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Part I
Part II
Part III
I. Kezdodik a mese (The Fairy Tale Begins)
II. Becsi harangjatek (Viennese Musical Clock)
III. Dal (Song)
IV. Napoleon csataja (The Battle and Defeat of Napoleon)
V. Kozjatek (Intermezzo)
VI. A csaszari udvar bevonulasa (Entrance of the Emperor and his Court)
Act I: Sinfonia
Act I: Oh, the pleasures of the plain (Chorus, Acis, Galatea)
Act I: Accompagnato: Ye verdant plains and woody mountains (Galatea)
Act I: Aria: Hush, ye pretty warbling quire (Galatea)
Act I: Aria: Where shall I seek the charming fair (Acis)
Act I: Recitative: Stay, shepherd, stay (Damon)
Act I: Aria: Shepherd, what art thou pursuing (Damon)
Act I: Recitative: Lo! here my love (Acis)
Act I: Aria: Love in her eyes sits playing (Acis)
Act I: Recitative: Oh! didst thou know the pains of absent love (Galatea)
Act I: Aria: As when the dove laments (Galatea)
Act I: Duet: Happy we! (Acis, Galatea, Chorus)
Act II: Mourn, all ye muses (Chorus)
Act II: Aria: Must I my Acis still bemoan (Galatea, Chorus)
Act II: Recitative: 'Tis done: thus I exert my pow'r divine (Galatea)
Act II: Aria: Heart, the seat of soft delight (Galatea)
Act II: Galatea, dry thy tears (Chorus)
Opening ? The girl and three tramps
First seduction game: the shabby old rake
Second seduction game: the young student
Third seduction game
The Mandarin enters and remains immobile in the doorway
The girl begins a hesitant dance...
The Mandarin stumbles ? the chase becomes even more passionate
The three tramps leap out, seize the Mandarin and tear him away from the girl
Suddenly the Mandarin's head appears between the pillows and he looks longingly at the girl
The terrified tramps discuss how they are to get rid of the Mandarin
The body of the Mandarin begins to glow with a greenish blue light
She resists no longer ? they embrace
I. Largo
II. Andante
I. Lo, the unbounded sea
II. The untold want
III. Joy, shipmate, joy!
Act I: Prelude
Act I: Be as a lion, dread Jehovah... From plots of Hell and witcheries (Puritans, Bradford, Bridget, Plentiful, Myles Brodrib, Tewke, Desire)
Act I: Ah - I deny thy Christ (Bradford, Banks, Tewke, Puritans)
Act I: A savoury discourse, good Master Bradford (Bradford, Tewke)
Act I: Last night came One that paced a-down the stairway of the sky (Bradford)
Act I: My son, Thou'rt over-ripe for marriage! (Tewke, Bradford)
Act I: The willow keep to thatch our sleep (Plentiful, Bradford)
Act I: Plentiful Tewke hath catched the preacher! (Love, Bradford, Peregrine Brodrib, Prence, Children)
Act I: Gi' you good night, sir... (Prence, Myles Brodrib, Marigold, Bradford, Tinker, Morton, Puritans, Cavaliers)
Act I: Scratch a Roundhead, find a rebel ... Thrones of Earth be idle things (Prence, Scrooby, Tewke, Bradford, Puritans, Cavaliers)
Act I: Right rev'rend priest, our holy joy ... Respect the Sabbath day (Prence, Scrooby, Tewke, Bradford, Puritans, Cavaliers)
Act I: Marigold! Lady! ... Let us be lions of Jehovah (Bradford, Marigold, Lackland, Myles Brodrib, Tewke, Puritans, Cavaliers)
Act II Scene 3: Rise up, my love my fair one (Bradford, Astoreth)
Act III Scene 1: Prelude
Act III Scene 2: Gird you with Sackcloth (Tewke, Puritans)
Act III Scene 2: Never more shall prayer ravish these lips!... (Bradford, Chorus)
Act III Scene 2: Woe, woe! Lost sheep are we (Puritans, Bradford, Myles Brodrib)
Act III Scene 2: No witch am I; But one that long ago was happy (Marigold)
Act III Scene 2: Ay, even now thy lover frets at Hellgate - Death to the Witch (Bradford, Marigold, Ensemble)

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