Sophie Bevan

Mozart: Mitridate, Re Di Ponto / Devin, Bevan, Persson, Zazzo, Page, Classical Opera
Release Date: 10/14/2014   Label: Signum U.k.  
Catalog: 400   Number of Discs: 4
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Mendelssohn In Birmingham, Vol. 3 - Symphony No 2 / Bevan, Gardner
Release Date: 02/24/2015   Label: Chandos  
Catalog: 5151   Number of Discs: 1
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I. Sinfonia: Maestoso con moto - Allegro - Maestoso con moto come I -
I. Allegretto un poco agitato -
I. Adagio religioso
II. All men, all things, all that has life and breath (Chorus) -
II. Praise thou the Lord, O my spirit (Soprano, Chorus)
III. Recitative: Sing ye praise, all ye redeemed of the Lord (Tenor) -
III. He counteth all your sorrows in the time of need (Tenor)
IV. All ye that cried unto the Lord in distress and deep affliction (Chorus)
V. I waited for the Lord, He inclined unto me (2 Sopranos, Chorus)
VI. The sorrows of death had closed all around me (Tenor) -
VI. We called thro' the dardness (Tenor) - The night is departing! (Soprano)
VII. The night is departing (Chorus)
VIII. Chorale: Let all men praise the Lord (Chorus)
VIII. Chorale: Glory and praise to God (Chorus)
IX. My song shall be alway Thy mercy (Soprano, Tenor)
X. Ye nations, offer to the Lord glory and might! (Chorus) -
X. O give thanks to the Lord (Chorus)
Act I: Intrada
Act I: Recitative: Amice! Iam parata sunt omnia (Hyacinthus, Zephyrus, Oebalus, Melia)
Act I: Numen o Latonium ... O Apollo (Chorus, Melia, Hyacinthus, Zephyrus, Oebalus)
Act I: Recitative: Heu me! Periimus! (Melia, Oebalus, Hyacinthus, Zephyrus)
Act I: Aria: Saepe terrrent Numina (Hyacinthus)
Act I: Recitative: Ah, Nate! Vera loqueris (Oebalus, Apollo, Hyacinthus, Melia, Zephyrus)
Act I: Aria: Iam pastor Apollo (Apollo)
Act II: Recitative: Amare numquid Filia, haud dubito, Deum (Oebalus, Melia)
Act II: Aria: Laetari, iocari (Melia)
Act II: Recitative: Rex! de salute Filii est actum (Zephyrus, Oebalus, Melia)
Act II: Aria: En! Duos conspicis (Zephyrus)
Act II: Heu! Numen! ecce! (Zephyrus, Melia, Apollo)
Act II: Duet: Discede crudelis! (Melia, Apollo)
Act III: Recitative: Non est ... Quis ergo Nate! (Hyacinthus, Oebalus)
Act III: Aria: Ut navis in aequore luxuriante (Oebalus)
Act III: Recitative: Quocumque me converto (Melia, Oebalus)
Act III: Duet: Natus cadit, Atque Deus (Oebalus, Melia)
Act III: Recitative: Rex! me redire cogit (Apollo, Oebalus, Melia)
Act III: Tandem post turbida Fulmina (Apollo, Melia, Oebalus)

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