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Act I Scene 1: Introduction
Act I Scene 1: Each day this realm of England faints and fails (Cedric, Men)
Act I Scene 1: Good Thane, most noble Thane, I pray ... (Isaac, Men, Cedric, Squire)
Act I Scene 1: Welcome, Sir Knights! (Cedric, de Bracy, Brian, Isaac, Women, Men, Rowena)
Act I Scene 1: Drink, drink ye all ... (Cedric, Men, de Bracy, Brian, Rowena, Ivanoe, All)
Act I Scene 1: The Palmer! The holy Palmer! (Men, , Cedric, Brian, Rowena, de Bracy)
Act I Scene 1: Is she not fair? And she is rich withal (de Bracy, Brian, Men)
Act I Scene 2: O moon, art thou clad in silver mail ... (Rowena)
Act I Scene 2: Good Palmer, thou didst speak of one I knew ... (Rowena, )
Act I Scene 2: Like mountain lark my sprit upward springs (, Isaac)
Act I Scene 3: Will there be no more fighting? (Sopranos, Chorus, Friar, King, All)
Act I Scene 3: Chorus: Plantagenesta! (All)
Act I Scene 3: Isaac, my Jew, my purse of Gold (Prince John, Cedric, de Bracy, Rebecca)
Act I Scene 3: Tis from our Royal brother, Louis of France (Prince John, Heralds, Crowd)
Act I Scene 3: What means his motto? (Sopranos, Crowd, Friar, Locksley, Prince John, Rowena, Cedric, All)
Act I Scene 1: Duet: These people could drive you berserk (Jaquino, Marzellina, Rocco)
Act I Scene 1: Aria: If only we could marry today (Marzellina, Rocco, Leonora)
Act I Scene 1: Quartet: A wonder, clear and pure (Marzellina, Leonora, Rocco, Jaquino)
Act I Scene 1: Aria: If you don't save up your money (Rocco, Leonora, Marzellina)
Act I Scene 1: Trio: Good, that's the stuff! ... (Rocco, Leonora, Marzellina)
Act I Scene 2: March - Dialogue: This handwriting seems familiar (Pizarro)
Act I Scene 2: Aria with Choir: Ah! This is ecstasy! (Pizarro, Chorus of sentries)
Act I Scene 2: Duet: Now, Warder, listen! (Pizarro, Rocco)
Act I Scene 2: Recitative and Aria: Vile murderer! Sadistic swine! (Leonora)
Act I Scene 2: Recitative and Aria: Come hope, you faint and distant star (Leonora)
Act I Scene 2: Dialogue: But Marzellina ... (Jaquino, Marzellina, Rocco, Leonora)
Act I Scene 2: Finale: Oh, what delight to breathe the air (Chorus, First prisoner, Second prisoner)
Act I Scene 2: Finale: What did he say? (Leonora, Rocco)
Act I Scene 2: Finale: Let's down to work, for time is pressing (Rocco, Leonora)
Act I Scene 2: Finale: Oh father, do be quick! (Marzellina, Rocco, Jaquino, Leonora)
Act I Scene 2: Finale: Presumptuous idiot, who are you to take such a liberty (Pizarro, Rocco)
Act I Scene 2: Finale: Farewell, the warm and radiant light (Chorus of Prisoners, Marzellina, Leonora, Jaquino, Pizarro, Rocco)
Scene 1: Hoyohey! Halloyo! Ho! Hey! (Sailors, Daland, Steersman)
Scene 1: The time has come (Dutchman, Dutchman's Crew)
Scene 1: Hey! Holla! Steersman! (Daland, Steersman, Dutchman, Sailors)
Scene 2: Whirr and whirl as morning passes (Senta, Girls, Mary)
Scene 2: My crew are bored with this delay (Daland, Senta, Dutchman)
Scene 3: Steersman, leave your watch! (Norwegian Sailors, Girls, Steersman, Dutchman's Crew)
Scene 3: What is this madness? (Erik, Senta)
Scene 3: Could you forget those carefree happy hours (Erik)
Scene 3: It's hopeless! Ah! It's hopeless! (Dutchman, Erik, Senta, Daland, Mary, Girls, Sailors, Dutchman's Crew)
