Rudolf Friml


Born: December 7, 1879; Prague, Czech Republic   Died: November 12, 1972; Hollywood, CA  
Rudolf Friml had four aspects to his career: pianist, operetta composer, American-style musical composer, and finally as a film composer, though he also wrote instrumental works and songs. Never an innovator, he was one of the most popular composers during his heyday, setting Broadway records for his time, and songs from his musicals and films are still often resurrected in recitals and recordings. Friml's musical talent showed at an early age, Read more to the extent that neighbors and friends helped pay for him to study at the Prague Conservatory, where he studied with Dvorák, among others. He toured Europe and the United States as accompanist for violist Jan Kubelík, but with the triumph of his Piano Concerto No. 1 in 1904 and the premiere of his first ballet, O Mitake San, devoted himself to composing and settled in the United States in 1906. His big break as an operetta composer came in 1912 when he wrote the wildly successful The Firefly as a vehicle for star Emma Trentini. He followed this in 1913 with High Jinks and in 1915 with Katinka. After World War I, he briefly experimented with American-style musicals, but these were not as successful as the operetta idiom and he returned to that with Rose Marie in 1924, a great success with 557 performances, and The Vagabond King in 1925 with 511. However, the combination of World War II and changing tastes in stage musicals had rendered his style of musicals old-fashioned and his last two stage works, Luana and Music Hath Charms, barely managed 20 performances each. Films, however, were another story, and several of his classics, including The Vagabond King, Rose Marie, and The Firefly were made into successful movies. Friml himself wrote music specifically for films, often uncredited, including the famous "Donkey Serenade" from Bachelor Bait. He was the father-in-law of actor and director Douglas Fowley. Read less

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Rudolf Friml

Act I: Overture
Act I: Opening: Eyes front. Stonily stare, head in the air (Boat Captain, Crew, Sybil, Suzzete, Pietro, Girls)
Act I: Scene: Geraldine, What is the trouble? (Sybil, Geraldine, Jack, Suzzete, Pietro, Others)
Act I: Dialogue: Uncle! (Jack, Thurston, Sybil, Geraldine)
Act I: Song: Won't you introduce me now, my treasure? (Thurston, Sybil, Ladies, Men)
Act I: Dialogue: I think we are going to have a very pleasant voyage (Thurston, Sybil, Mrs. Van Dare, Jenkins)
Act I: Scene: Jenkins, we can sail immediately (Mrs. Van Dare, Thurston, Franz, Vendor, Jack, Geraldine, Nina)
Act I: Dialogue: So, who do all these belong to? (Policeman, Jekins, Corelli, Nina, Pietro, Suzette, Antonio)
Act I: Duet: Something I cannot tell (Jekins, Suzette)
Act I: Scene: Nina, come on, Nina ... Nina!! (Pietro, Nina, Suzette, Jenkins, Jack, Franz)
Act I: Song: Giannina mia, more and more, I adore you (Nina)
Act I: Finale: I've found it at last. Ha! (Franz, Nina, Jack, Others, Mrs. Van Dare, Geraldine, Thurston, Captain, Suzette, Corelli)
Act II: Opening: The sleepy, nodding palm tree (Sybil, All)
Act II: Scene: I don't know where Tony is (Mrs. Van Dare, Geraldine, Jack, Franz, Nina)
Act II: Dialogue: Tony, you make a cute little soldier (Franz, Nina, Geraldine, Jack, Mrs. Van Dare, Thurson)
Act II: Duet: You need sympathy, just sympathy (Thurston, Geraldine)
Act II: Dialogue: She's been crying all afternoon (Mrs. Van Dare, Jack, Nina)
Act II: Scene: Where did you learn that song? (Jack, Nina)
Act I: Overture
Act I: Opening: Life is like a bubble in our glasses (Parisians)
Act I: Song: Here's your dream of happiness (Huguette, Parisians)
Act I: Scene: Wine! Wine! (Tabary, Huguette, Parisians)
Act I: Dialogue: Your Majesty ... (Tristan, Louis, Voices of the Men, Villon, Huguette, Margot)
Act I: Song: Come, all you beggars of Paristown (Villon, All)
Act I: Scene: Too bad Burgundy can't hear your tune (Louis, Villon, Huguette, Katherine, Tabary)
Act I: Duet: Red rose out of the East, tell the man I love least (Katherine, Villon)
Act I: Dialogue: That is he (Katherine, Villon, Rene, Thibault, Huguette, Captain, Louis, Tristan)
Act I: Finale: Why not? If I be not a better man (Villon, Katherine, All)
Act II: Dialogue: If Villon were the King of France (Louis, Tristan, Astrologer)
Act II: Hunting, hunting, after a lady (Hunters, Ladies)
Act II: Dialogue: Now you smile again (Lady Mary, Katherine, Louis, Tristan, Oliver, Villon, Noel, Tabary)
Act II: There's a crook with a look (Captain, Archers)

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