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Act I: Hello! Hello! Alla Polka! (Chorus)
Act I: Hello ... Nick! (Chorus, Rance, Nick)
Act I: Che faranno i vecchi miei (Wallace, Nick, Chorus)
Act I: Jim perche piangi? (Chorus, Larkens, Ashby)
Act I: Andiamo, ragazzi! Un po' di calma (Rance)
Act I: Hello, Minnie! (Goldgraber/Miners, Minnie, Ashby, Nick, Rance)
Act I: La Posta! (Nick, Goldgraber/Miners, Postillion, Ashby, Minnie, Rance)
Act I: Ti voglio bene, Minnie (Rance)
Act I: Chi c'e, per farmi i ricci? (Johnson, Minnie, Rance)
Act I: Mister Johnson, voi m'avete seccato! (Rance)
Act I: Mister Johnson, siete rimasto indietro (Minnie)
Act I: Che cosa c'e? (Minnie)
Act II: Il mio bimbo e grande piccino (Wowkle, Billy)
Act II: Voglio vestirmi tutta (Minnie)
Act II: Oh, se sapeste (Minnie)
Act II: Ugh! ... Neve! (Wowkle, Minnie, Johnson)
Act II: Hello! ... Chiamano (Nick, Johnson, Minnie, Sonora, Ashby, Rance)
Act II: Vieni fuori ! (Minnie, Johnson)
Act II: Lo so! Ma non vi avrei rubato! (Johnson)
Act II: L'han ferito ... Che importa? (Minnie, Johnsson)
Act II: Che c'e di nuovo, Jack? (Minnie, Rance)
Act II: E la! (Rance)
Act II: Una partita a poker! (Minnie, Rance)
Act III: Ve lo giuro, sceriffo (Nick, Rance)
Act III: Ah! Ah! Ah! ... Urrah, ragazzi! (Goldgraber/Miners, Ashby, Rance, Nick)
Act III: E cosi, Mister Johnson, come va? (Rance, Johnson, Goldgraber/Miners)
Act III: Ch'ella mi creda libero e lontano (Johnson)
Act III: Ah! - Ah! - Ah! ... E Minnie! (Minnie, Goldgraber/Miners, Rance)
Act III. E anche tu lo vorrai, Joe (Minnie, Goldgraber/Miners)
Act I: Schwinget euch auf (Chorus)
Act I: Warum, Zemina, seh' ich dich so traurig? (Farzana, Zemina)
Act I: Ihr Feen all! (Zemina, Farzana, Chorus)
Act I: Was seh 'ich? (Gernot, Morald, Gunther)
Act I: Wo find' ich dich, wo wird mir Trost? (Arindal)
Act I: Da steht ihr nun, so recht bejammernswert! (Gernot, Arindal)
Act I: War einst 'ne bose Hexe wohl (Gernot)
Act I: Arindal - O welch ehrwurdige (Arindal, Gunther, Gernot, Morald)
Act I: Wie muss ich doch beklagen (Ada)
Act I: Wo bin ich? Ach! (Arindal, Ada)
Act I: Mir wird das freudige Gluck? (Arindal, Ada)
Act I: Auf, Arindal, komm' jetzt mit uns von hinnen! (Morald, Gunther, Gernot, Arindal, Ada, Chorus)
Act I: Dein Vater hat das Los der Sterblichen (Farzana, Zemina, Ada, Gunther, Morald, Gernot, Arindal, Chorus)
Recitative: And they came to a place named Gethsemane (Tenor)
The Agony (Bass, Chorus) - Recitative: And they laid their hands on Him (Tenor, Bass)
Processional to Calvary (Tenor, Chorus)
Recitative: And when they were come (Bass)
Hymn: The Mystery of the Divine Humiliation
Recitative: He made Himself of no reputation (Bass)
The Majesty of the Divine Humiliation (Tenor)
Recitative: And as Moses lifted up the serpent (Bass)
Chorus: God so loved the world
Hymn: Litany of the Passion
Recitative: Jesus said, "Father, forgive them" (Tenor, Chorus)
Duet: So Thou liftest Thy divine petition (Tenor, Bass)
Hymn: The Mystery of the Intercession
Recitative: And one of the malefactors (Tenor, Bass, Chorus)
Hymn: The Adoration of the Crucified
Recitative: When Jesus therefore saw His mother (Tenor, Bass, Chorus)
Recitative: Is it nothing to you? (Bass)
Chorus: The Appeal of the Crucified
Recitative: After this, Jesus knowing that all things were now accomplished (Tenor, Chorus)
Hymn: For the love of Jesus
Act I: People of proud Peking (Mandarin, Liu, The Unknown Prince, Chorus)
Act I: When all was lost (Timur, The Unknwon Prince, Liu, Chorus)
Act I: Sharpen the axe! (Chorus)
Act I: Is the moon never rising? (Chorus)
Act I: How young to die! (The Unknown Prince, Chorus)
Act I: Son, are you mad? (Timur, The Unknown Prince, Liu, The Prince of Persia, Chorus)
Act I: What do you want? Who are you? (Ping, Pong, Pang, Chorus)
Act I: Why so much noise? (Ping, The Unknown Prince, Pang, Pong, Timur, Chorus)
Act I: Nights without a gleam of starlight . . . (Pang, Pong, Ping, The Unknown Prince, Timur, Chorus)
Act I: I beg you, hear me (Liu)
Act I: Don't cry for me, Liu (The Unknown Prince, Liu, Timur)
Act I: Ah! How can you ignore us? (Timur, Liu, The Unknown Prince, Ping, Chorus)
Act II Scene 1: Hallo Pang! Hallo Pong! (Ping, Pong, Pang, Chorus)
Act II Scene 1: I've a house in fair Honan (Ping, Pang, Pong, Chorus)
Act II Scene 1: Do you remember when the Royal Prince of Samarkand came? (Pong, Pang, Ping, Chorus)
Act II Scene 2: With the three enigmas ready (Chorus)
Act II Scene 2: I am the pris'ner of a ghastly promise (The Emperor, The Unknown Prince, Chorus)
Act II Scene 2: People of proud Peking! (The Mandarin, Chorus)
Act II Scene 2: Within this Palace a story lives forever (, Chorus)
Act II Scene 2: O Princess who in caravans of splendour (, The Unknown Prince, Chorus)
Act II Scene 2: O stranger, now listen! (, The Unknown Prince, The Emperor, Liu, Chorus)
Act II Scene 2: Emp'ror and father! Son of Heaven! (, The Emperor, The Unknown Prince, Chorus)
Act II Scene 2: Three enigmas that you asked me (The Unknown Prince, The Emperor, Chorus)

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