Peter Heise


Born: February 11, 1830; Copenhagen, Denmark   Died: September 12, 1879; Tårbaek  
Peter Heise was an esteemed but conservative figure in Danish Romantic music, a composer important mainly for his many lieder on Danish texts. He studied music in Copenhagen with Andreas Peter Berggreen, and in Leipzig (1852-1853) with Moritz Hauptmann, although whether these lessons were private or part of a course at the Leipzig Conservatory is a matter of some confusion. In 1854, about the time he published his first collection of songs, he Read more was making important intellectual contacts back in Denmark as conductor of the Studenter-Sangforening. Three years later he got a job as organist and music teacher in Sorø, but marriage to a wealthy merchant's daughter put him in a position to return to Copenhagen, limit his teaching responsibilities, and focus mainly on composing.

Trained as he was in Leipzig, Heise developed a conservative German aesthetic, and his chamber works in particular show the strong influence of Beethoven, Mendelssohn, and Schumann; Danish nationalists would claim that the strongest influence on him was Niels Gade, which amounts to the same thing. Heise's last songs, highly expressive and rather free in structure, suggest that he might have eventually gone in a somewhat more progressive direction had he not died at the age of 49. The bulk of his songs, though, adhere to earlier models, and are noted for their great lyricism and use of Danish texts.

Toward the end of his life, Heise was achieving success as a composer of music for the theater, largely incidental scores and ballets, and the singspiel Paschaens datter (The Pasha's Daughter). His more ambitious second opera, Drot og marsk (King and Marshal), produced the year before his death, is regarded as the great masterpiece of Danish nineteenth century opera, although its style owes much to Weber, Verdi, and Meyerbeer. Read less
Heise: Drot Og Marsk / Schonwandt, Elming, Norup, Westi
Release Date: 07/14/2008   Label: Chandos  
Catalog: 9143   Number of Discs: 3
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Peter Heise

No. 1. I foraret (In Spring)
No. 2. Den vilde rosenbusk (The Wild Rose-Bush)
No. 3. Sommervise (Summer Song)
No. 4. Sommerlyst (Summer Gaiety)
Act I: Overture
Act I: Det var sig humleranken (Upwards crept the tendrils) (Aase)
Act I: Ah! Bliv mig fra livet, Jorgen! (Ah! Let me go, Jorgen!) (Aase, Rane)
Act I: Ha, Rane. Du vil jage pa egen hand! (Ho, Rane! You have hunted alone all day!) (King Erik, Aase, Rane)
Act I: Du lader vente pa dig, vakre pige! (You kept me waiting, pretty maid!) (King Erik, Aase)
Act I: Op alle mand! (Up on your feet, everyone!) (Young men, Maids)
Act I: Jeg kan mig slet ikke kjende (I hardly recognise myself) (Aase, King Erik, Rane)
Act I: Vel modt, marsk Stig! (Welcome, Marshal Stig!) (King Erik, Marshal, Ingeborg, Aase, Rane, Courtiers)
Act I: Aldrig sa jeg slig en due (A dove like this I have never seen before) (King Erik, Ingeborg)
Act I: Det var sig jomfru Svanelil (The maiden Svanelil to church) (Rane, Courtiers)
Act I: Kun pa hende kongen stirrer (The King has eyes for her alone now) (Aase, Ingeborg, King Erik)
Act I: Stolte riddere, skjonne fruer! (Proud knights, beautiful ladies!) (Rane, Courtiers, Aase)
Act I: I din sans ... (I shall steel myself) (King Erik, Aase)
Act I: Se, hvor himlens skyer rode (See how the clouds have reddened) (King Erik, Ingeborg, Rane, Courtiers)
Act II: Den frue sidder pa borgen (My lady sits in the castle) (Maids, Ingeborg)
Act II: Der sprang hans sorte ganger! (That is his black charger) (Ingeborg, Marshal's men)
Act II: Hvor er fru Ingeborg? (Where is Lady Ingeborg?) (Marshal, Ingeborg)
Act II: Til tings! (To the Council!) (The People, Count Jacob and Retinue, Jens Grand and Retinue)
Act II: For tinget saetes (Before the Council sits) (Herald, Jens Grand, King Erik, Marshal)
Act II: Jeg skjotter ej om kongens gods og guld! (I have no time for royal gifts or gold!) (Marshal, Count Jakob, Rane, King Erik, Jens Grand, People ...)
Act III: Sa lover I at lokke ham i baghold? (Do you promise to lure him to the ambush?) (Marshall, Rane, Conspirators)
Act III: En herlig blomsterkost af Danmarks adel! (The flower of Denmark's chivalry!) (Rane, Marshal, Jens Grand, Count Jakob, Arved Bengtse
Act III: Nu er min sjael et flammehav (My soul is a sea of fire) (Ingeborg)
Act III: Staerkt det gar mod ufredstide (War is fast approaching) (Marshall, Ingeborg)
Act III: Til hest, til hest (To horse! To horse!) (Huntsmen, Rane, King Erik)
Act IV: Et praegtigt ildsted! (A splendid place for a fire!) (Arved Bengtsen, Count Jacob)
Act IV: Ingeborg, min sjael, mit hjerte! (Ingeborg, my soul, my heart!) (Marshal)
Act IV: Nej, ingen ojnes! (No, nobody in sight!) (Arved Bengtsen, Count Jakob, Conspirators, Marshal)
Act IV: Et udbraendt bal (The ashes of a fire) (King Erik, Rane)
Act IV: For hvert et vindpust lovet falder (Leaves fall with every wind now) (Aase)
Act IV: Jeg beder for hver en vejfarende sjael (I pray for all wandering souls) (Aase)
Act IV: Favre, sode jomfrumode (Lovely, sweet maiden tryst) (King Erik, Aase)
Act IV: Hvor er hun? (Where is she?) (King Erik, Rane)
Act IV: Ve! De red samme vej som munkene (Alas! They rode the same way as the monks) (Aase)
Act IV: Her kan vi overnatte, herre (Here we can spend the night, sire) (Rane, King Erik, Ingeborg's Ghost)
Act IV: Stat op, kong Erik (Arise, King Erik) (Marshall, Rane, King Erik, Conspirators)
Act IV: Ve! Dankongen i sit blod! (Alas! The King lies in his blood!) (Huntsmen, Peasants, Aase, Monks)

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