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Introduction: If Poverty be a title to Poetry (Beggar)
Act I: Through all the employments of life (Peachum)
Act I: Sir, black Moll hath sent word (Filch, Peachum)
Act I: 'Tis Woman that seduces all Mankind (Filch, Peachum)
Act I: But it is now high time to look about me (Peachum, Mrs. Peachum)
Act I: Women indeed are bitter bad judges - ...ev'ry Man handsome who is going to the Camp - If any wench Venus' Girdle wear (Mrs. Peachum)
Act I: Was Captain Macheath here this morning? (Peachum, Mrs. Peachum)
Act I: If Love the Virgin's Heart invade (Mrs. Peachum, Peachum)
Act I: A Maid is like the Golden ore (Mrs. Peachum)
Act I: Come hither, Filch (Mrs. Peachum, Filch)
Act I: I know as well as any of the fine ladies (Polly) - Virgins are like the fair flower in its lustre (Polly, Peachum)
Act I: Our Polly is a sad slut! (Mrs. Peachum, Omnes, Peachum, Polly)
Act I: Can Love be controlled by Advice? (Polly, Mrs. Peachum, Peachum)
Act I: The girl shows such a readiness (Mrs. Peachum) - O Polly, you might have toyed and kissed (Mrs. Peachum, Polly, Omnes, Peachum)
Act I: I, like a Ship in storms, was tossed (Polly, Mrs. Peachum, Peachum)
Act I: A fox may steal your hens, Sir (Peachum, Mrs. Peachum, Polly)
Act I: O ponder well! Be not severe (Polly, Mrs. Peachum)
Act I: The Turtle thus with plaintive crying, her Lover dying (Polly, Mrs. Peachum, Peachum)
Act I: Now I'm a wretch indeed! (Polly, Omnes, Macheath)
Act I: My heart was so free (Macheath, Polly)
Act I: Were I laid on Greenland's coast (Macheath, Polly, Omnes)
Act I: O! what pain it is to part! (Polly, Macheath)
Act I: The Miser thus a shilling sees (Macheath, Polly)
Act I: But pr'thee, Mat, what is become of thy brother Tom? (Ben Budge, Mat of the Mint, Jemmy Twitcher, Nimming Ned, Harry Paddington, Wat Dreary)
Act I: Fill ev'ry glass, for wine inspires us (Gentlemen of the Road)
Act I: Gentlemen, well met (Macheath, Mat of the Mint)
Act I: I shall wish myself with you (Macheath) - Let us take the road (Harry Paddington, Gentlemen of the Road)
Act I: If the heart of a man is depressed with cares (Macheath)
Act I: Dear Mrs. Coaxer, you are welcome (Macheath) - Youth's the season made for joys (Macheath, Ladies of the Town)
Act I: Now pray, ladies, take your places (Macheath, Jenny Diver, Mrs. Coaxer)
Act I: It is your own choice (Jenny Diver) - Before the barn-door crowing (Jenny Diver, Ladies of the Town, Macheath, Dolly Trull, Suky Tawdry)
Act I: But to be sure, Sir (Jenny Diver) - The Gamesters and Lawyers are jugglers alike (Ladies of the Town, Betty Doxy, Macheath, Peachum)
Act I: The gentleman, ladies, lodges in Newgate - Constables, wait upon the Captain to his lodgings (Peachum) - At the Tree I shall suffer with pleasure (Macheath)
Act II: Noble Captain, you are welcome (Lockit, Macheath)
Act II: Man may escape from rope and gun (Macheath, Lucy Lockit)
Act II: Thus when a good Housewife sees a rat (Lucy Lockit, Macheath)
Act II: It is the pleasure of all you fine men (Lucy Lockit) - How cruel are the traytors (Lucy Lockit, Macheath)
Act II: The first time at the looking glass (Macheath, Lucy Lockit)
Act II: In this last affair, brother Peachum, we are agreed (Lockit, Peachum)
Act II: Such language, brother, anywhere else (Lockit) - When you censure the age (Lockit, Lucy Lockit)
Act II: Is then his fate decreed, Sir? (Lucy Lockit, Lockit)
Act II: Though the Chaplain was out of the way to-day (Lucy Lockit, Macheath, Polly)
Act II: Thus when the Swallow seeking prey (Polly, Macheath, Lucy Lockit)
Act II: If women's tongues can cease for an answer (Macheath) - I will not! (Lucy Lockit) - How happy could I be with either (Macheath, Polly)
Act II: Cease your funning (Polly, Omnes, Macheath, Lucy Lockit)
Act II: Why how now, Madam Flirt! (Lucy Lockit, Polly, Peachum, Lockit)
Act II: No power on earth can e'er divide (Lucy Lockit, Macheath, Lockit, Peachum, Omnes)
