Pro Arte Singers


Active: Bloomington, IL -
The phrase "Pro Arte" is frequently used as part of the name of organizations involved in classical music. There is a well-known Pro Arte Orchestra in Boston, a Pro Arte String Quartet, and a Pro Arte record label, as well as two prominent choral groups called the Pro Arte Singers. One is located in Stamford, CT, and the other in Bloomington, IN.

The Pro Arte Singers located in Bloomington, IN, are one of the 14 performing choruses at the
Read more Indiana University School of Music. Indiana University's School of Music is one of the largest and most highly respected music conservatories in the U.S.

The Pro Arte Singers are the university's early music choir, associated with the Early Music Institute. Founded by Thomas Binkley, the Institute is an interdisciplinary program studying historical performance on original and authentic replica instruments of the eighteenth century and earlier. It provides full training of instruments and of voices, including proper styles of improvisation, ornamentation, and articulation, as well as teaching the research skills needed by early music specialists. In addition it receives academic support from other schools and departments of the University in such fields as Medieval and Renaissance history, fine arts, and literature.

The Pro Arte Singers are a chamber choir. Its members receive opportunities for solo chamber performance with instruments, production of Baroque opera and other period musical theater, and performance in smaller vocal ensembles.

Since 1996 the director of the Early Music Institute and conductor of the Pro Arte Singers has been Paul Hillier, baritone and world famous early music conductor. Read less