured with pianist Edwin Fischer in Germany in 1925. Following Walter Gramatté's death in 1929, she pursued further lessons in composition with Max Trapp in Berlin.
In 1934, she married the journalist and art historian Ferdinand Eckhardt and they moved to Vienna. After 1935 she devoted herself exclusively to composition. The couple relocated again to Winnipeg, Canada in 1953.
Sophie Eckhardt-Gramatté died in Stuttgart, following an accident. Her legacy is preserved through the work of the Eckhardt-Grammaté Foundation.
Her compositions included: a symphony; a concerto for orchestra; a triple concerto for trumpet, clarinet, bassoon, strings, and timpani; three piano concertos; two violin concertos; a piece for two pianos and orchestra; a bassoon concerto; various chamber works; as well as numerous instrumental solos for piano and violin. Read less

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