Act III: To be sure, wench, you must have been aiding and abetting (Lockit, Lucy Lockit)
Act III: Dear Sir, mention not my education (Lucy Lockit, Lockit)
Act III: Ungrateful Macheath! (Lucy Lockit, Lockit)
Act III: Thus Gamesters united in friendship are found (Lockit)
Act III: Our scene doth represent a Gaming House (Beggar) - The modes of the Court so common are grown (Macheath, Ben Budge, Mat of the Mint, Omnes)
Act III: The Coronation account, brother Peachum (Lockit, Peachum, Servant, Mrs. Trapes)
Act III: In the days of my youth I could bill like a dove (Mrs. Trapes, Lockit, Peachum)
Act III: In the days of my youth I could bill like a dove (Mrs. Trapes, Beggar)
Act III: Jealousy, rage, love and fear (Lucy Lockit)
Act III: I have the Rat's-bane ready (Lucy Lockit, Filch, Polly)
Act III: A curse attends a woman's love (Polly, Lucy Lockit)
Act III: When I was forced from him (Polly, Lucy Lockit)
Act III: Come, sweet lass (Lucy Lockit, Polly)
Act III: Now every glimmering of happiness is lost (Polly, Lucy Lockit, Macheath, Peachum)
Act III: Which way shall I turn me, how can I decide? (Macheath, Polly)
Act III: Dear, dear Sir, sink the material evidence (Polly)
Act III: How then can you be a tyrant to me (Lucy Lockit) - When he holds up his hand arraigned for his life (Lucy Lockit, Lockit)
Act III: Ourselves, like the Great, to secure a retreat (Lockit, Peachum)
Act III: We are ready, Sir... (Lockit) - conduct you to the Old Bailey! (Lockit, Lucy Lockit, Polly, Macheath, Peachum, Omnes)
Act III: O cruel, cruel case! (Macheath, Jailer)
Act III: Would I might be hanged! (Polly, Lucy Lockit, Macheath)
Act III: But surely you don't intend that Macheath shall really executed? (Mat of the Mint, Beggar, Ben Budge, Lucy Lockit, Polly, Lockit, Peachum)
Act III: Thus I stand like a Turk, with his doxies around (Macheath, Mrs. Peachum, Peachum, Ladies of the Town, Gentlemen of the Road, Lucy Lockit, Polly, Mrs. Trapes, Lockit)
I. Sonnet
II. Scherzo
III. Meditation
IV. Elegy
V. Scherzo II, "Sic vita"
VI. Finale
Act I: Prelude
Act I Scene 1: You've got your maps there? (Coyle, Lechmere, Owen)
Act I Scene 1: Sir, I can't go through with it (Owen, Coyle)
Act I Scene 1: Straight out of school they come to me (Coyle) - Interlude
Act I Scene 2: At last it's out. No doubt old Coyle will rage (Owen, Miss Wingrave, Coyle) - Interlude II: Was is the stateman's game (Owen)
Act I Scene 3: Your sherry, Mrs. Coyle (Lechmere, Mrs. Coyle, Coyle, Owen)
Act I Scene 3: Owen, you can't mean it - it's mad, it's your whole life (Lechmere, Owen) - Interlude III
Act I Scene 4: Oh, how unforeseen (Mrs. Julian, Kate, Miss Wingrave)
Act I Scene 4: And now, to face them, all of them, the living and the dead (Owen, Mrs. Julian, Kate, Miss Wingrave)
Act I Scene 4: Sirrah! How dare you! (Sir Philip, Kate) - Scene 5: How dare you! (Miss Wingrave, Kate, Sir Philip, Mrs. Julian)
Act I Scene 6: Coyle, I wish I had not come. It's horrible! (Mrs. Coyle, Coyle)
Act I Scene 6: Ah! Owen! (Mrs. Coyle, Coyle, Owen, Lechmere) - Interlude IV
Act I Scene 7: May God bless the Queen, and this house (Sir Philip, Mrs. Coyle, Kate, Miss Wingrave, Lechmere, Owen, Mrs. Julian)
Act I: Have mercy, have mercy (Tamino, Three Ladies)
Act I: I'm sure that there could never be (Papageno, Tamino, Three Ladies)
Act I: Such loveliness beyond compare (Tamino, Three Ladies)
Act I: Don't be afraid, now hear my song (Queen of the Night, Tamino)
Act I: Hm! hm! hm! hm! (Papageno, Tamino, Three Ladies)
Act I: Dialogue (scream) - Slaves! - You will not dare escape again (Pamina, Monostatos, Papageno)
Act I: A man in search of truth and beauty (Pamina, Papageno)
Act I: If you can strive to be a man (Three Boys, Tamino)
Act I: These words of wisdom reassure me (Tamino, Speaker)
Act I: What rash adventure brings you here (Speaker, Tamino, Chorus)
