Richard Edgar-Wilson

And God created great whales (Chorus)
Call me Ishmael ? And in the wild conceits (Ishmael)
Hymn: The ribs and terrors in the whale ? With speed he flew to my relief ? My song for ever shall record (Chorus)
At last anchor was up, the sails were set (Ishmael)
Send everyone aft; mastheads there! Come down! (Ahab)
Yonder, by the ever-brimming goblet's rim ? I, the wearer, see not its far flashings ? Dry heat upon my brow? ? Gifted with the high perception ? Good night -...good night (Ahab)
Hist, boys! Let's have a jig! ? Oh! Jolly is the gate (Drunken Sailor) ? Oh! Thou big white God aloft there (Pip)
It was a clear steel-blue day (Ishmael) ? Oh, Starbuck! It is a mild, mild wind ? Aye, toil how we may ? Starbuck! (Ahab)
There she blows! There she blows! (Sailor) ? Starbuck, some men die at ebb tide (Ahab) Oh! My captain, my captain! Go not! Go not! (Starbuck)
Lower away! Stand by the crew! ? I turn my bod from the sun ? Sink all coffins and all hearses (Ahab)
Thus, I give up the spear! (Ahab) ? And I only am escaped alone to tell thee (Ishmael)
Act I: Overture
Act I: As we lie in langour lazy (Chorus of Girls, Hassan)
Act I: When Islam first arose (Abdallah, Chorus of Girls)
Act I: O life has put into my hand (Dancing Sunbeam)
Act I: Sunbeam! The Priest keeps saying (Blush-of-Morning, Dancing Sunbeam, Abdallah)
Act I: If you ask me to advise you (Heart's desire, Scent-of-Lilies, Rose-in-Bloom)
Act I: 'Neath my lattice (Rose-in-Bloom)
Act I: Tramps and scamps (Chorus, Hassan)
Act I: When my father sent me (Hassan, Chorus)
Act I: Peace be upon this house (Yussuf, Hassan, Chorus)
Act I: Musical maidens are we (Rose-in-Bloom, Scent-of-Lilies, Heart's Desire, Honey-of-Life, Hassan, Chorus)
Act I: Peace upon this house (Abdallah, Chorus, Hassan)
Act I: The Sultan's Executioner (Dancing Sunbeam, Hassan, Abdallah, Rose-in-Bloom, Heart's Desire, Scent-of-Lilies, Honey-of-Life, Yussuf)
Act I: I'm the Sultan's Vigilant vizier (Vizier, Physician, Executioner, Sultan)
Act I: O luckless hour! (Chorus, Dancing Sunbeam, Sultan, Blush-of-Morning, Vizier, Physician, Hassan, etc.)
Act II: Oh, what is love? (Heart's Desire, Yussuf)
Act II: If you or I should tell the truth (Scent-of-Lilies, Honey-of-Life, Heart's Desire, Yussuf)
Act II: From Morning Pray'r (Chorus, Vizier, Physician, Executioner)
First Music
Second Music
First Act Tune
Prelude - "Great Diocles the Boar has kill'd" - "Sing Iô's! praise the thund'ring Jove"
"Charon the peaceful Shade invites"
"Let all mankind the pleasure share" - "Sound all your instruments"
"Let all mankind the pleasure share"
Prelude - "Let the soldiers rejoice" - "Rejoice, rejoice, with a general voice"
"To Mars let 'em raise" - "Rejoice, rejoice, with a general voice"
Symphony - "Since the toils and the hazards" - "All sing great Diocles' story"
Dances of Furies
Second Act Tune
"When first I saw"
The Chair Dance
Prelude - "What shall I do"
Third Act Tune
Butterfly Dance
Trumpet Tune
"Sound, Fame, thy brazen trumpet sound!" - "Let all rehearse"
Fourth Act Tune
Country Dance
Prelude - "Call the Nymphs"
"Let the Graces and Pleasures repair"
"Come, come away"
Prelude - "Behold, O mightiest of Gods"
"Oh the sweet delights of love!"
"Let monarchs fight" - "Hear, mighty Love!"
"Since from my dear Astraea's sight"
"Make room, make room"
"I'm here, I'm here, with my jolly crew" - "We'll rejoice as well as you" - "The mighty Jove"
Dance of Bacchanals
"Still I'm wishing, still desiring"
"Tell me why"
"All our days and our nights" - "Begone, begone, importunate reason"
"Let us dance, let us sing"
"Triumph, triumph victorious Love" - "Then all rehearse"

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