Act I Scene 1: Soon it will be evening (Jenufa, Grandmother Buryja, Laca, Jano)
Act I Scene 2: What are you doing here, Laca? (Foreman, Laca, Jenufa, Grandmother Buryja, Kostelnicka)
Act I Scene 3: Come now, Jenufa (Grandmother Buryja, Jenufa)
Act I Scene 4: They're all for marrying (Recruits, Steva, Jenufa, Foreman, Laca)
Act I Scene 5: My dear heart, my Steva, Stevuska! (Jenufa, Steva, Chorus, Kostelnicka, Grandmother Buryja, Laca, Foreman)
Act I Scene 6: Steva, Steva, I know you got drunk today (Jenufa, Steva, Grandmother Buryja)
Act I Scene 7: How all this boasting of Steva (Laca, Jenufa, Grandmother Buryja, Foreman, Barena)
Act II Scene 1: Introduction
Act II Scene 1: If I leave the door ajar a little (Kostelnicka, Jenufa)
Act II Scene 2: Yes, in all these 20 weeks (Kostelnicka)
Act II Scene 3: Aunt Kostelnicka, in the note you sent me (Steva, Kostelnicka, Jenufa, Laca)
Act II Scene 4: But I saw a man come in here just now (Laca, Kostelnicka)
Act II Scene 5: One moment ... In that moment must I lose hope (Kostelnicka)
Act II Scene 6: Mamicko, my head is aching (Jenufa)
Act II Scene 7: Who is there? (Jenufa, Kostelnicka)
Act II Scene 8: He's coming now! ... (Kostelnicka, Laca, Jenufa)
Act III Scene 1: Don't you feel nervous, Jenufka? (Maid, Jenufa, Laca, Kostelnicka)
Act III Scene 2: God be with you! (Mayor, Maid, Laca, Jenufa, Kostelnicka, Mayor's Wife)
Act III Scene 3: There now, Laca, just as I foresaw (Jenufa, Laca)
Act III Scene 4: Aha! Here they are (Laca, Karolka, Steva, Jenufa)
Act III Scene 5: There's no denying that all that was really a sight worth seeing (Mayor, Kostelnicka, Laca, Mayor's Wife)
Act III Scene 6: God be with you one and all! (Barena, Peasant Girls, Mayor, Jenufa, Laca, Grandmother Buryja, Chorus, Kostelnicka)
Act III Scene 7: What baby's that they're shouting about? (Kostelnicka, Jano, Mayor, Steva, Chorus)
Act III Scene 8: Come quickly now! (Jano, Kostelnicka, Grandmother Buryja)
Act III Scene 9: Steva, this is terrible ... (Karolka, Jenufa, Steva, Laca)
Act III Scene 10: Ha, there now, you see his baby clothes! (Jenufa, Mayor's Wife, Village Woman, Mayor, Chorus, Laca, Kostelnicka, Karolka, Maid)
Act III Scene 11: Do not kneel, dear mother! (Jenufa, Kostelnicka, Laca)
Act III Scene 12: They have gone! Now you go! (Jenufa, Laca)
Act I: In the plaza (Soldiers, Morales)
Act I: Just look at that delicious morsel! (Morales, Soldiers, Micaela)
Act I: Here come our new soldier boys (Children)
Act I: Jose! There was a girl here looking for you just now (Morales, Don Jose)
Act I: Off with you old soldier boys (Children)
Act I: Corporal! Sir! (Zuniga, Don Jose)
Act I: We have heard the bell summon us to meet here (Young Men)
Act I: Ah, just look! (Soldiers, Cigarette Girls)
Act I: But why hasn't she come, our Carmencita? (Soldiers, Young Men, Cigarette Girls, Carmen)
Act I: Habanera: Love's a bird wild as any rebel (Carmen, Cigarette Girls, Young Men, Soldiers)
Act I: Carmen! We will follow you high and low! (Young Men, Carmen, Don Jose, Cigarette Girls)
Act I: The cheek of it! (Don Jose, Micaela)
Act I: Give me news of my mother! (Don Jose, Micaela)
Act I: Your dear mother and I were leaving church this morning (Don Jose, Micaela )
