Paul Chihara


Born: July 9, 1938; Seattle, WA  
An American of Japanese descent, Chihara studied at Cornell University, with Gunther Schuller, Boulanger, and Ernst Pepping. He is a professor of music at the University of California at Los Angeles. He conducts the University's collegium musicum and founded and directs the Twice Ensemble. His interest in Oriental music is apparent in his music, and he utilizes the altered use of vibrato, limited pitch movement, and microtones. He also uses Read more electronically modified sounds. His compositions include choral, chamber, and orchestral works. His work Logs is a group of phrases that may be repeated and combined in different orders with alterations in sound. Read less

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Formats & Featured

Paul Chihara

I. Piu lento - Andante
II. Andante comodo - Vivace
I. Fantasia
II. Recitative
III. Andante grazioso - Allegro agitato
I. Con fantasia: Allegro
II. Tranquillo: Soliloquy
III. Con fantasia: Allegro
I. Meditation
II. Chants
III. Lento
IV. Liberamente: Quasi scherzando
V. I'll Be Seeing You
VI. Coda
I. Piu lento - Andante
II. Andante comodo - Vivace
Bride's Solo
Pas de Trois
Ghost Waltz
Love Waltz
Mad Waltz
Finale: Pas de la Mort
I. Allegro amabile
II. Tempo di menuetto
III. Allegro amabile
Act I: Fanfare
Act I: Prospero and Antonio
Act I: Ariel's First Solo
Act I: Dance of the Ariels
Act I: The Sea, The Ship, The Storms
Act I: Caliban's Solo
Act I: Ferdinan and Miranda
Act I: Lovers' First Pas de deux
Act I: Drunk Trio
Act I: Table Dance
Act I: Conspiracy
Act I: Sebastian's Solo
Act I: Ferdinand's Solo
Act I: Pas de deux in Canon
Act I: Lovers' Second Pas de deux
Act I: Mock Coronation - Finale
Act II: Prelude
Act II: Corn Variation
Act II: Wheat Siciliano
Act II: Barley Beguine
Act II: Rye Rag
Act II: Ceres and Four Satyrs
Act II: Bacchus-Drunk Solo
Act II: Blue Pas de deux
Act II: Centaur's Solo
Act II: Iris and the Rainbow Girls
Act II: Tarantella
Act II: Rainbow Pas de deux
Act II: Danse generale
Act II: Lovers' Third Pas de deux
Act II: Farewell Pas de deux
I. Fantasia
II. Recitative
III. Andante grazioso - Allegro agitato
I. Maestoso: Allegro molto
II. Molto moderato
III. Adagio - Allegro molto
Act I Scene 1: Filaments of Galaxies - Before Time
Act I Scene 2: Winds of Fire
Act I Scene 3: The Flood
Act I Scene 4: The Freeze
Act I Scene 5: Photosynthesis
Act I Scene 6: Mating
Act II Scene 1: Metamorphosis
Act II Scene 2: Wild Destruction
Act II Scene 3: New Green
Act II Scene 4: Natural Shades of Complexion
Act II Scene 5: Flowering
Act II Scene 6: Flower of Love

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