Sir Andrew Davis

Berlioz: Harold en Italie... / Ehnes, Davis
Release Date: 05/26/2015   Label: Chandos  
Catalog: 5155   Number of Discs: 1
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Introduction: There Is a Wondrous Book (Chorus, Bass, Soprano, Tenor)
Summon now the God of Thunder (Bass)
The Challenge of Thor (Chorus)
King Olaf's Return (Tenor)
Recitative: Tell How Olaf Bore the Cross (Bass)
The Conversion: King Olaf's Prows at Nidaros (Chorus)
The Conversion: Behold Me, My People (Tenor, Bass, Chorus)
The Conversion: As Leaps the Lights of Winter (Chorus, Bass)
The Conversion: Then o'er the Blood-stained Hog-stone (Chorus, Tenor)
Recitative: Now the Child of Ironbeard Dead (Bass)
Gudrun (Soprano, Chorus, Tenor)
Recitative: How the Wraith of Odin Old (Bass)
The Wraith of Odin (Chorus)
Recitative: Sisters, Sing Ye Now the Song (Bass)
Sigrid: Sigrid Sits in Her High Abode (Chorus)
Sigrid: Sigrid, Hail! With Royal Hand (Tenor, Soprano, Chorus)
Recitative: Hark! She Flies From Wendland Forth (Bass)
Thyri (Chorus)
Duet: The Gray Land Breaks to Lively Green (Soprano)
Duet: Thyri, My Beloved (Tenor, Soprano)
Recitative: After Queen Gunhild's Death (Chorus)
The Death of Olaf (Chorus)
Epilogue: In the Convent of Drontheim (Chorus)
Epilogue: It Is Accepted (Soprano, Tenor, Bass, Chorus)
Epilogue: Stronger Than Steel (Soprano, Tenor, Bass, Chorus)
Scene 1: Within Sylene's walls no sound is heard
Scene 1: The women of Sylene rend their hair
Scene 1: Forth from the palace, beautiful as day
Scene 1: O calm your hearts
Scene 2: Without a fear beside the dragon's tarn
Scene 2: Hark! 'tis the ringing hoof of steed
Scene 2: Loud cry the people
Epilogue: It comes from the misty ages
No. 1. Sea Slumber-Song
No. 2. In Haven (Capri)
No. 3. Sabbath Morning at Sea
No. 4. Where Corals Lie
No. 5. The Swimmer
Part I: Prelude
Part I: Jesu, Maria - I am near to death (Gerontius)
Part I: Kyrie eleison (Chorus)
Part I: Rouse thee, my fainting soul (Gerontius)
Part I: Be merciful, be gracious (Chorus)
Part I: Sanctus fortis, Sanctus Deus (Gerontius)
Part I: I can no more; for now it comes again (Gerontius)
Part I: Rescue him, O Lord (Chorus)
Part I: Novissima hora est (Gerontius)
Part I: Profiscere, anima Christiana (The Priest)
Part I: Go, in the name of Angels (Chorus)
Part II: I went to sleep (The Soul of Gerontius)
Part II: My work is done (The Angel, The Soul of Gerontius)
Part II: It is a member of that family (Soul of Gerontius)
Part II: I ever had believed (The Soul of Gerontius)
Part II: But hark, upon my sense comes a fierce hubbub (Soul of Gerontius)
Part II: Low-born clods of brute earth (Chorus)
Part II: The mind bold and independent (Chorus)
Part II: I see not those false spirits (The Soul of Gerontius, The Angel)
Part II: Praise to the Holiest (Chorus, Angel)
Part II: Glory to Him, who evermore by truth and justice reigns (Chorus)
Part II: But hark! A grand mysterious harmony (The Soul of Gerontius)
Part II: Praise to the Holiest in the height (Chorus)
Part II: The judgment now is near (The Angel, The Soul of Gerontius)
Part II: Jesu! By that shuddering dread (The Angel of the Agony)
Part II: I go before my Judge (The Soul of Gerontius, Chorus)
Part II: Praise to His Name! (The Angel)
Part II: Take me away, and in the lowest deep there let me be (The Soul of Gerontius)
