Pratum Integrum Orchestra


The Pratum Integrum orchestra performs with authentic instruments. The Latin name translates as ‘unmown meadow’ and refers to their broad-ranging repertoire from the Baroque and Classical periods, about which little is known to this day. This is the only orchestra in Russia in which all the groups of historic instruments are represented: strings, wind and percussion, and moreover all the instruments were made in the 18th to 19th centuries or Read more copied from period examples. Pratum Integrum’s performances are a careful recreation using original treatises, primary sources and eye-witness accounts by contemporaries. The orchestra was established in Moscow in 2003 with sponsorship from the company Essential Music, immediately gaining a reputation as an extraordinary, outstanding and highly professional group of musicians with a predilection for fast tempos and vivid, fresh interpretations. Since then the orchestra has played more than 200 compositions for the Russian public, among them recently discovered pieces by Russian composers, once performed in the imperial court concerts; French music, which delighted Louis XIV and Louis XV; overtures by Telemann, which were very popular throughout Germany in the 18th century. Using authentic performance techniques, Pratum Integrum has played concerts with leading European musicians and specialists in the field: Trevor Pinnock (UK), Sigiswald and Wieland Kuijken (Belgium), Alfredo Bernardini (Italy), Paul Esswood (UK), Simone Kermes (Germany), Christophe Rousset (France), Philippe Jaroussky (France), Paolo Grazzi (Italy). - Pratum Integrum Orchestra Read less
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