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Born: 1650; Yorkshire, England   Died: 1706  
Little is known about Samuel Akeroyde; however, he was quite well known during his lifetime, as his works appeared in many collections of his day, including The Theater of Music (1685 - 1687) and The Banquet of Musick (1688 - 1690). Interestingly, this king's musician (violin), of the courts of both King James II and King William, is remembered more as a songwriter than as an instrumental composer. Of his 100 or so tunes, many were written for Read more use in the theatrical works of D'Urfey, and still others for works by Harris, Crowne, and Motteux. Akeroyde's work can hardly be found on recording; however, Jenny, My Blithest Maid is available on the Dorian label, featuring C. LaRue and the Baltimore Consort. Read less

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