Part II: Lord, Thou hast been our refuge (Chorus)
Part II: Softly and gently (The Angel, Chorus)
Part II: Prelude
I. Pensive Twilight
II. Dance in the Sun
III. From the Mountains of Home (In the Hills of Home)
IV. The Dance of Wild Irravel
I. Poco lento. Largamente
II. Lento semplice
III. Allegro vivace
I. Overture
II. Elegy
III. Rondo
I. Allegro moderato
II. Adagio di molto
III. Allegro ma non tanto
I. Intermezzo: Moderato
II. Ballade: Tempo di menuetto
III. Alla marcia: Moderato
I. Prelude to Act I: Con moto - Molto tranquillo - Tempo I
II. Interlude between Acts I-II: Con spirito - Allargando - Piu tranquillo - Tempo I - Maestoso, piu lento - Allargando al fine
II. Melodrama in Act II: Molto tranquillo
III. Interlude between Acts II-III: Allegro energico ? Maestoso, piu lento ? Andante espressivo, molto tranquillo - Con moto - Vivo - Presto - Lento molto tranquillo - Maestoso
III. Melodrama in Act V: -
IV. Interlude between Acts IV-V: Marcia, lento solenne - Solenne - Lento - Allegro, ma non troppo - Moderato - Allegro moderato con humore
I. Allegro moderato
II. Rondo: Vivace - Alla valse burlesca
III. Lento
Chanson de matin, Op. 15, No. 2 (arr. R. Turner for violin and orchestra)
Chanson de nuit, Op. 15, No. 1 (arr. R. Turner for violin and orchestra)
Hark! some wild trumpeter -
Blow again, trumpeter - O, how the immortal phantoms crowd around me -
Blow again, trumpeter - O trumpeter -
Now, trumpeter, for thy close
Prelude: Invocation to Pan: O Thou, whose might palace roof doth hang (Chorus)
I. Song and Bacchanal: Part 1: Beneath my palm trees, by the river side (Soprano)
I. Song and Bacchanal: Part 1: And as I sat, over the light blue hills (Soprano)
I. Song and Bacchanal: Part 2: Whence came ye, merry Damsels (Chorus) - Part 3: Within his car, aloft, young Bacchus stood (Soprano) - Part 4: Whence came ye, jolly Satyrs (Chorus)
I. Song and Bacchanal: Part 5: Onward the tiger and the leopard pants (Soprano) - Part 6: Bacchus, young Bacchus (Chorus)
II. Ode on a Grecian Urn: Thou still unravish'd bride of quietness (Chorus)
II. Ode on a Grecian Urn: Heard melodies are sweet, but those unheard (Chorus)
II. Ode on a Grecian Urn: Ah, happy, happy boughs! that cannot shed (Chorus)
II. Ode on a Grecian Urn: Who are these coming to the sacrifice? (Chorus)
II. Ode on a Grecian Urn: O Attic shape! fair attitude! with brede (Chorus)
III. Scherzo: Part 1: Fancy: Ever let the Fancy roam (Chorus)
III. Scherzo: Part 2: Folly's Song: When wedding fiddles are a-playing (Chorus)
IV. Finale: Part 1: Spirit here that reignest! (Soprano) - Part 2: God of the golden bow (Chorus)
IV. Finale: Part 3: Then, through thy Temple wide (Soprano) - Part 4: 'Tis awful silence then again (Chorus)
IV. Finale: Part 5: Next thy Tasso's ardent numbers (Soprano) - Part 6: But when Thou joinest with the Nine (Chorus)
IV. Finale: Part 6: Bards of Passion and of Mirth (Chorus)
IV. Finale: Part 7: Spirit here that reignest (Soprano) - Bards of Passion and of Mirth (Chorus)
Saint Nicolas, Op.42 (1995 - Remaster): Introduction: Our eyes are blinded by the holiness you bear
Saint Nicolas, Op.42 (1995 - Remaster): The Birth of Nicolas
Saint Nicolas, Op.42 (1995 - Remaster): Nicolas devotes himself to God
Saint Nicolas, Op.42 (1995 - Remaster): He journeys to Palestine
