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Act I: Chorus: Sing, pretty maiden, sing (Chorus)
Act I: Romance: It was a knight of princely mien () - Chorus: Sing, ! No delay! (Chorus)
Act I: Romance: I hear it again () - Chorus: Listen pilgrim, list (Chorus)
Act I: Angelus: Angels that around us hover (Chorus)
Act I: Duet: Of fairy wand had I the power (, Don Jose)
Act I: Trio: See the culprit (Captain, Lazarillo, Don Caesar) - Chorus: See this combat, all now must (Chorus)
Act I: Chorus: Pretty Gitana, tell us (Chorus) - Song: Yes, the language of the skies ()
Act I: Finale: Farewell my gallant Captain (Don Caesar, , Lazarillo, Don Jose, Alcade, Chorus)
Act II, Scene 1: Romance: Alas, those chimes so sweetly stealing (Lazarillo)
Act II, Scene 1: Duet: Hither as I came, one poor old man (Don Caesar, Lazarillo)
Act II, Scene 1: Trio: Turn on, old time, thine hourglass (Don Caesar, Lazarillo, Don Jose)
Act II, Scene 1: Song: Yes! Let me like a Soldier fall (Don Caesar)
Act II, Scene 1: Ballad: In happy moments day by day (Don Jose)
Act II, Scene 1: Quartet with Chorus: Health to the Lady, the lovely bride (Don Caesar, Chorus, , Don Jose, Lazarillo)
Act I Scene 1: A Courtroom: My Lord (John , White Abbot, Council, Richard , Rose, Priest, Boy, Cardinal)
Act I Scene 1: Transition
Act I Scene 2: The Chapel: Hoc opus est Johanni Taverni in regione Lindi nati (Monks, John )
Act I Scene 2: Transition
Act I Scene 3: The Throne Room: Our good Lord Cardinal (King, Jester, Cardinal)
Act I Scene 4: The Throne Room: John , what does the Lord require of thee? (Death, John , White Monk, Black Monk, Antichrist)
Act I Scene 4: The Throne Room: But this is not enough, John (Death, Richard , Rose, John )
Act I Scene 4: The Throne Room: Behold his body, in every place (Demons, God the Father, Archangels, Joking Jesus, Mary, John )
Act I Scene 4: The Throne Room: , sign your confession (Death, John )
Act II Scene 1: The Courtroom: My Lord Abbot (John , White Abbot, Richard , Council, Rose, Priest, Boy, Death)
Act II Scene 1: Transition
Act II Scene 2: The Throne Room: How fares our good Lord Cardinal? (King, Cardinal, Archbishop, Jester)
Act II Scene 3: Transition
Act II Scene 3: The Throne Room: Videbat ergo Dominus in civitate iniquitatem et (White Abbot, Monks, John , Captain)
Act II Scene 3: Transition
Act II Scene 4: The Market-place in Boston, Lincolnshire: This is the work of John (Townspeople, Choirboys, Council, John , White Abbot, Full Chorus, Rose)
Scene 1 (Pub & Wine Bar Music)
Link 1 (Breakfast Quartet)
Scene 2a (Fortune-teller)
Scene 2b (Eddy's Farewell)
Link 2 (Mum & Dad)
Scene 3 (The Plague)
Link 3 - Scene 4 (Police Riot)
Interlude 1 - Scene 5a (Café)
Scene 5b (Fight)
Scene 5c (Love Duet)
Scene 5d (Aria: The Story of Kid)
Scene 5e (Love Duet - reprise)
Link 4 - Scene 6 (Mum & Dad)
Scene 1a (Café)
Scene 1b (Love Aria)
Scene 2a (Arrival of Mum & Dad)
Scene 2b (Quartet)
Scene 2c (Plague Link)
Link 1 (Journey to the Sphinx)
Scene 3 (Sphinx)
Link 2 (Killing of Sphinx - Eddy's Triumphant...)
Scene 4a (Eddy's Return)
Scene 4b (Dad's Story of Kid)
Scene 4c (Eddy's Soliloquy of Regret)
Scene 5a (Eddy's 'Blinding')
Scene 5b (Eddy's Funeral March)
Max - Scherzino: "I'm Max! (Max)
Mama - Scherzo A "Sshh! Sshh!" (Max, Mama)
Scherzo A: Reprise
Max's Room - Pantom./Ariette 1:"In the wildest woods" (Max)
Transformation/Arietta 2: "I jump and bump" (Max)
Sea Interlude
The Wild Things - Recit/Musica interna "It must be" (Max, Wild Things)
Coronation: "... Eat you up" (Wild Things, Max)
The Wild Rumpus: "Now stop!" (Max, Wild Things)
Max alone: "I dreamed that once" (Max)
Parting: "Fe...! Oh please don't go" (Wild Things)
Second Sea Interlude - "I was very far to" (Max, Mama)
Max's Room (Max)
Prologue: I am an old man ... (Vere)
Act I Scene 1: Pull, me bantams! (First Mate, Second Mate, Sailing Master, Sailor, Bosun, Midshipmen, Donald, Maintop, Deck, Novice, Men, Squeak, Chorus)
Act I Scene 1: Boat ahoy! (Maintop, Voice, Midshipmen, Sailing Master, First Lieutenant, Bosun, Ratcliffe)
Act I Scene 1: First man forward! (Claggart, Red Whiskers, First Lieutenant, Sailing Master, Jones)
Act I Scene 1: Your name? (Claggart, Billy, First Lieutenant, Sailing Master)
Act I Scene 1: Billy Budd, king of the birds! (Billy, Sailing Master, First Lieutenant, Ratcliffe)
Act I Scene 2: Gentlemen, the King! (Vere, First Lieutenant, Sailing Master)
Act I Scene 2: Ay, at Spithead ... (Vere, Sailing Master, First Lieutenant)
Act I Scene 2: We are, sir. Claggart is an able one. (First Lieutenant, Vere, Sailing Master, Ratcliffe)
Act I Scene 3: Blow her away. (Red Whiskers, Chorus, Billy, Donald, Dansker)
Act I Scene 3: We're off to Samoa ... (Donald, Chorus, Red Whiskers, Billy, Dansker)
Act I Scene 3: Hi! You ... a ... a ... ! (Billy, Dansker, Red Whiskers, Donald, Squeak, Billy, Claggart, Boy, Chorus)
Act I Scene 3: Over the water ... (Claggart, Chorus)
Act I Scene 3: Come here. (Claggart, Novice)
Act I Scene 3: Billy! ... Hist! Billy Budd! (Novice, Billy)
Act I Scene 3: Dansker, old friend ... (Billy, Dansker)

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