Act I: How soft, how strong your magic sound (Tamino)
Act I: Walk on tip-toe, not a sound (Pamina, Papageno, Monostatos, Chorus)
Act I: We worship Sarastro, we bow before him! (Chorus, Papageno, Pamina)
Act I: Sir, I was disobedient (Pamina, Sarastro)
Act I: Our Lord Sarastro will decide (Pamina, Sarastro)
Act II: My brothers who serve the great gods (Sarastro, First Priest, Second Priest)
Act II: O Isis and Osiris, arm them with strength (Sarastro, Priests)
Act II: Dialogue: Where do you think we are? (Tamino, Papageno, First Priest, Second Priest)
Act II: A woman's beauty is beguiling (Second Priest, Speaker, Papageno)
Act II: Why, why, why are you in this place of fear? (Three Ladies, Papageno, Tamino, First Priest, Second Priest)
Act II: Dialogue: There she is, the blushing violet - All the world is always lusting (Monostatos, Queen of the Night, Pamina)
Act II: The wrath of hell is burning in my bosom (Queen of the Night, Pamina, Monostatos, Sarastro)
Act II: We worship at the altar (Sarastro)
Act II: Dialogue: Here we must leave you (First Priest, Second Priest, Papageno, Tamino, Old Woman)
Act II: Now for the second time we greet you (Three Boys, Papageno, Pamina)
Act II: Now I know that love can vanish (Pamina, Papageno)
Act II: O Isis and Osiris, gods all-knowing (Chorus of Priests, Sarastro, Pamina, Tamino)
Act II: Will I not see my love again? (Pamina, Sarastro, Tamino)
Act II: Dialogue: Tamino! Tamino ...Tamino ... (Papageno, Second Priest)
Act II: If only I could meet her (Papageno, Old Woman, Second Priest, Papagena)
Act II: Behold, the harbinger of morning (Three Boys)
Act II: Are you the man I love the best (Pamina, Three Boys)
Act II: The man who dares to tread this path (Two Armed Men, Tamino, Pamina)
Act II: Pamina? I hear her calling (Tamino, Two Armed Men)
Act II: Tamino, mine, welcome at last (Pamina, Tamino, Two Armed Men)
Act II: The fiery furnace could not harm us (Pamina, Tamino, Attendants, Priests)
Act II: Papagena! Papagena! Papagena! (Papageno, Three Boys)
Act II: Play your magic music (Papageno, Three Boys)
Act II: Pa-pa-ge-na! - Pa-pa-ge-no! (Papageno, Papagena)
Act II: We must be very, very quiet! (Monostatos, Queen of the Night, Three Ladies)
Act II: The banner of sunlight (Sarastro, Chorus)
Gloria in D RV589: 1. Gloria in excelsis Deo
Gloria in D, RV 589: II. Et in terra pax hominibus
Gloria in D, RV 589: III. Laudamus te SF, DN
Gloria in D, RV 589: IV. Gratias agimus tibi - Propter magnam gloriam
Gloria in D, RV 589: V. Domine Deus, Rex coelestis SF
Gloria in D, RV 589: VI. Domine Fili unigenite
Gloria in D, RV 589: VII. Domine Deus, Agnus Dei MC, chorus
Gloria in D, RV 589: VIII. Qui tollis peccata mundi
Gloria in D, RV 589: IX. Qui sedes ad dexteram Patris MC
Gloria in D, RV 589: X. Quoniam tu solus sanctus
Gloria in D, RV 589: XI. Cum Sancto Spiritu
Dixit Dominus in D, RV 594: 1. Dixit Dominus
Dixit Dominus in D, RV 594: 2. Donec ponam inimicos tuos
Dixit Dominus in D, RV 594: 3. Virgam virtutis tuae SF, DN
Dixit Dominus in D, RV 594: 4. Tecum principium MC
Dixit Dominus in D, RV 594: 5. Juravit Dominus - Tu es sacerdos
Dixit Dominus in D, RV 594: 6. Dominus a dextris tuis JG, JL
Dixit Dominus in D, RV 594: 7. Judicabit in nationibus - Implebit ruinas
Dixit Dominus in D, RV 594: 8. De torrente SF
Dixit Dominus in D, RV 594: 9. Gloria
Dixit Dominus in D, RV 594: 10. Sicut erat in principio
Magnificat in G Minor, RV 610: 1. Magnificat
Magnificat in G Minor, RV 610: 2. Et exultavit DN, MC, JG, chorus
Magnificat in G Minor, RV 610: 3. Et misericordia eius
Magnificat in G Minor, RV 610: 4. Fecit potentiam
Magnificat in G Minor, RV 610: 5. Deposuit
Magnificat in G Minor, RV 610: 6. Esurientes DN, SF
Magnificat in G Minor, RV 610: 7. Suscepit Israel
Magnificat in G Minor, RV 610: 8. Sicut locutus est DN, MC, JL
Magnificat in G Minor, RV 610: 9. Gloria

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