Saint Nicolas, Op.42 (1995 - Remaster): Nicolas comes to Myra and is chosen Bishop
Saint Nicolas, Op.42 (1995 - Remaster): Nicolas from prison
Saint Nicolas, Op.42 (1995 - Remaster): Nicolas and the pickled boys
Saint Nicolas, Op.42 (1995 - Remaster): His Piety and Marvellous Works
Saint Nicolas, Op.42 (1995 - Remaster): The Death of Nicolas
I. Good Morning
II. Promenade
III. The Hurdy Gurdy Man
IV. The March of the Wooden Soldier
V. Lament for a Departed Doll
VI. The Old Musical Box
VII. The Punch and Judy Show
VIII. Good Night
No. 1. Moderato
No. 2. Andante languido
No. 3. Vivo
I. Fantasia
II. Chorale
III. Perpetuum mobile e burlesca
No. 1. The Gargoyle
No. 2. Dance Memories
No. 3. A Walking Tune
No. 4. The Marionette Show
No. 1. Pastoral: Andantino grazioso
No. 2. Bacchanal: Molto allegro
Act I Scene 1: To the Children
Act I Scene 1: In the village of Bourcelles in the Swiss ...
Act I Scene 1: Just then a lamplighter ...
Act I Scene 1: At that time, Henry had told him about the old railway ...
Act I Scene 1: ... the mother of them all
Act I Scene 1: Oh! But I'm forgetting the most important one of all.
Act I Scene 1: They were always eager to hear his poetry
Act I Scene 1: And suddenly a new, enormous thing stirred in their father's heart
Act I Scene 1: As though on cue
Act I Scene 1: To the Children: That's odd, said Mother
Act I Scene 1: ... gold and had put it on for warmth against the cool evening air
Act I Scene 1: Before them stood an extremely dishevelled figure holding a suitcase
Act I Scene 1: As Daddy took charge of the luggage
Act I Scene 1: We want to tell you something
Act I Scene 1: All the rules I swear to keep
Act I Scene 1: Are you sure you have everything you need?
Act II Scene 1: The Blue-eyed Fairy
Act II Scene 1: They found a clearing with the open sky above them
Act II Scene 1: Henry explained that the Pleiades had been attendants upon Artemis ...
Act II Scene 1: The Sun has Gone
Act II Scene 1: The Sun has Gone: Now, cats are curious creatures, and Riquette was no exception
Act II Scene 1: Turning towards the open window ...
Act II Scene 1: At length Jinny came out of the cave and came over to them
Act II Scene 1: Then there's Madame Jequier and dear Miss Waghorn
Act II Scene 1: Could it be?
Act II Scene 1: And with that the first passenger hurried by them
Act II Scene 1: The Sweep
Act II Scene 1: Then a fantastic, light, twirling creature ...
Act II Scene 1: I'm ev'rywhere
Act II Scene 1: And the shabby Tramp, playing his barrel organ
Act II Scene 1: Well, let's see now
Act II Scene 1: Wake up, you little Night Winds
Act II Scene 1: Dance of the Winds
Act II Scene 1: But where's Cousin Henry?
Act II Scene 1: I'm ev'rywhere: Ah! Anyone gazing skywards at that moment ...
Act II Scene 1: Sun Dance
Act II Scene 2: Madame Jequier's constant anxiety ...
Act II Scene 2: Dandelions, Daffodils
Act II Scene 2: In her attic chamber above
Act II Scene 2: Henry turned to the children
Act II Scene 3: At the Citadelle
Act II Scene 3: O, stars shine brightly
Act II Scene 3: The Sprites had almost finished their task
Act II Scene 3: The Sprites flitted out, back to the Starlight Express
Act II Scene 3: Dawn Song
Act III Scene 1: My Old Tunes
Act III Scene 1: Dandelions, Daffodils
Act III Scene 1: Miss Waghorn, whose confusion of mind ...
