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Act I: Overture
Act I: List and learn, ye dainty roses (Country Girls, Fiametta, Francesco, Giulia, Antonio, Giorgio, Vittoria, Women, Marco, Giuseppe, Tessa, Gianetta)
Act I: Quartet: From the sunny Spanish shore (Duke, Duchess, Casilda, Luiz)
Act I: Dialogue: At last we have arrived at our destination (Duke, Luiz, Duchess, Casilda)
Act I: Song: In enterprise of martial kind (Duke, Luiz, Duchess, Casilda )
Act I: Duet: Oh, rapture! (Casilda, Luiz)
Act I: Dialogue: Oh, Luiz, what have you said? (Casilda, Luiz)
Act I: Duet: There was a time, a time forever gone (Luiz, Casilda)
Act I: Dialogue: My child, allow me to present to you His Distinction (Duke, Don Alhambra, Duchess, Casilda)
Act I: Song: I stole the prince (Don Alhambra, Duke, Duchess, Casilda)
Act I: Scene: Then do you mean to say that I am married (Casilda, Don Alhambra, Luiz)
Act I: Quintet: Try we lifelong, we can never straighten out life' tangled skein (All 5)
Act I: Scene: Bridegroom and Bride (All, Tessa)
Act I: Dialogue: And now our lives are going to begin in real earnest (Giuseppe, Marco, Tessa, Gianetta, Don Alhambra, The Girls, The Men)
Act I: Finale: Kind sir, you cannot have the heart (Gianetta, Don Alhambra, 2 Couples, Marco, Tessa, Giuseppe, Neighbor, Gondoliers)
Act II: Dialogue: Ah, their Majesties. Your Majesty! (Duke, Marco, Casilda, Duchess, Giuseppe)
Act II: Quintet - Gavotte: I am a courtier grave and serious (Duke, Marco, Giuseppe, Casilda, Duchess)
Act II: Dialogue: The old birds have gone away (Giuseppe, Marco, Casilda, Tessa)
Act II: Finale: Here is a case unprecedented (Don Alhambra, Tessa, Duke, Gianetta, Duchess, Casilda, Inez)
Act I: Overture
Act I: Opening: Ring forth, ye bells, with clarion sound (All)
Act I: Scene: Constance, my daughter, why this strange depression? (Mrs. Partlet, Constance)
Act I: Dialogue: Come tell me all about it (Mrs. Partlet, Constance)
Act I: Ballad: The air is charged with amatory numbers (Dr. Daly)
Act I: Dialogue: Good day, Reverend Sir (Mrs. Partlet, Dr. Daly, Constance)
Act I: Scene: Sir Marmaduke! My dear young friend Alexis! (Dr. Daly, Sir Marmaduke, Alexis)
Act I: Scene: With heart and with voice let us welcome this mating (Aline's Friends, Aline)
Act I: Recitative: My child I join in these congratulations (Lady Sangazure)
Act I: With heart and with voice let us welcome this mating (Alexis' Male Friends, Alexis, Aline)
Act I: Duet: Welcome joy, adieu to sadness (Sir Marmaduke, Lady Sangazure)
Act I: Ensemble: All is prepared for signing and for sealing (Notary, Alexis, Aline, All)
Act I: Dialogue: At last we are alone (Alexis, Aline)
Act I: Ballad: Love feeds on many kinds of food (Alexis)
Act I: Dialogue: Oh, Alexis, those are noble principles (Aline, Alexis, A Young Page, Mr. Wells)
Act I: Song: My name is John Wellington Wells (Mr. Wells)
Act I: Dialogue: I have sent for you to consult you on a very important matter (Alexis, Mr. Wells, Aline)
Act I: Incantation: Sprites of earth and air (Mr. Wells, Male Voices, More Voices, Alexis, Aline, The Spirits)
Act I: Overture
Act I: Opening: Life is like a bubble in our glasses (Parisians)
Act I: Song: Here's your dream of happiness (Huguette, Parisians)
Act I: Scene: Wine! Wine! (Tabary, Huguette, Parisians)
Act I: Dialogue: Your Majesty ... (Tristan, Louis, Voices of the Men, Villon, Huguette, Margot)
Act I: Song: Come, all you beggars of Paristown (Villon, All)
Act I: Scene: Too bad Burgundy can't hear your tune (Louis, Villon, Huguette, Katherine, Tabary)
Act I: Duet: Red rose out of the East, tell the man I love least (Katherine, Villon)
Act I: Dialogue: That is he (Katherine, Villon, Rene, Thibault, Huguette, Captain, Louis, Tristan)
Act I: Finale: Why not? If I be not a better man (Villon, Katherine, All)
Act II: Dialogue: If Villon were the King of France (Louis, Tristan, Astrologer)
Act II: Hunting, hunting, after a lady (Hunters, Ladies)
Act II: Dialogue: Now you smile again (Lady Mary, Katherine, Louis, Tristan, Oliver, Villon, Noel, Tabary)
Act II: There's a crook with a look (Captain, Archers)
Act I: Overture
Act I: Song: When maiden loves, she sits and sighs (Phobe)
Act I: Dialogue: Mistress Meryll (Wilfred, Phoebe)
Act I: Tower warders, under orders (Townspeople, Yeomen, A Yeoman)
Act I: Dialogue: G'day Dame Carruthers. Busy today? (Yeoman, Dame Carruthers, A Yeomen, Phoebe)
