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Prologue: Hello ... Hello ... (Tonio)
Act I: Hey! They're back! They're Back! (Chorus, Canio, Beppe)
Act I: Aria: Your most humble servant (Canio, Chorus, Beppe, Tonio)
Act I: Cantabile: If he tried it I promise you (Canio, Nedda, Chorus)
Act I: You hear them playing? (Chorus, Canio)
Act I: Introduction: The ugly look he gave me (Nedda)
Act I: Aria: Swallow, fly away (Nedda)
Act I: Duet: It's you! I thought that you had gone with Canio (Nedda, Tonio)
Act I: Duet: Nedda! ... (Silvio, Nedda)
Act I: Why do you go on with this tormented life? (Silvio, Nedda)
Act I: I must be strong (Nedda, Silvio, Tonio)
Act I: How can you tell me you ever loved me (Silvio, Nedda)
Act I: Be very careful, and then we can surprise them (Tonio, Silvio, Nedda, Canio, Beppe)
Act I: Introduction: Go on stage ... (Canio)
Act I: Aria: Put on your costume (Canio)
Act I: Intermezzo
Act II: Ohe! Ohe! Quickly! Hurry! (Chorus, Tonio, Beppe, Silvio, Nedda)
Act II: The Play: Pagliaccio, that's my husband (Nedda (Columbina))
Act II: The Play: Serenade: O Columbina (Beppe, Columbina, Harlequin)
Act II: The Play: She's waiting. She is a goddess! (Tonio (Taddeo), Columbina)
Act II: The Play: Arlecchin! Columbina (Columbina, Harlequin, Taddeo)
Act II: The Play: Pour the potion in his glass at midnight (Harlequin, Columbina, Pagliaccio, Tonio)
Act II: The Play: Aria: No, we're not in a play! (Canio, Chorus, Silvio, Nedda, Beppe, Tonio)
Act I: This Red Sea Passage feels deep and chill to me (Marcello, Rodolfo, Colline)
Act I: Profound and thoughtful! (Colline, Marcello, Rodolfo)
Act I: Firewood! (Rodolfo, Marcello, Colline, Schaunard)
Act I: Hello (Benoit, Marcello, Schaunard, Colline, Rodolfo)
Act I: I'll stay here, I must complete my article (Rodolfo, Marcello, Colline, Schaunard)
Act I: No inspiration (Rodolfo, Mimi)
Act I: Oh! How dreadful! (Mimi, Rodolfo)
Act I: Your tiny hand is frozen! (Rodolfo)
Act I: Yes, I'm always called Mimi (Mimi, Rodolfo)
Act I: Hey! Rodolfo! (Schaunard, Colline, Marcello, Rodolfo, Mimi)
Act I: Lovely maid in the moonlight (Rodolfo, Mimi)
Act II: Come, buy my oranges! (Schaunard, Rodolfo, Mimi, Colline, Marcello, Chorus)
Act II: What is it? (Rodolfo, Mimì, Schaunard, Marcello, Chorus)
Act II: Long live Parpignol! (Schaunard, Marcello, Colline, Rodolfo, Mimi, Alcindoro, Musetta, Chorus)
Act II: You had better ask me (Marcello, Musetta, Alcindoro, Colline, Schaunard, Rodolfo, Mimi, Chorus)
Act II: As thro' the street I wander (Musetta, Marcello, Alcindoro, Mimi, Rodolfo, Colline, Schaunard)
Act II: Who had him bring it? (Colline, Schaunard, Rodolfo, Marcello, Musetta, Mimi, Chorus)
Act III: Hallo! You soldiers! Admit us! (Customs Official, Musetta, Chorus)
Act III: Oh, please sir, tell me, do you know the tavern (Mimi, Customs Sergeant, Customs Official)
Act III: I hoped that I would find you here (Marcello, Mimi)
Act III: Marcello, you're outside here (Rodolfo, Marcello, Mimi)
Act III: Mimi is fickle-hearted (Rodolfo, Marcello)
Act III: Mimi's so sickly, so ailing! (Rodolfo, Marcello, Mimi)
Act III: To the home that she left (Mimi)
Act III: Then it really is over (Rodolfo, Mimi, Marcello, Musetta)
Act IV: In a coupe? (Marcello, Rodolfo)
Act IV: Oh Mimi, our love is over (Rodolfo, Marcello, Schaunard, Colline)
Act IV: Gavotta (Colline, Marcello, Rodolfo, Schaunard)
Act IV: It's Mimi! It's Mimi who is with me (Musetta, Rodolfo, Schaunard, Mimi, Marcello)
Act IV: Venerable garment, listen (Colline, Schaunard)
Act IV: Have they left us? (Mimi, Rodolfo, Schaunard)
Act IV: Sleeping? (Musseta, Rodolfo, Marcello, Mimi)
Act IV: What did the doctor say? (Marcello, Musetta, Schaunard, Rodolfo)
Act I: Opening - Ah! Here in safety! (Angelotti)
Act I: I don't believe it ... (Sacristan, Cavaradossi)
Act I: Give me my palette! (Cavaradossi, Sacristan, Angelotti, Tosca)
Act I: Mario! Mario! Mario! (Tosca, Cavaradossi)
Act I: Our little house in the country (Tosca, Cavaradossi)
Act I: What eyes in all the world (Cavaradossi, Tosca, Angelotti, Sacristan)
Act I: All the choir in here at once! (Sacristan, Chorus)
Act I: You make the church a fairground! (Scarpia, Sacristan, Spoletta)
Act I: Mario?! Mario?! (Tosca, Sacristan, Scarpia)
Act I: 3 agents, go in a carriage ... (Scarpia, Spoletta, Chorus)
Act II: Tosca, my falcon (Scarpia, Sciarrone)
Act II: Richer far is the flavour (Scarpia, Sciarrone, Spoletta)
Act II: It seemed wise to arrest him ... (Spoletta, Scarpia, Cavaradossi, Tosca, Chorus)
Act II: Now you and I can talk (Scarpia, Tosca, Sciarrone, Cavaradossi)
Act II: Enough. Tosca, your answer (Scarpia, Tosca, Cavaradossi, Spolettaa, Sciarrone)
Act II: Floria! (Cavaradossi, Tosca, Scarpia, Sciarrone)
Act II: How much? (Tosca, Scarpia)
Act II: Life has taught me singing and loving (Tosca, Scarpia, Spoleta)
Act II: Which route have you chosen? (Scarpia, Tosca)
Act III: No words can cheer me ( A Shepherd Boy, Jailor, Cavardossi)
Act III: All the stars shone in heaven (Cavaradossi, Tosca)
Act III: Oh, hands of mercy (Cavaradossi, Tosca, Jailor)
Act III: What a time they are taking! (Tosca, Spoletta, Sciarrone, Soldier)

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