Pierrette Alarie

Ei, die Ehre, die Ehre!
Da eine in deine Takelage
"Ah! Mein Stock!" - "Gnädiger Herr!"
O Gott, war das ein saurer Empfang!
Nicht an mich, Geliebter, denke
Sehr rechtschaffen gedacht, junger Herr
"Seid ihr bereit?" - Finale
Den Paraderock mit den versilberten Schnüren!
Euer Gnaden gehorsamster Diener!
Werte Damen, seid willkommen!
Sir Morosus wird Euch dankbar sein
So stumm, mein Kind
Anhiero gestatte ich mir
Potz Deubel, so hat die alte Hur'
Nehmt's nicht so streng
Du bist so still
Was geht hier vor?
Du süssester Engel
Hier die Spiegel, die Konsolen
Sento un certo non so che
Seine illustre Lordschaft
Willst du wirklich mich nicht kennen?
Finale "Teurer Ohm! Nicht länger kann ich"
Alles Frohe, alles Schöne
Wie schön ist doch die Musik
No.1 Introduction: a) Choeur: "Sur la grève en feu"
No.1 Introduction: b) Scène et Choeur: "Amis, interrompez vos danses"
No.1 Introduction: c) Récit et reprise du choeur dansé: "Demeure parmi nous, Nadir"
No.2 a) Récit: "C'est toi, toi qu'enfin fe revois!"
No.2 b) Duo: "Au fond du temple saint"
No.3 a) Récit: "Que vois-je?"
No.3 b) Choeur: "Sois la bienvenue"
No.3 c) Scène et Choeur: "Seule au milieu de nous"
No.4 a) Récit: "A cette voix"
"Je crois entendre encore"
No.5 Finale: a) Scène et Choeur: "Le ciel est bleu"
No.5 Finale: b) Air et Choeur: "O dieu Brahma"
No.6 Entr'acte, Choeur et Scène: "L'ombre descend des cieux"
No.7 Récit et Cavatine: "Me voilà seule dans la nuit"
No.8 Chanson: "De mon amie, fleur endormie"
No.9 Duo: "Léïla! Léïla! Dieu puissant"
No.10 Finale: "Ah, revenez à la raison!"
Tableau 1: No.11 Entr'acte, Récit et Air: "L'orage s'est calmé"
Tableau 1: No.12 a) Récit: "Qu'ai-je vu?"
Tableau 1: No.12 b) Duo: "Je frémis, je chancelle"
Tableau 1: No.12 c) Scéne: "Entends au loin ce bruit de fête"
Tableau 2: No.13 Choeur dansé: "Dès que le soleil"
Tableau 2: No.14 Scène et Choeur: "Sombres divinités"
Tableau 2: No.15 Trio: "O lumière sainte"
Tableau 2: No.16 Finale: "Ce sont eux, les voici!"
Symphony [Messiah - Part 1]
"Comfort ye, My people"
"Ev'ry Valley shall be exalted"
3. Chorus: And the glory of the Lord [Messiah - Part 1]
"Thus saith the Lord"
"But who may abide the day of his coming"
6. Chorus: And He shall purify the sons of Levi [Messiah - Part 1]
"Behold, a virgin shall conceive"
"O thou that tellest good tidings to Zion"
"For behold, darkness shall cover"
"The people that walked in darkness"
12. Chorus: "For unto us a Child is born" [Messiah - Part 1]
13. Pifa (Pastoral Symphony) [Messiah - Part 1]
"There were shepherds... And lo, the angel of the Lord...And the angel said unto them...And suddenly"
"Glory to God in the highest"
16. Air: Rejoice greatly, o daughter of Zion [Messiah - Part 1]
"The shall the eyes of the blind"
"He shall feed his Flock"
19. Chorus: His yoke is easy [Messiah - Part 1]
20. Chorus: Behold the Lamb of God [Messiah - Part 2]
"He was despised"
"Surely He hath borne our griefs"
"And with His stripes we are healed"
"All we like sheep have gone astray"
"All they that see Him"
"He trusted in God"
"Thy rebuke hath broken His heart"
"Behold and see"
"He was cut off"
"But thou didst not leave his soul in Hell"
"Lift up your heads"
"Unto which of the angels"
"Let all the angels of God"
"Thou art gone up on high"
"The Lord gave the word"
"How beautiful are the feet"
"Their sound is gone out"
"Why do the nations so furiously rage together?"
"Let us break their bonds asunder"
"He that dwelleth in heaven"
"Thou shalt break them"
"I know that my Redeemer liveth"
"Since by man came death"
"Behold, I tell you a mystery"
"The trumpet shall sound"
"Then shall be brought to pass"
"O death where is thy sting?"
"But thanks be to God"
"If God be for us"
"Worthy is the Lamb... Amen"

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