Act I: I see my mother's face! (Don Jose, Micaela)
Act I: Wait a moment. I'm going to read the letter (Don Jose, Micaela)
Act I: Come and help! (Cigarette Girls, Zuniga, Soldiers)
Act I: So, corporal, tell me what happened (Zuniga, Don Jose)
Act I: Well, Carmencita, what do you have to say for yourself? (Zuniga, Carmen)
Act I: Where are you taking me? (Carmen, Don Jose)
Act I: Seguedilla: There's an old bar in the city (Carmen, Don Jose)
Act I: Careful, it's the lieutenant! (Don Jose, Zuniga, Carmen)
Act II: Gipsy Song: From far away mysterious sounds (Carmen, Frasquita, Mercedes)
Act II: Bravo, bravo! More! Keep dancing! (Zuniga, Frasquita, Mercedes, Carmen)
Act II: Hurrah! Hurrah! The Torero! (Friends of Escamillo)
Act II: Who's that? It's Escamillo, the bullfighter from Granada (Zuniga, Frasquita, Friends of Escamillo)
Act II: Hurrah! Hurrah! The Torero! (Zuniga, Officers, Friends of Escamillo, Mercedes, Frasquita, Carmen, Morales)
Act II: Toreador's aria: You're most kind (Escamillo, Frasquita, Mercedes, Carmen, Morales, Zuniga, Officers, Friends of Escamillo)
Act II: We'll come with you, Senor Torero (Zuniga, Escamillo, Friends of Escamillo, Carmen, Frasquita, Mercedes)
Act II: Toreador, be ready! (Friends of Escamillo)
Act II: At last! We got rid of them as quickly as we could (Remendado, Frasquita, Dancaire, Mercedes)
Act II: There's a little job that we're starting! (Dancaire, Mercedes, Frasquita, Remendado, Carmen)
Act II: Being in love is not a reason (Dancaire, Carmen, Frasquita, Mercedes, Don Jose)
Act II: To bid you welcome to our bar (Carmen)
Act II: La la la la la la la la (Carmen, Don Jose)
Act II: Back to camp! ... Go at once! (Carmen, Don Jose)
Act II: Flower Song: That flow'r you threw to me I treasured (Don Jose)
Act II: No, it's not love at all! (Carmen, Don Jose)
Act II: Hello! Carmen! (Zuniga, Remendado, Dancaire, Gipsies, Zuniga, Don Jose, Frasquita, Mercedes)
Act II: Lieutenant fair, it's true (Carmen, Remendado, Dancaire, Gipsies, Zuniga, Don Jose, Frasquita, Mercedes)
Act II: The sky above the open road (Gipsies, Frasquita, Mercedes, Carmen, Don Jose, Remendado, Dancaire)
Act III: Keep going, dear old friend, keep going! (Gipsies, Frasquita, Mercedes, Carmen, Don Jose, Remendado, Dancaire)
Act III: Right! Let's stop for a while (Dancaire, Don Jose, Carmen)
Act III: Shuffle! Cut them! (Frasquita, Mercedes, Carmen)
Act III: In vain you would avoid the bitter things they're saying (Carmen, Frasquita, Mercedes)
Act III: You're back! (Frasquita, Dancaire, Mercedes, Carmen, Remendado, Don Jose)
Act III: As for that man, it should be easy! (Frasquita, Mercedes, Carmen, Gipsies, Remendado, Dancaire)
Act III: Is this the place? (Micaela, Guide)
Act III: I say that there's nothing to fear (Micaela)
Act III: It's him! I'm sure it's him over there! (Micaela, Escamillo, Don Jose)
Act III: Escamillo is my name, and I come from Granada (Escamillo, Don Jose)
Act III: She had a lover here (Escamillo, Don Jose)
Act III: Hola! hola! Jose! (Carmen, Escamillo, Dancaire)
Act III: You should take care, Carmen (Don Jose, Dancaire, Gipsies, Remendado, Carmen, Micaela, Frasquita, Carmen)
Act III: Alas! Jose, your mother is ill (Micaela, Don Jose, Escamillo)
