Pierre Dandrieu


Born: 16??   Died: 1733; Paris, France  
Pierre Dandrieu was the uncle of the considerably more important Jean-François Dandrieu. Pierre was organist of St. Barthélemey in Paris, and a composer. About the only incident in his life that is known to history is a scandalously underhanded attempt on the part of Louis Marchand to get him sacked from that job.

It is likely the Pierre gave the job to his nephew Jean-François, but kept the title.

As a composer, virtually his
Read more only contribution to history is a book of noëls for organ, and even those might have been by his nephew (although the lad would have been only 15 at the time.) Conversely, it is likely that he is the true author of several pieces that Jean-François published after his uncle's death in 1733. Read less

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