Rumon Gamba


Born: 1973; England  
Rumon Gamba is a highly promising British conductor who began to gain gained fame quickly at the age of twenty-five. He is particularly known for his interest in new music, twentieth-century classics, and classic film music.

He studied music at Durham University in England and then went to the Royal Academy of Music in London. His main conducting teacher was Colin Metters. He also had regular classes with Sir Colin Davis and George Hurst,
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He was the first conducting student to be awarded the DipRAM (the Royal Academy of Music performer's diploma). He also won the Henry Wood Scholarship and the Bob Harding Bursary. This recognition led to his being appointed Assistant Conductor of the Havant Symphony Orchestra and the British Youth Opera.

He appeared as conductor at the Newbury, Ashover, Lichfield, and Wraysbury Festivals. He was chosen to be the British representative at the International Masterclass for Conductors in 1997, and was appointed conductor of the Ipswich Orchestral Society.

His breakthrough year was 1998. He won the Lloyds Bank BBC Young Musicians '98 Conductors Workshop in Manchester. This victory carried with him the appointment as Lloyds Bank BBC Philharmonic Assistant Conductor. In that capacity, he has led touring concerts of the orchestra in smaller cities in the UK, as well as the children's concerts (called Blue Peter Family Concerts) at Royal Albert Hall in England.

He has also appeared as guest conductor with the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic, the Manchester Camerata, and the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra.

He soon became an important part of the Chandos Record company's new label imprint, CHANDOS Movies, which concentrates on scores from classic films of the British cinema produced by such studios as Hammer and Ealing. In this project he has conducted one album each of music by Malcolm Arnold, Georges Auric, and Alan Rawsthorne.

These albums include excerpts from Trapeze, David Copperfield, The Belles of St Trinian's, The Captain's Paradise, and The Roots of Heaven (Arnold); The Lavender Hill Mob, The Innocents, Moulin Rouge, Father Brown, It Always Rains on Sunday, Dead of Night, and Passport to Pimlico (Auric); and The Cruel Sea, Burma Victory, The Captive Heart, and Uncle Silas (Rawsthorne). Read less

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Born: 1973; England  
Rumon Gamba is a highly promising British conductor who began to gain gained fame quickly at the age of twenty-five. He is particularly known for his interest in new music, twentieth-century classics, and classic film music.