Act IV: A few cuartos! A few cuartos! (Merchants, Vendors, Zuniga, An Orange Vendor, A Gipsy)
Act IV: Here they come! Here they come! (Children, Merchants, Vendors, Chorus)
Act IV: If you love me, Carmen! (Escamillo, Carmen, Cordeliers, Frasquita, Mercedes)
Act IV: It's you! It's me! (Carmen, Don Jose)
Act IV: Viva! Viva! What a corrida! (Crowd, Don Jose, Carmen)
Act I: People of proud Peking (Mandarin, Liu, The Unknown Prince, Chorus)
Act I: When all was lost (Timur, The Unknwon Prince, Liu, Chorus)
Act I: Sharpen the axe! (Chorus)
Act I: Is the moon never rising? (Chorus)
Act I: How young to die! (The Unknown Prince, Chorus)
Act I: Son, are you mad? (Timur, The Unknown Prince, Liu, The Prince of Persia, Chorus)
Act I: What do you want? Who are you? (Ping, Pong, Pang, Chorus)
Act I: Why so much noise? (Ping, The Unknown Prince, Pang, Pong, Timur, Chorus)
Act I: Nights without a gleam of starlight . . . (Pang, Pong, Ping, The Unknown Prince, Timur, Chorus)
Act I: I beg you, hear me (Liu)
Act I: Don't cry for me, Liu (The Unknown Prince, Liu, Timur)
Act I: Ah! How can you ignore us? (Timur, Liu, The Unknown Prince, Ping, Chorus)
Act II Scene 1: Hallo Pang! Hallo Pong! (Ping, Pong, Pang, Chorus)
Act II Scene 1: I've a house in fair Honan (Ping, Pang, Pong, Chorus)
Act II Scene 1: Do you remember when the Royal Prince of Samarkand came? (Pong, Pang, Ping, Chorus)
Act II Scene 2: With the three enigmas ready (Chorus)
Act II Scene 2: I am the pris'ner of a ghastly promise (The Emperor, The Unknown Prince, Chorus)
Act II Scene 2: People of proud Peking! (The Mandarin, Chorus)
Act II Scene 2: Within this Palace a story lives forever (, Chorus)
Act II Scene 2: O Princess who in caravans of splendour (, The Unknown Prince, Chorus)
Act II Scene 2: O stranger, now listen! (, The Unknown Prince, The Emperor, Liu, Chorus)
Act II Scene 2: Emp'ror and father! Son of Heaven! (, The Emperor, The Unknown Prince, Chorus)
Act II Scene 2: Three enigmas that you asked me (The Unknown Prince, The Emperor, Chorus)
Part 1: Scene 1: Prelude
Part 1: Scene 1: Introductory Chorus: Through the park and the woods that surround it (Normanno, Chorus)
Part 1: Scene 2: Scene: You seem unhappy (Normanno, Enrico, Raimondo)
Part 1: Scene 2: Cavatina: Trembling, I feel the horror (Enrico, Normanno, Raimondo)
Part 1: Scene 3: Your suspicions are confirmed now (Normanno, Enrico, Raimondo, Chorus)
Part 1: Scene 3: All in vain do you try (Enrico, Raimondo, Chorus)
Part 1: Scene 4: Introduction
Part 1: Scene 4: He is not here yet! ... (Lucia, Alisa)
Part 1: Scene 4: In deepest night a silence reigned (Lucia, Alisa)
Part 1: Scene 4: When, in the burning ecstasy (Lucia, Alisa)
Part 1: Scene 4: Scene: Here is Edgardo ... (Alisa, Edgardo, Lucia)
Part 1: Scene 4: Duet: Pray remember that my father (Edgardo, Lucia)
Part 1: Scene 4: Let us swear to love for ever (Edgardo, Lucia)
Part 1: Scene 4: Imagine when the breezes sigh (Lucia, Edgardo)
Part 2: Act I Scene 1: Scene: Lucia is coming to you soon (Normanno, Enrico)
Part 2: Act I Scene 2: Come here to me, Lucia (Enrico)
Part 2: Act I Scene 2: Duet: In my eyes, as I approach you (Lucia, Enrico)
