Paul Cristo


Born: January 2, 1980   Country: USA   Period: 20th/21st Centuries
Paul Cristo is primarily a composer for film. His film music career began with an academic background from the renowned Berklee College of Music. There he studied the composition of music in a multitude of styles ranging from orchestral, chamber, and jazz. He also immersed himself in numerous opportunities writing music to picture, honing skills and experience necessary to excel in the world of film music.

Paul Cristo has since been
Read more composing film music for over a decade, working on a wide range of projects such as MGM's "Species: The Awakening", the SyFy Channel's "Warehouse 13" and the Heineken's Red Star Award winning "The Appearance of a Man". He has also developed a relationship with the Tulsa Ballet and looks forward to creating more concert music for them.

Mr. Cristo currently resides in Los Angeles and continues to compose for feature films and television as well as orchestrate and conduct for other various projects. Read less
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