He studied music at Durham University in England and then went to the Royal Academy of Music in London. His main conducting teacher was Colin Metters. He also had regular classes with Sir Colin Davis and George Hurst,
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I. Overture: Allegro moderato
II. Cortege: Tempo di Marcia
III. The Love of the Princess: Andante semplice
IV. The Sultan's Toys: Andante - Moderato
V. The Flying Horse Gallop: Molto moderato - Allegretto scherzando
VI. The Silvermaid's Dance: Moderato - Piu animato - Tempo I - Tranquillo
VII. The Market at Basra: Vivo
I. Beginning: Largamente
II. Shere Khan: Molto moderato - Andantino - Grazioso - Lento
III. Mowgli Wanders: Andante - Allegretto scherzando - Molto moderato - Allegro molto agitato
IV. Lullaby: Largamente - Lento
V. The Ways of Man: Allegretto giocoso - Con moto - Tranquillo
VI. Cries of the Animals: Non troppo allegro - Allegro agitato - Piu mosso
VII. Mowgli Seeks Shere Khan: Moderato
VIII. The Chase: Allegro agitato - Largamente
IX. Victory: Allegro giocoso - Largamente e pesante - Moderato - Moderato e commodo - Allegretto
X. Bagheera's Contentment: Molto moderato
I. Prelude: Maestoso - Allegro - Poco animato - Piu lento - Piu mosso
II. Love Theme: Lento - Poco piu largamente - Tranquillo
III. The Burning Desert: Pesante - Largamente - Adagio solemne - Animato
IV. The Rowing of the Galley Slaves: Molto moderato - Poco animato - Piu allegro - Molto allegro
V. The Mother's Love: Lento
VI. Parade of the Charioteers: Alla marcia
I. Assez lent - Moderement anime
II. Assez modere, mais sans lenteur
III. Anime
Assez lent et calme - Plus vite -
Gaiment, mais modere -
Assez lent et calme - Un peu plus vite -
Tempo I
I. Prelude
II. Pantomime
III. L'attente de Medee (Medea Waits)
IV. Medee et Jason (Medea And Jason)
V. Le triomphe aurorale (Triumph Of Aurora)
I. Allegro non troppo ma passionato
II. Lento cantabile
III. Allegro vivace
I. Moderato, ma risoluto ed energico
II. Lento con gran espressione
III. Allegro giusto
Theme: Andante rubato
Variation 1: Poco animato ed al rigore di tempo - L'istesso tempo
Variation 2: Allegro scherzando
Variation 3: Un poco meno allegro ma sempre molto energico - Piu allegro
Variation 4: Moderato con gran espressione
Variation 5: Vivo con spirito - Vivace
Variation 6: Andante quasi pastorale - Tranquillo
Variation 7: Allegro molto agitato e tumultuoso
Variation 8: Moderato e molto giusto - Largamente e molto pesante - Piu mosso
Finale: Vivace - Piu animato - Tempo di vivace - Piu mosso e sempre agitato - Meno mosso e molto largamente - Vivacissimo
I. Title Music -
II. Walls that Surpass the Imagination -
III. The Great Lift -
IV. Top of the World and Final Bars
Theme -
The Amethyst March
I. Prelude
II. Love Scene
III. March
Opening Titles -
Setting the Path - Diagram Lights -
Thornton-le-Dale -
Smoking Engine ? Pan across York ? Committee Room ? Portraits ? Railway Museum
I. Moderato
II. Lento con granole espressione
III. Allegro vivo
I. Calme et lumiere, Agay
II. La joie du bleu profond, Miramar de Mallorca
III. Horizons verts, Falconara
IV. Le Mystere de l'ocean, La Grande Cote
I. Rome: Andante maestoso
II. Florence: Allegro vivace
III. Venice: Andante, sans lenteur
IV. Naples: Saltarelle
I. Allegro vivace
II. Allegro moderato e molto ritmico
III. Poco piu mosso
IV. Lento tranquillo
V. Largo
VI. Presto, quasi cadenza
VII. Allegro assai
VIII. Sostenuto
I. Introduction and Allegretto
II. Spring Flowers
III. Summer Sequence
IV. Finale
I. Main Titles and the Palace of Mopu
II. Irish Song
III. Sister Ruth and Mr Dean
IV. Hunting Song
V. Death of Sister Ruth
I. Prelude and Pastorale
II. Intermezzo and Dance (Africa)
III. Barcarolle and Sultan's Fanfare (Aden)
IV. Pastorale and Lullaby (India)
V. Finale Progress (Malaya to Fiji)
I. Titles
II. The Hunt of the Death Pack
III. The Prayer
IV. The Shropshire County Fair
V. Hunter's Spinney
VI. Undern Morning
VII. Finale
I. First Dance: Moderato - Presto - Meno mosso -
II. Second Dance: Lento, quasi tango
III. Third Dance: Vivo - Piu mosso - Tempo I - Piu mosso - Tempo I - Piu mosso - Moderato - Meno moss
No. 1. Western Wind
No. 2. Letter to Anna, pregnant
No. 3. The Sick Rose
No. 4. Tune for an Ice Cream Van
No. 5.
No. 6. Iron City Love Song
No. 7. Campionesque for Anna
I. Con moto - Piu mosso - Piu mosso - Meno mosso -
II. Lento e calmo - Piu mosso - A tempo I - Meno mosso
