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Sarah Weiner, a well-regarded American woodwind player on a variety of modern and historical instruments (mainly double-reeds) gives as her home the "Pacific Northwest," a phrase normally taken to mean the U.S. states of Oregon and Washington and the Canadian province of British Columbia.

She received her undergraduate education at the University of Washington (state), then went for her graduate degrees at Oberlin Conservatory in Ohio,
Read more where she earned a Master of Music in Historical Performance. She then went to the Early Music Institute of Indiana University. There she won the 1996 Early Music Institute Concerto Competition.

She is the founder of a unique trio of Baroque oboists, Sarabande, whose three members (who all happen to be named Sarah) play a variety of historical double reed instruments. She has performed with the early music ensembles Baltimore Pro Musica Rara, The Bach Ensemble, and the Philadelphia Classical Symphony, and with the Smithsonian Chamber Orchestra of Washington, D.C.

With these ensembles, she has performed at several summer music festivals worldwide. She joined the chamber group Ensemble Galilei in its second incarnation. This group is an unusual grouping of traditional and classical instruments that finds compatible ways to apply Celtic folk music practice with Baroque and Renaissance style. With Ensemble Galilei (named for the composer father of famous astronomer Galileo Galilei) she plays oboe, recorders, and pennywhistle. Read less

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