Pietro Baldassare


Born: 1690   Died: 1768   Country: Italy  
Pietro Baldassare was a minor Italian Baroque composer, probably born in Rome. He is said to have taken holy orders and was the maestro di cappella of the Congregation of the Oratorio of S. Filippo Neri in Brescia, according to a notation on his libretti.

Contemporary accounts attest to his being held in high esteem by connoisseurs of music during his lifetime, especially for his several oratorios. However, all these oratorios are lost
Read more and he is now represented as a composer only by two cornet sonatas, a harpsichord sonata, and a celebratory vocal and choral piece, Il giudizxio di paride, written for name day festivities for Empress Amalia Wilhelmina. Read less

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