III. Vivo - Meno mosso - Lento - Meno mosso - Piu mosso - Meno mosso
I. Lent et calme
II. Assez vite - Un peu moins vite
III. Lent - Plus anime - Anime - Mouvement initial (un peu anime) - Mouvement initial: Lent
IV. Tres anime
I. Soleil matinal
II. Soleil vesperal
The Dealer - Murder and Fire - Confession
Netta - The Spell - The Murder - Fame
The Cat - Netta's Death - The Bonfire - Recovery
Prelude - Rain - Thatcher Library - Manuscript Reading and Snow Picture - Mother's Sacrifice - Charles Meets Thatcher
Galop - Dissolve Thatcher Reading Document - Second Manuscript - Thanks - Bernstein's Narration - Kane's New Office - New Hornpipe Polka - Carter's Exit - Chronicle Scherzo - Bernstein's Presto
Kane's Return - Collecting Statues - Valse Presentation - Sunset Narrative - Theme and Variations
Kane meets Susan - Susan's Room - Mother Memory - The Trip - Geddes's Departure - Kane Marries
Salammbo's Aria
Leland's Dismissal - New Dawn Music - Xanadu - Jigsaws - Second Xanadu
Kane's Picnic - Susan Leaves - El Rancho - The Glass Ball - Finale
I. Prelude and Opening Scene
II. Dance of the Insects
III. Water
IV. Fire Dance
V. Pas de deux
VI. Finale
Lento ?
Moderato ? Andantino ? Moderato ?
Vivace ? Lento ? Vivace ? Moderato ? Lento ?
Poco lento (Pas de deux) ? Moderato ? Allegretto ?
Andante con moto ? Poco piu mosso ? Andante con moto - Moderato -
Lento ? Vivace molto ? Lento
I. Moderato e misterioso ? Vivace ? Meno mosso ?
II. Allegretto ? Vivace ?
III. Vivace ? Allegro moderato ?
IV. Allegro vivace ? Allegro frenetico ?
V. Allegretto ?
VI. Andante ? Allegro ? Pas de quatre ? Vivace ? Moderato ? Vivace - Frenetico - Molto meno mosso -
VII. Allegro con brio ? Allegretto (Pas de deux) ? Piu mosso ? Allegretto - Allegro con brio
Lento ? Vivace ? Vivace ?
Lento ? Allegro ma non troppo ? Moderato ?
Vivace ? Lento
I. Extremement lent
II. Moderement lent
III. Modere
IV. Lent
No. 1. Preambule (Preamble): Assez lent
No. 2. En marche (On The Road): Joyeusement
No. 3. Le glas (The Knell): Lent
No. 4. Lac vert (Green Lake): Tranquillement
No. 5. La poste (The Post): Assez vite
No. 6. Reve (Dream): Assez lent
I. Prelude: Mouvement de marche modere
II. Chanson: Modere
III. Noce bretonne (Breton Wedding-Party): Modere sans lenteur
I. Very calm and still
II. A tempo - Presto
III. Tempo I
IV. Tempo I
V. Allegro vivace
VI. Sempre molto energico
VII. Meno mosso
I. Con moto appassionato
II. Molto vivace e sbalzato
III. Molto moderato e sostenuto
IV. Poco lento, con calore
I. Vivo
II. Ardente
III. Precipitoso
IV. Allegro
V. Clear, luminous
VI. Molto tranquillo
I. Fanfare
II. Convoy in Fog
III. Attack
IV. Safe Convoy
V. March
I. Main titles and opening scene
II. Anna and Vronsky's first meeting
III. Anna and Vronsky on the train
IV. Seance scene
V. Anna and Vronsky discovered
VI. Anna's garden
VII. Anna's illness
VIII. Anna and Vronsky in Venice (Forlana)
IX. Anna and Vronsky part acrimoniously
X. Finale
I. Main Titles
II. The Concert
III. Bicycle Ride
IV. Drowning Scene
V. Seance Waltz
VI. Resolutions and Finale
I. Aurore
II. Jour (Apres-midi sous les pins)
III. Soir
Adagio - Allegro -
Un peu plus lent - Meme Mouvement - Plus lent - Andante maestoso -
Allegro con fuoco - Plus lent - Tres lent - Allegretto non troppo - Un peu plus lent - Andante maestoso - Plus lent
Tres lent -
Anime - Tres calme - Meme mouvement - La moitie moins vite, tres intense d'expression - Plus anime, avec chaleur -
Mouvement initial, tres lent - Un peu plus vite, tres modere - Tres calme -
Anime (Premier Mouvement) - Lent - Premier Mouvement - Lent - Premier Mouvement - Plus anime - Lento - Tres lent - Meme Mouvement, un peu retenu
I. Main Title -
I. Spain -
I. Slaves -
I. Big Drum -
I. The Albatross -
I. Battle -
I. Duel -
I. Slaves' Release
II. Night Banquet -
II. Love Scene on the Boat -
II. Throne Room -
II. Exit -
II. Elizabeth and Thorpe
III. Rose Garden
IV. Jungle Orchid - Thorpe's Men Hiding -
IV. Gold Caravan -
IV. Attack -
IV. Fight -
IV. In the Jungle -
IV. Ocean - The Hanging Man
V. The Galley -
V. Spanish Boat -
V. Rebellion - Along the Coast of Cadiz -
V. The Slaves Liberate Themselves - The Murder -
V. The Fight with the Guard -
V. Knife Fight -
V. Happy Sailing
VI. Thorpe Enters into Castle -
VI. Duel - Thorpe Fights - Elizabeth Intervenes -
VI. Finale - End Title
Reach for the Sky
Reach for the Sky

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