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Act I: Carnival Music: La-la-la (Revellers)
Act I: Hello! ... If you lack imagination (Viktor Ronai, Lubitshek, All)
Act I: Mr. Lubitschek! (Hubert, Lubitshek, Lori)
Act I: Carnival, a fairy tale of dreams (Revellers, Alexandra)
Act I: Lori won't listen at all (Hubert, Alexandra)
Act I: Duet: I confess! (Alexandra, Hubert)
Act I: Oh, Hubert! (Viktor Ronai, Hubert, Alexandra)
Act I: Duet: I promise ... When the night (Viktor Ronai, Alxandra)
Act I: No, don't bother ... At first (Lori, Hubert, Lubitshek)
Act I: Finale: Hubert, has my car? (Alexandra, Mereditt, Dierks, Viktor Ronai)
Act II: Life is divine (Lubitschek, Pappritz, Viktor Ronai)
Act II: Viktor ... When love (Viktor Ronai, Lubitschek)
Act II: This would be the night (Hubert, Alexandra, Viktor Ronai)
Act II: Duet: Honorable Sir! (Alexandra, Viktor Roani)
Act II: Good evening, Mr. Ronai (Mereditt, Viktor Ronai, Hubert)
Act II: When love's forbidden (Alexandra)
Act II: Count Mereditt (Alexandra, Hubert, Lori)
Act II: Duet: If I listened to my Grandpapa (Hubert, Lori)
Act II: He'll be surprised (Alexandra, Vikto Ronai)
Act II: Hol-la-ha (Lubitschek)
Act II: Your Highness (Hubert, Viktor Ronai, Lori)
Act II: Finale: I shouldn't ask then ... I am (Viktor Ronai, Alexandra)
Act II: May I assist you? (Duke, Alexandra, Mereditt)
Act II: Back when time stood still (Alexandra, Mereditt)
Act III: But Miss Lori ... Two little eyes (Mereditt, Lori)
Act III: Viktor, you here? (Viktor Ronai, Hubert)
Act III: Finale: Fairy Queen of Carnival (Viktor Ronai)
Act I: Fair is Rose as bright May day (Chorus)
Act I: Dialogue: Nay, gentle maidens (Hannah)
Act I: Song: Sir Rupert Murgatroyd (Hannah, Chorus)
Act I: Dialogue: Whither away? (Hannah)
Act I: Song: If somebody there chanced to be (Rose)
Act I: Dialogue: Poor Aunt (Rose)
Act I: Duet: I know a youth who loves a little maid (Robin, Rose)
Act I: Dialogue: Poor child! (Robin)
Act I: From the briny sea (Chorus)
Act I: Dialogue: Richard! Robin! (Robin)
Act I: Song: My boy, you may take it from me (Robin)
Act I: Dialogue: Ah, it's a thousand pities (Richard)
Act I: Duet: The battle's roar (Richard, Rose)
Act I: If well his suit has sped (Chorus)
Act I: Trio: In sailing o'er life's ocean wide (Richard, Robin, Rose)
Act I: Cheerily carols the lark (Margaret)
Act I: Dialogue: A maiden (Rose)
Act I: Welcome, gentry, for your entry (Chorus)
Act I: Dialogue: Poor children (Despard)
Act I: Duet: You understand? I think I do (Richard)
Act I: Hail the bride of seventeen Summers (Chorus)
Act I: Overture
Act I: Opening: If you want to know who we are (Chorus of Nobles)
Act I: Song: Gentleman, I pray you tell me (Nanki-Poo, A Noble) - A wandering minstrel (Nanki)
Act I: Dialogue: And what may your business be with Yum-Yum? (Pish-Tush, Nanki) - Song: Our great Mikado (Pish-Tush, Men)
Act I: Dialogue: Ko-Ko, the cheap tailor, Lord High Executioner of Titipu! (Nanki, Pooh-Bah, Pish)
Act I: Song: Young man, despair, likewise go to (Pooh-Bah, Nanki)
Act I: Behold the Lord High Executioner (Nobles, Ko-Ko)
Act I: Dialogue: Gentlemen, I'm much touched by this (Ko-Ko) - Song: As some day it may happen (Ko-Ko, Noblemen)
Act I: Dialogue: Pooh-Bah, it seems that the festivities in connection with my approaching marriage (Ko-Ko, Pooh)
Act I: Comes a train of little ladies (Chorus of Maidens) - Trio: Three little maids from school are we (Yum-Yum, Peep-Bo, Pitti-Sing, Girls)
Act I: Dialogue: At last, my bride that is to be! (Ko-Ko, Yum, Peep-Bo, Pitti-Sing, Nanki)
Act I: Ensemble: So please you sir, we much regret (3 Girls, All the Girls, Pooh)
Act I: Dialogue: Yum-Yum, at last we are alone! (Nanki, Yum)
Act I: Duet: Were you not to Ko-Ko plighted (Nanki, Yum)
Act I: Dialogue: There she goes! To think how entirely my future (Ko, Pish)
Act I: Trio: I am so proud, if I allowed (Pooh, Ko, Pish)
Act I: Dialogue: This is simply appalling! (Ko, Nanki)
Act I: Finale: With aspect stern and gloomy stride (Pooh, Ko, Nanki, Yum, Pitti, Katisha)
Act II: Finale: For he's gone and married Yum-Yum (Pitti, Ko, All)
Act I: Overture
