Peter Savidge

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Formats & Featured

Act I Scene 1: Florence!
Act I Scene 1: I hope we're not too early
Act I Scene 1: Stuffy! Tobacco stink!
Act I Scene 1: Now then! Notebook, Florence!
Act I Scene 1: The first suggestion on my list
Act I Scene 1: Is this all you can bring?
Act I Scene 1: Beggin' your pardon
Act I Scene 1: Right! We'll have him!
Act I Scene 1: Interlude
Act I Scene 2: Bounce me high, bounce me low
Act I Scene 2: Shop! Hi Albert!
Act I Scene 2: Sid, I'm sorry
Act I Scene 2: Hi Sid! You forgot to pay for the herbs
Act I Scene 2: Good morning, young man
Act I Scene 2: We bring great news to you
Act I Scene 2: Well! Think of that, my lad!
Act II Scene 1: Interlude - Isn't he here?
Act II Scene 1: For three precious weeks
Act II Scene 1: That's a fine sight for sore eyes!
Act II Scene 1: Quickly, quickly, come along!
Act II Scene 1: I don't think you ought
Act II Scene 1: Quick, here they
Act II Scene 1: Hush! Harold Wood!
Act II Scene 1: I'm full of happines
Act II Scene 1: Magnificent, your Ladyship
Act II Scene 1: Fascinating, Mr Mayor
Act II Scene 1: To make our thanks complete
Act II Scene 1: Go on, Albert!
Act II Scene 1: Well tried Albert!
Act II Scene 1: Interlude
Act II Scene 2: Albert the Good
Act II Scene 2: Sounds like Sid serenading
Act II Scene 2: Heaven help those
Act II Scene 2: Albert! Fast asleep, poor kid
Act III Interlude
Act III: Is she asleep?
Act III: What the hell d'you think I am?
Act III: How's the manhunt?
Act III: Hi! Heard the news?
Act III: Threnody - In the midst of life is death
Act III: Albert?
Act III: I can't remember everything
Act III: I didn't lay it on too thick, did I?

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