Paul Sperry

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Formats & Featured

No. 1. Le paon (The Peacock)
No. 3. Le cygne (The Swan)
No. 5. Le pintade (The Guinea-Fowl)
No. 1. Nanny
No. 2. Le charme
No. 3. Les papillons
No. 4. La derniere feuille
No. 5. Serenade italienne
No. 6. Hebe
No. 7. Le colibri
No. 1. Lay
No. 2. Ode
No. 3. Sonnet I
No. 4. Sonnet II
No. 5. Sonnet
No. 6. Hymn of Peace
No. 1. Gute Nacht
No. 2. Die Wetterfahne
No. 3. Gefror'ne Tranen
No. 4. Erstarrung
No. 5. Der Lindenbaum
No. 6. Wasserflut
No. 7. Auf dem Flusse
No. 8. Ruckblick
No. 9. Irrlicht
No. 10. Rast
No. 11. Fruhlingstraum
No. 12. Einsamkeit
No. 13. Die Post
No. 14. Der greise Kopf
No. 15. Die Krahe
No. 16. Letzte Hoffnung
No. 17. Im Dorfe
No. 18. Der sturmische Morgen
No. 19. Tauschung
No. 20. Der Wegweiser
No. 21. Das Wirtshaus
No. 22. Mut
No. 23. Die Nebensonnen
No. 24. Der Leiermann
No. 1. Landscape I: From the Train
No. 2. Antonia
No. 3. Landscape II: Winter
No. 4. The Hired Girls
No. 5. Landscape III: Prairie Spring
No. 6. Antonia in the Field ...
No. 7. Landscape IV: Sunset
No. 1. Gravity
No. 2. Why We Have Cats
No. 3. The End of Daylight Savings Time
No. 4. Zoo Prepares to Adopt Metric System
No. 5. Lines After Marianne Moore
No. 6. Deer in Mist and Almonds
No. 7. The Poetry of Sausages: Morcilla
No. 1. Lullaby
No. 2. My Heart Leaps Up
No. 3. Mezzo Cammin
No. 4. The Coming of Wisdom with Time
No. 5. In Remembrance
No. 1. Desire
No. 2. Embrace
No. 3. Cancer
No. 4. Flames
No. 5. Putting Down the Cat
No. 6.
Aria: That's Fortunata. Trimalchio's wife! (Fortunata)
Trimalchio e le Flatulenze: Nehmts mir nicht ubel, lieber Freunde (Trimalchio)
Orchestral Improvisation, "Food Machine"
The Money: Rich, you journey well (Habinnas)
Erotica, " Flutes and Italian"
Lady Luck: We think we're awful smart (Chorus)
Trimalchio e le Flatulenze: Nehmts mir nicht ubel, lieber Freunde (Trimalchio) - Band No. 3, "Awakening"
La Matrona di Efeso: Once upon a time there was a certain married woman (Habinnas)
Trimalchio e le Flatulenze: Nehmts mir nicht ubel, lieber Freunde (Trimalchio) - Band No. 4, "Music a la Webern with pigs"
Cariera di Trimalchio: Friends, make yourselves confortable (Trimalchio)
Love's Ecstasy (Criside)
Love's Ecstasy (Criside) - Vierzehn Millionen (Trimalchio, Criside)
Love's Ecstasy (Criside, Fortuna, Niceros, Eumolpus) - Vierzehn Millionen (Trimalchio)
Parce que tu connais ton charme (Fortunata, Eumolpus)
Fuga: Orbem iam totum victor Romanus habedat (Eumolpus)
Trimalchio contra Fortunata: Doesn't that slut remember what she used to be? (Trimalchio)
Scnitilla - Band No. 5, "Birds"
Trimalchio ed il monumento: My friends, slaves are human too (Trimalchio, Chorus)
No. 1. Piano
No. 2. Witness
No. 3. Encounter
No. 4. Passacaglia
No. 5. Ballad
No. 6. Epilogue
I. Pride
II. Envy
III. Wrath
IV. Sloth
V. Avarice
VI. Gluttony
VII. Lust
I. The Lion
II. An Explanation of the Grasshopper
III. The Spider and the Ghost of the Fly
IV. A Dirge for a Righteous Kitten
V. The Mysterious Cat
VI. The Mouse that Gnawed the Oak Tree Down
VII. Two Old Crows
No. 1. Marc Chagall: On the Farther Wall
No. 2. Grandma Moses: The Casual Look
No. 3. Jackson Pollock: Squeeze Play
No. 1. Mere, voici vos fils
No. 2. Sonnet
No. 3. Ballade
No. 4. Ode
No. 5. Adieux a la Meuse
No. 1. Silhouette
No. 2. Litany
No. 3. Island
No. 4. Could Be

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