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The Arrival Of The Queen Of Sheba
" Your harps and cymbals"
" Praise ye the Lord "
" With pious heart "
" Almighty Power "
Imperial Salomon
Sacred raptures
" Throughout the land "
Bless'd be the Lord
What tho' I trace
" And see my Queen "
" Bless'd the day "
Thou fair inhabitant of Nile
Welcome as the dawn of day
Vain are the transient beauties
Indulge thy faith
My blooming fair
Haste to the cedar grove
When thou art absent
With thee th'unshelter'd moor
Search round the world
" May no rash intruder "
" From the censer "
Prais'd be the Lord
When the sun o'er yonder hills
Great prince
Thrice bless'd that wise discerning king
" My sovereign liege "
Words are weak
What says the other
Thy sentence, great king
Withhold, withhold the executing hand!
Can I see my infant gor'd
" Israel' attend "
" Thrice bless'd be the king "
" From the east unto the west "
From morn to eve
See the tall palm
No more shall armed bands
Beneath the vine
" Swell, swell the full chorus "
" From Arabia's spicy shores "
Ev'ry sight these eyes behold
Sweep, sweep the string
Music, spread thy voice around
" Now a diff'rent measure" - " Shake the dome "
Then at once from rage remove
Draw the tear from hopeless love
Next the tortur'd soul release
Thus rolling surge rise
" Thy harmony's divine "
Pious king
Thrice happy king
Golden columns
" Praise the Lord "
Gold now is common
How green our fertile pastures look!
May peace in Salem
Will the sun forget to streak
Adieu, fair queen
Ev'ry joy that wisdom knows
The name of the wicked
Introduction: The Representation Of Chaos
In The Beginning God Created The Heaven And The Earth - And The Spirit Of God
Now Vanish Before The Holy Beams - Despairing, Cursing Rage
And God Made The Firmament
The Glorious Heav'nly Hierarchy
And God Said: Let The Waters Under The Heaven Be Gathered Together
Rolling In Foaming Billows
And God Said: Let The Earth Bring Forth Grass
With Verdure Clad The Fields Appear
And The Heavenly Host The Third Day Proclaimed
Awake The Harp, The Lyre Awake
And God Said: Let There Be Lights In The Firmament Of Heaven
In Brightest Splendour Rises Now The Sun
The Heavens Are Telling The Glory Of God
And God Said: Let The Waters Bring Forth Abundantly
On Mighty Pens Uplifted Soars The Eagle
And God Created Great Whales
And The Angels Struck Their Immortal Harps
Most Beautiful Appear, With Verdure Young Adorn'd - The Lord Is Great
And God Said: Let The Earth Bring Forth The Living Creature
Straight Opening Her Fertile Womb
Now Heaven In Fullest Glory Shines
And God Created Man
In Native Worth And Honour Clad
And God Saw Ev'rything That He Had Made
Achieved Is The Glorious Work
In Rosy Mantle Now Appears
By Thee With Bliss, O Bounteous Lord
Our Duty Have We Now Perform'd
Graceful Consort!
O Happy Pair
Praise The Lord, Uplift Your Voices

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