Part 2: Act I Scene 2: Duet: In secret I suffered the loneliness (Lucia, Enrico)
Part 2: Act I Scene 2: What is that? (Lucia, Enrico)
Part 2: Act I Scene 2: Your refusal will destroy me (Enrico, Lucia)
Part 2: Act I Scene 3: Scene and Aria: At last! (Lucia, Raimondo)
Part 2: Act I Scene 3: Ah! Listen, listen to friendly guidance (Raimondo, Lucia)
Part 2: Act I Scene 3: In making such a sacrifice (Raimondo, Lucia)
Part I: Prelude
Part I: To living ... Let's drink (Bandits)
Part I: My friends, I'm very grateful (Ernani)
Part I: Just as the gentle rain from Heav'n (Ernani)
Part I: We must save her ... (Ernani, Bandits)
Part I: In our exile, in our sorrow - Elvira I adore you (Ernani)
Part I: Darkness has fallen, and Silva's not returned yet! (Elvira)
Part I: Ernani! Ernani, rescue me (Elvira)
Part I: All Spanish girls will envy you (Ladies-in-waiting)
Part I: How sweet of you to share with me (Elvira)
Part I: I despise all that I'm offered (Elvira, Ladies-in-waiting)
Part I: I wish to see her directly (Carlo, Giovanna, Elvira)
Part I: Since the day when first I saw you (Carlo, Elvira)
Part I: Do not argue ... You'll be mine ... (Carlo, Elvira, Ernani)
Part I: You're Ernani! At once I despise you (Carlo, Ernani, Elvira)
Part I: How could this happen? (Silva)
Part I: I've been cheated, for I believed her (Silva)
Part I: My name has been dishonoured (Silva)
Part I: As long as I can hold a sword (Silva, Knights)
Part I: Outside, now! (Silva, Ernani, Carlo, Jago, Riccardo)
Part I: Look at how that good old soldier (Carlo, Riccardo, Silva, Jago, Giovanna, Chorus, Ernani, Elvira)
Part I: Ah! Forgive me sire, I beg you (Silva, Carlo, Elvira, Ernani, Riccardo, Giovanna, Ladies-in-waiting, Chorus)
Part II: Let's enjoy this, and give in to pleasure (Silva's courtiers)
Part II: Jago, admit the pilgrim here directly (Silva, Ernani, Elvira)
Part II: More gold than you could desire is yours (Ernani, Elvira, Silva)
Part II: Within this fortress every guest (Silva)
Part II: Such treachery! (Ernani, Elvira)
Part II: You've betrayed me (Silva, Jago, Ernani)
Part II: No, my vengeance won't be hurried (Silva, Elvira, Ernani)
Part II: Dear Cousin, why so defensive? (Carlo, Silva)
Part II: We'll discover, reckless gambler (Carlo, Silva)
Part II: We've gone all over the fortress (Cavaliers, Carlo, Elvira, Silva)
Part II: Come with me and let me spoil you (Carlo, Riccardo, Cavaliers, Giovanna, Ladies-in-waiting, Elvira, Silva)
Part II: Even if Heaven watches over you (Silva, Ernani, Silva's men)
Part II: Bring your horses and fetch all your weapons (Ernani, Silva, Silva's men)
Part III: You're sure they'll meet here? (Carlo, Riccardo)
Part III: Great Heavens! (Carlo)
Part III: When I was young and trusting (Carlo)
Part III: Ad Augusta! (Conspirators, Ernani, Silva, Jago)
Part III: We're brothers! - Let the Lion of Castile awaken (All)
Part III: What is happening? (Conspirators, Carlo, Riccardo, Ernani, Elvira)
Part III: Charlemagne inspire me (Carlo, Silva)
Part IV: How happy together are both wife and husband (Guests)
Part IV: Now all is quiet (Ernani, Elvira, Silva)
Part IV: I've suffered, alone in misery (Ernani, Silva, Elvira)
Part IV: Elvira! Elvira! (Ernani, Elvira)

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