Act III Scene 1: My main idea is this ...
Act III Scene 1: Then Mother spoke ...
Act III Scene 1: A few days later Henry left to return to London
Act III Scene 2: It was late evening on the day of his arrival
Act III Scene 2: And suddenly he remembered an extraordinary conversation ...
Act III Scene 2: All three children, perhaps sent back from their nocturnal enterprises ...
Act III Scene 2: Sympathy - Hearts must be soft-shiny dressed'
Act III Scene 2: Jinny said, with her characteristic gravity ...
I. To the Children
II. Andantino
III. The Blue-eyed Fairy
IV. The sun has gone
V. Andantino
VI. Lento
VII. Allegro
VIII. I'm ev'rywhere
IX. Wake up, you little Night Winds
X. Dance of the Winds
XI. Lento
XII. Sun Dance
XIII. Andante
XIV. Allegretto
XV. O, Stars Shine Brightly
XVI. Dawn Song
XVII. My Old Tunes
XVIII. Dandelions, Daffodils
XIX. Moderato
XX. Hearts must be soft-shiny dressed
XXI. Grandioso
Theme - Variations 1-6 -
Interlude - Variations 7-10 -
Variations 11-12 - Transition -
Variations 13-17 - Coda
I. Allegro non troppo
II. Largo
III. Tempo primo
Adagio ?
Vivace ? Adagio con espressione ? Con grazia ?
Molto adagio ? Allegretto grazioso ? Tempo di marcia ?
Adagio molto ? Vivace grazioso ? Molto tranquillo ? Tempo I
I. Nocturne: Adagio
II. Scherzo: Allegro non troppo
III. Passacaglia: Andante
IV. Burlesca: Allegro con brio
I. Adagio - Moderato
II. Lento - Allegro molto
III. Adagio
IV. Allegro - Moderato - Allegro ma non troppo
Introduction - Moderato -
Allegro -
No. 1 in D major
No. 2 in A minor
No. 3 in C minor
No. 4 in G major
No. 5 in C major
Quietly -
With moderate speed -
Slowly and quietly -
Tempo I -
Very quietly
With moderate tempo
Slower -
[Cadenza] -
Tempo I -
Allegretto - Piu moderato -
Slow -
Meno mosso -
Slow -
Con moto tranquillo -
With animation -
Rather slower, very quietly -
Introduction: I. Molto moderato - Tranquillo
Introduction: II. Poco piu vivo ma moderato
Theme: Andante
Variation 1: Un poco piu - Moderato
Variation 2: Piu vivo
Variation 3: Molto moderato - Poco piu mosso - Lento
Variation 4: Con moto - Un poco piu tranquillo
Variation 5: Giocoso: Allegro moderato - Meno mosso: Piu tranquillo
Variation 6: Lento e molto tranquillo - Misterioso - Un poco meno
Variation 7: Andante con grazia - Calando
Variation 8: Lento sostenuto e tranquillo - Un poco piu - Tempo I
Variation 9: Allegro alla marcia - Adagio
Variation 10: Marcia: Molto lento maestoso
Song: L'istesso tempo - Misterioso lento - Lento - Piu mosso
In ruhigem fliessendem Tempo - Tranquillo: Very quietly but not dragging - With vigour
Very slow (The wide far distance - The great solitude) - Slow and solemnly - Very quietly - Slow and very legato
Tempo I - Piu mosso ma tranquillo - With exultation (not hurried). Maestoso - Tempo I - Very slow
Messiah, Part One: Sinfony: Grave - Allegro moderato
Messiah, Part One: Comfort ye my people (tenor)
Messiah, Part One: Ev'ry valley shall be exalted (tenor)
Messiah, Part One: And the glory of the Lord shall be revealed
Messiah, Part One: Thus saith the Lord of Hosts (bass)
Messiah, Part One: But who may abide the day of His coming (counter-tenor)
Messiah, Part One: And he shall Purify
Messiah, Part One: Behold a virgin shall conceive (alto)
Messiah, Part One: O thou that tellest good tidings to Zion (alto/chorus)
Messiah, Part One: For behold, darkness shall cover the earth (bass)
