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Andante larghetto
1. Chorus: How excellent thy Name, O Lord
2. Air: An Infant rais'd by thy Command - 3. Trio: Along the Monster Atheist strode
4. Chorus: The Youth inspir'd by Thee, O Lord
5. Chorus: How excellent thy Name, O Lord
6. Recitative: He comes - 7. Air: O Godlike Youth!
8. Recitative: Behold, O King, the brave victorious Youth
9. Air: O King, your Favours with Delight I take - 10. Recitative: O early Piety!
11. Air: What abject Thoughts a Prince can have - 12. Recitative: Yet think, on whom this Honour you bestow
13. Air: Birth and Fortune I despise!
14. Recitative: Go on, illustrious Pair! - 15. Air: While yet thy Tide of Blood runs high
16. Recitative: Thou, Merab, first in Birth - 17. Air: My Soul rejects the Thought - 18. Air: See, see with what a scornful Air - 19. Air: Ah! Lovely Youth!
20. Symphony - 21. Recitative: Already see - 22.Chorus: Welcome, welcome mighty King!
23. Accompagnato: What do I hear? - 24. Chorus: David his Ten Thousands slew - 25. Accompagnato: To him Ten thousands!
26. Air: With Rage I shall burst his Praises to hear!
27. Recitative: Imprudent Women!
28. Air: Fell Rage and black Despair possessed
29. Recitative: This but the smallest Part of Harmony 30. Accompagnato: By thee this Universal Frame
31. Recitative: Rack'd with Infernal Pains
32. Air: O Lord, whose Mercies - 33. Symphony
34: Recitative: 'Tis all in vain - 35. Air: A Serpent in my Bosom warm'd - 36. Recitative: Has he escaped my Rage?
37. Air: Capricious Man
38. Accompagnato: O Filial Piety!
39. Air: No, no cruel Father, no
40. Air: O Lord, whose Providence Ever wakes for their Defence
41. Chorus: Preserve him for the Glory of thy Name
Act 1
42. Chorus: Envy! Eldestborn of Hell!
43. Recitative: Ah! dearest Friend
44. Air: But sooner Jordan's Stream, I swear
45. Recitative: O strange Vicissitude!
46. Air: Such haughty Beauties
47. Recitative: My Father comes - 48. Recitative: Hast thou obey'd my Orders
49. Air: Sin not, o King, against the Youth
50. Air: As great Jehovah lives
51. Air: From Cities storm'd, and Battles won
52. Recitative: Appear, my Friend
53. Air: Your Words, O King - 54. Recitative: Yes he shall wed my Daughter!
55. Recitative: A Father's Will
56. Duet: O Fairest of ten thousand Fair - 57. Chorus: Is there a Man
58. Symphony
59. Recitative: Thy Father is as cruel
60. Duet: At Persecution I can laugh
61. Recitative: Whom dost thou seek?
62. Air: No, no, let the Guilty tremble
63. Recitative: Mean as he was
64. Air: Author of Peace
65. Symphony
66. Accompagnato: The Time at length is come - 67. Recitative: Where is the Son of Jesse
68. Chorus: O fatal Consequence of Rage
69. Accompagnato: Wretch that I am - 70. Accompagnato: 'Tis said, here lives a Woman - 71. Recitative: With me what would'st thou?
72. Air: Infernal Spirits
73. Accompagnato: Why hast thou forc'd me from the Realms of Peace
74. Symphony
75. Recitative: Whence comest thou? - 76. Air: Impious Wretch, of Race accurst
77. March
78. Chorus: Mourn Israel
79. Air: O let it not in Gath be heard
80. Air: From this unhappy Day
81. Air: Brave Jonathan his Bow ne'er drew
82. Chorus: Eagles were not so swift as they
83. Air: In sweetest Harmony
84. Solo and Chorus: O fatal Day
85. Recitative: Ye Men of Judah, weep no more
86. Chorus: Gird on thy Sword

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