Act I: Song: When our gallant Norman foes (Dame Carruthers, Yeomen)
Act I: Dialogue: Father! Has no reprieve arrived for the poor gentleman? (Phoebe, Sergeant Meryll, Leonard)
Act I: Trio: Alas, I waver to and fro (Phoebe, Leonard, Meryll)
Act I: Dialogue: Be of good cheer, we may save him yet! (Meryll, Phoebe, Lieutenant, Colonel Fairfax)
Act I: Song: Is life a boon? If so, it must befall (Fairfax)
Act I: Dialogue: And now, Sir, Richard, I have a boon to beg (Fairfax, Lieutenant)
Act I: Here's a man of jollity, jibe ... (Townspeople, Jack Point, Man, Elsie)
Act I: Duet: I have a song to sing, O! (Point, Elsie)
Act I: Dialogue: Pretty maid! Aye, kisses all round ... (Townspeople, Elsie, Point, Man, Lieutenant)
Act I: Trio: How say you, maiden, will you wed (Lieutenant, Elsie, Point)
Act I: Dialogue - Song: So, good fellow, you are a jester? (Lieutenant, Point)
Act I: Dialogue: And how came you to leave your last employ? (Lieutenant, Point)
Act I: Song: 'Tis done. I am a bride (Elsie)
Act I: Dialogue: 'Tis an odd freak for a dying man (Wilfred, Phoebe, Meryll, Fairfax)
Act I: Finale: Oh, Sergent Meryll, is it true (Yeomen, Meryll, A Yeoman, Another Yeoman, Fairfax, Phoebe, Wilfred)
Act I: Finale: To thy fraternal care (Wilfred, Yeomen, Phoebe, Fairfax, Elsie, Women, Lieutenant, Meryll, Dame)
Act II: Night has spread her pall once more (Women, Dame Carruthers, Men)
Act II: Dialogue: The merrie Jestes of Hugh Ambrose, No. 7863 (Jack Point, Wilfred)
Act II: Song: Oh, a private buffoon (Point)
Act II: Dialogue: And so thou wouldst be a jester, eh? (Point, Wilfred)
Act II: Duet: Hereupon we're both agreed (Point, Wilfred)
Act II: Dialogue - Song: Two days gone and no news of poor (Fairfax)
Act II: Dialogue: Well, Sergent Meryll, and how fares thy pretty charge (Fairfax, Meryll, Dame, Kate)
Act II: Quartet: Strange adventure! (Kate, Dame, Fairfax, Meryll)
Act II: Dialogue: So, my mysterious bride is no other than this winsome Elsie (Fairfax, Elsie)
Act II: Scene: Hark, what was that, sir? (Meryll, Fairfax, Lieutenant, Wilfred, Point)
Act II: Scene: The river must be dragged (Lieutenant, All)
Act II: Dialogue: Nay, Sweetheart, be comforted (Point, Elsie, Phoebe, Fairfax)
Act II: Trio: A man who would woo a fair maid (Fairfax, Phoebe, Elsie)
Act II: Dialogue: Now listen to me (Fairfax, Point, Phoebe, Elsie)
Act II: Quarter: When a wooer goes a-wooing (Elsie, Fairfax, Phoebe, Point)
Act II: Dialogue: And I helped that man to escape (Phoebe, Wilfred, Leonard, Meryll, Dame Carruthers)
Act II: Duet: Rapture, rapture, when love's votary (Dame, Meryll)
Act II: Finale: Comes the pretty young bride (Women, Elsie, Dame, Phoebe, Lieutenant, Fairfax, Point)
Act I: Overture
Act I: Opening: Won't it be a pretty wedding? (All, Elsa, Bertha, Olga, Gretchen, Ludwig)
Act I: Dialogue: Hallo! Surely I'm not late? (Notary, Ludwig, Lisa, Gretchen, Bertha)
Act I: Solo: By the mystic regulation of our dark Association (Ludwig, All)
Act I: Dialogue: Oh, bother the secret sign! (Elsa, Bertha, Ludwig, Lisa, Notary, Ernest, Olga, Gretchen)
Act I: Song: Were I a king, in very truth, and had a son in guileless youth (Ernest)
Act I: Dialogue: Elected by my fellow conspirators to be Grand Duke of Pfenning Halbpfennig (Ernest, Julia)
Act I: Duet: How would I play this part - 's Bride? (Julia, Ernest)
Act I: Song: My goodness me, what shall I do (All, Ernest, Ludwig)
Act I: Dialogue: Well, a nice mess you've got us into (Julia, Ernest, Ludwig, Notary)
Act I: Quintet: About a century since, the code of the duello (Notary, Julia, Lisa, Ernest, Ludwig)
Act I: Dialogue: I see! The man who draws the lowest card ... (Ludwig, Notary, Ernest, Julia, Lisa)
Act I: Quintets: Strange the views some people hold (Ludwig, Notary, Ernest, Julia, Lisa)
Act I: Song: The good Grand Duke of Pfenning-Halbpfenning (Chamberlains)
Act I: Dialogue - Duet: My Lord Chamberlain, as you are aware (Rudolph, Baroness)
Act I: Dialogue - Song: Oh, now for my detective's report! (Rudolph)
Act I: Dialogue: Now for my confession and full pardon! (Ludwig, Rudolph)
Act I: Finale: Come hither, all you people (Rudolph, Ludwig, Notary, A Maiden, Another Girl, A Third, Julia)
Act II: Dialogue: My good sir, it's no use yoyr saying (Ludwig, Rudolph, Notary, Ernest, Julia, Princess, Lisa)
Act II: Finale: Happy couples, lightly treading (All)

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