Paul Ben-Haim


Born: July 5, 1897; Munich, Germany   Died: January 14, 1984; Tel Aviv, Israel  
Born Paul Frankenburger, Ben Haim studied piano, composition, and conducting at the Munich Academy of Arts. From 1924 to 1931 he served as conductor at Augsburg. He then returned to Munich to concentrate on composition but was forced to leave because of the onset of Nazi rule. He moved to Tel-Aviv in 1933 and took the name of Ben Haim. He went on to become the premier Israeli composer of his time, receiving the Israel State Prize in 1957 as well Read more as the Joel Engel Prize from the city of Tel-Aviv. Primarily a composer of late-Romantic orchestral works, Ben Haim's work was influenced by the upheaval he experienced in abandoning his homeland because of the Nazis. He incorporated the culture of his new country into his writing and considered his work to be part of the effort to synthesize Eastern and Western culture, utilizing Middle Eastern peasant music and the rhythms of the hora, a folk dance of the area. As the leader of a group of Palestinian composers, Ben Haim worked to notate oriental folk song. His compositions, including songs and choral pieces, reflect this blending of cultural traditions. Read less

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Paul Ben-Haim

No. 1. Arioso: Molto moderato
No. 2. Ballad: Allegretto
No. 3. Sephardic Melody: Largamente rubato e molto appassionato
I. Molto rubato - Andantino lusingando - Piu tranquillo (come prima)
II. Allegro grazioso - Piu allegro - Largamente, con languidezza - Sempre tranquillo - Presto - Meno mosso - Presto con fuoco
I. Moderato
II. Rather fast, lively
III. Slow
I. Pastorale
II. Intermezzo
III. Capriccio agitato
IV. Canzonetta
V. Toccata
I. Allegro moderato, ma energico - Appassionato - Beruhigen - Ruhiges Tempo I - Zuruckhalten - Tempo I - Poco a poco ritenuto - Molto tranquillo - Poco a poco piu moto ...
II. Adagio molto espressivo - Tempo d'un marcia funebre - Con lamento - Tempo I - Marcia funebre - Molto adagio
III. Un poco grave - Tempo giusto - Un poco sostenuto - Tempo I - Etwas zuruckhaltend - Ritenuto - Ancora piu lento - Tempo giusto ...
I. Molto moderato - [-] - Tempo I - Un poco piu vivo - Un poco allargando
II. Capriccio: Molto vivo - Un poco piu tranquillo - Ancora piu calmo - Tempo I (molto vivo) - Piu tranquillo - Ancora piu calmo - Tempo I (molto vivo)
II. Tema con variazioni
I. Allegretto grazioso
II. Improvisazione - Andantino liberamente rubando
III. Molto vivo
No. 1. Arioso: Molto moderato
No. 2. Ballad: Allegretto
No. 3. Sephardic Melody: Largamente rubato e molto appassionato
I. Allegro energico
II. Molto calmo e cantabile
III. Presto con fuoco
No. 1. The Hills of Judea (Harei yehudah): Molto sostenuto e solenne - [-] - Tempo I
No. 2. The Spring (Hama'ayan): Allegretto scherzando - [-] - Tempo I

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