Royal Northern College of Music Wind Orchestra

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Formats & Featured

I. The Wedding and Funeral
II. Fire
III. Christabel
IV. Punting Scene
V. Utopian Sunset
I. Main Titles and Grand Ball
II. Theatre Music
III. On the Barge
IV. Finale
I. Main Titles
II. At Home
III. Ostriches and Waterslides
I. Main Titles
II. The Samson Way
III. Father and Son
IV. Geordie and Jean
V. The Hammer Reel
Introduction, for O.K. on his birthday
Entr'acte I
Dance I
Entr'acte II
Dance II
Entr'acte III
Dance III
I. Allegro maestoso
II. Andantino
III. Vivace
Lento moderato
Allegro vivace - Adagio
I. Intrada: dotted quarter note = 108
II. Romanza: Andante con moto
III. Intermezzo: Con moto
IV. Finale: Allegro alla marcia
I. March: Grave -
II. Anthem: Poco piu mosso -
III. Canzona: Moderato - Tempo I -
IV. March
Marsch, oder die Versuchung - Trio - Marsch
Versuch 1 -
Versuch 2 -
Versuch 3 -
Versuch 4 -
Versuch 5 -
Versuch 6
I. Lull me beyond thee: Andante espressivo
II. Catching of Quails: Vivace vigoroso
III. My Lady's Rest: Andantino con sentimento -
IV. Quodling's Delight: Allegro vivace - Con fuoco
No. 1. Epirotikos (Dance from Epirus): Moderato
No. 2. Peloponnisiakos (Dance from Peloponnesos): Allegro - Andante
No. 3. Kalamatianos (Dance from Kalamata): Moderato
No. 4. Mariori mou (My Mariori): Moderato assai e molto espressivo - Prestissimo - Moderato assai
No. 5. Pedia ke pios to petaxe (Boys, who threw it?): Allegretto moderato
No. 6. Kritikos (Dance from Crete): Allegretto moderato
No. 7. Sifneikos (Dance from Sifnos): Allegro ben ritmico
No. 8. Makedonikos (Dance from Macedonia): Moderato - Andante moderato - Moderato
No. 9. Enas Aitos (An Eagle): Allegro moderato
I. Overture: Allegro con brio
II. Waltz: Allegretto
III. Adagio: Adagio [poco rubato]
IV. Tarantella: Allegro
No. 1. Khosidl: Andante
No. 2. Terkishe: Allegro molto -
No. 3. Doina: Meno mosso, rubato -
No. 4. Hora: Andante con moto - Piu mosso -
No. 5. Freylachs: Allegro molto - Tempo di Khosidl - Tempo I
No. 1. March for a Spartakiade
No. 2. Marching Song [Lyrical]
No. 3. March
No. 4. Cavalry March [Over the Bridge]
I. Allegro vivace
II. Andante cantabile
III. Allegretto
I. The City on the Volga
II. Invasion
III. Stalingrad in flames
IV. The enemy is doomed
V. Into battle for the Motherland
VI. Eternal fame to the heroes
VII. Forward, to victory
VIII. There is a cliff on the Volga
The Lord of Battles [Kyrie]: Moderato
Have Mercy on Us [Miserere]: Largo - Molto piu mosso - A tempo
On the Field of Glory [Gloria]: Allegro - Piu mosso - Tempo I
At Death's Door [In hora mortis]: Largo
I. Intonazione d'autunno: Lento - Poco piu mosso - Tempo I
II. Ricordi d'estate: Tempo moderato di springar
III. Fanfara funebra: Andante, deciso
IV. Allegria alpestre: Mosso moderato
V. Canto di congedo: Tranquillo - Poco piu mosso - Tempo I - Poco piu mosso - Tempo I - Grave
I. quarter note = 114
II. Largo - Allegro - Largo - Allegro
III. quarter note = 132
I. Normandie: Anime
II. Bretagne: Lent
III. Ile de France: Vif
IV. Alsace-Lorraine: Lent
V. Provence: Anime
I. Marche funebre: Moderato un poco lento
II. Oraison funebre: Adagio non tanto - Andantino - Andantino poco lento e sostenuto -
III. Apotheose: Allegro non troppo e pomposo
I. Moderately fast, with vigour - Molto agitato
II. Andantino grazioso - Fast and gay
III. Fugue: Rather broad - Fast, energetic
I. Overture: Sehr leicht und beweglich, prazisestes staccatissimo
II. Idyll: Allegretto grazioso
III. Buffo
I. Intrada
II. March
I. Toccata [lebhaft]
II. Melodie [langsam] - Scherzo [sehr lebhaft] - A tempo
III. Rondo [lustig - sehr lebhaft]
I. Chaconne: Allegro moderato -
II. Intermezzo: Vivace -
III. March: Tempo di marcia
I. March [Morris Dance]: Allegro
II. Song Without Words, "I'll Love My Love": Andante
III. Song of the Blacksmith: Moderato e maestoso -
IV. Fantasia on the Dargason: Allegro moderato
I. March, "Seventeen Come Sunday": Allegro
II. Sea Songs: Allegro
III. Intermezzo, "My Bonny Boy": Andantino
IV. March, "Folk Songs from Somerset": Allegro

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