Messiah, Part One: The people that walked in darkness (bass)
Messiah, Part One: For unto us a child is born
Messiah, Part One: Pifa (Pastoral Symphony)
Messiah, Part One: There were shepards
Messiah, Part One: And lo, the Angel of the Lord
Messiah, Part One: And the angel said unto them
Messiah, Part One: And suddenly there was with the angel
Messiah, Part One: Glory to God in the highest
Messiah, Part One: Rejoice greatly, O daughter of Zion (soprano I)
Messiah, Part One: Then shall the eyes of the blind be open'd (counter-tenor)
Messiah, Part One: He shall feed His flock like a shepherd (counter-tenor/soprano I)
Messiah, Part One: His yoke is easy, his burthen is light
Messiah, Part Two: Behold, The Lamb of God
Messiah, Part Two: He was despised (alto)
Messiah, Part Three: The trumpet shall sound (bass)
Messiah, Part Three: Then shall be brought to pass the saying (counter-tenor)
Messiah, Part Three: O death, where is thy sting (counter-tenor/tenor)
Messiah, Part Three: But thanks be to God
Messiah, Part Three: If God be for us (alto)
Messiah, Part Three: Worthy is Lamb that was slain ... Amen
I. First Dance
II. Second Dance
III. Finale: In the Streets of the Ouled Nails
I. Prelude: Song of the Fisherman
II. Ceremonial Dance
III. Dance of the Marionette
IV. Interlude: Song of the Fisherman
V. Dance under the Cherry Tree
VI. Finale: Dance of the Wolves
I. Mars, the Bringer of War
II. Venus, the Bringer of Peace
III. Mercury, the Winged Messenger
IV. Jupiter, the Bringer of Jollity
V. Saturn, the Bringer of Old Age
VI. Uranus, the Magician
VII. Neptune, the Mystic
I. Allegro
II. Andante
III. Allegro molto -
Zadok the Priest (1996 Remastered Version)
Zadok the Priest (1996 Remastered Version)
Tableau I, "The Cities of Ind": Introduction
Tableau I, "The Cities of Ind": Sacred measure
Tableau I, "The Cities of Ind": Dance of Nautch Girls
Tableau I, "The Cities of Ind": India greets her Cities
Tableau I, "The Cities of Ind": Hail, Immemorial India! (Agra)
Tableau I, "The Cities of Ind": Well dost thou say that East and West upbear (India)
Tableau I, "The Cities of Ind": Entrance of Calcutta
Tableau I, "The Cities of Ind": Welcome Calcutta (India)
Tableau I, "The Cities of Ind": Entrance of Delhi
Tableau I, "The Cities of Ind": Stop! That place is mine (Delhi)
Tableau I, "The Cities of Ind": Introduction
Tableau I, "The Cities of Ind": March of the Mogul Emperors
Tableau I, "The Cities of Ind": Illustrious Emperors (India)
Tableau I, "The Cities of Ind": Entrance of John Company
Tableau I, "The Cities of Ind": Good John Company, reply (Calcutta)
Tableau I, "The Cities of Ind": Entrance of St. George
Tableau I, "The Cities of Ind": Calcutta, Delhi, give your quarrel pause (India)
Tableau I, "The Cities of Ind": The Rule of England (St. George)
Tableau II, "Ave Imperator": Introduction
Tableau II, "Ave Imperator": Warriors' Dance
Tableau II, "Ave Imperator": The Cities of Ind
Tableau II, "Ave Imperator": Hail Festal Hour from out the Ages drawn (India)
Tableau II, "Ave Imperator": March, The Crown of India (Chorus)
Tableau II, "Ave Imperator": Incessu patuit Imperator (India)
Tableau II, "Ave Imperator": The Homage of Ind (India)
Tableau II, "Ave Imperator": The Crowning of Delhi (India, Chorus)
Tableau II, "Ave Imperator": Ave Imperator! (India, Agra, Chorus)

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