Act I: List and learn, ye dainty roses (Country Girls, Fiametta, Francesco, Giulia, Antonio, Giorgio, Vittoria, Women, Marco, Giuseppe, Tessa, Gianetta)
Act I: Quartet: From the sunny Spanish shore (Duke, Duchess, Casilda, Luiz)
Act I: Dialogue: At last we have arrived at our destination (Duke, Luiz, Duchess, Casilda)
Act I: Song: In enterprise of martial kind (Duke, Luiz, Duchess, Casilda )
Act I: Duet: Oh, rapture! (Casilda, Luiz)
Act I: Dialogue: Oh, Luiz, what have you said? (Casilda, Luiz)
Act I: Duet: There was a time, a time forever gone (Luiz, Casilda)
Act I: Dialogue: My child, allow me to present to you His Distinction (Duke, Don Alhambra, Duchess, Casilda)
Act I: Song: I stole the prince (Don Alhambra, Duke, Duchess, Casilda)
Act I: Scene: Then do you mean to say that I am married (Casilda, Don Alhambra, Luiz)
Act I: Quintet: Try we lifelong, we can never straighten out life' tangled skein (All 5)
Act I: Scene: Bridegroom and Bride (All, Tessa)
Act I: Dialogue: And now our lives are going to begin in real earnest (Giuseppe, Marco, Tessa, Gianetta, Don Alhambra, The Girls, The Men)
Act I: Finale: Kind sir, you cannot have the heart (Gianetta, Don Alhambra, 2 Couples, Marco, Tessa, Giuseppe, Neighbor, Gondoliers)
Act II: Dialogue: Ah, their Majesties. Your Majesty! (Duke, Marco, Casilda, Duchess, Giuseppe)
Act II: Quintet - Gavotte: I am a courtier grave and serious (Duke, Marco, Giuseppe, Casilda, Duchess)
Act II: Dialogue: The old birds have gone away (Giuseppe, Marco, Casilda, Tessa)
Act II: Finale: Here is a case unprecedented (Don Alhambra, Tessa, Duke, Gianetta, Duchess, Casilda, Inez)
Act I: Overture
Act I: Opening: Eyes front. Stonily stare, head in the air (Boat Captain, Crew, Sybil, Suzzete, Pietro, Girls)
Act I: Scene: Geraldine, What is the trouble? (Sybil, Geraldine, Jack, Suzzete, Pietro, Others)
Act I: Dialogue: Uncle! (Jack, Thurston, Sybil, Geraldine)
Act I: Song: Won't you introduce me now, my treasure? (Thurston, Sybil, Ladies, Men)
Act I: Dialogue: I think we are going to have a very pleasant voyage (Thurston, Sybil, Mrs. Van Dare, Jenkins)
Act I: Scene: Jenkins, we can sail immediately (Mrs. Van Dare, Thurston, Franz, Vendor, Jack, Geraldine, Nina)
Act I: Dialogue: So, who do all these belong to? (Policeman, Jekins, Corelli, Nina, Pietro, Suzette, Antonio)
Act I: Duet: Something I cannot tell (Jekins, Suzette)
Act I: Scene: Nina, come on, Nina ... Nina!! (Pietro, Nina, Suzette, Jenkins, Jack, Franz)
Act I: Song: Giannina mia, more and more, I adore you (Nina)
Act I: Finale: I've found it at last. Ha! (Franz, Nina, Jack, Others, Mrs. Van Dare, Geraldine, Thurston, Captain, Suzette, Corelli)
Act II: Opening: The sleepy, nodding palm tree (Sybil, All)
Act II: Scene: I don't know where Tony is (Mrs. Van Dare, Geraldine, Jack, Franz, Nina)
Act II: Dialogue: Tony, you make a cute little soldier (Franz, Nina, Geraldine, Jack, Mrs. Van Dare, Thurson)
Act II: Duet: You need sympathy, just sympathy (Thurston, Geraldine)
Act II: Dialogue: She's been crying all afternoon (Mrs. Van Dare, Jack, Nina)
Act II: Scene: Where did you learn that song? (Jack, Nina)
Act I: Overture
Act I: Opening: Ring forth, ye bells, with clarion sound (All)
Act I: Scene: Constance, my daughter, why this strange depression? (Mrs. Partlet, Constance)
Act I: Dialogue: Come tell me all about it (Mrs. Partlet, Constance)
Act I: Ballad: The air is charged with amatory numbers (Dr. Daly)
Act I: Dialogue: Good day, Reverend Sir (Mrs. Partlet, Dr. Daly, Constance)
Act I: Scene: Sir Marmaduke! My dear young friend Alexis! (Dr. Daly, Sir Marmaduke, Alexis)
Act I: Scene: With heart and with voice let us welcome this mating (Aline's Friends, Aline)
Act I: Recitative: My child I join in these congratulations (Lady Sangazure)
Act I: With heart and with voice let us welcome this mating (Alexis' Male Friends, Alexis, Aline)
Act I: Duet: Welcome joy, adieu to sadness (Sir Marmaduke, Lady Sangazure)
Act I: Ensemble: All is prepared for signing and for sealing (Notary, Alexis, Aline, All)
Act I: Dialogue: At last we are alone (Alexis, Aline)
Act I: Ballad: Love feeds on many kinds of food (Alexis)
Act I: Dialogue: Oh, Alexis, those are noble principles (Aline, Alexis, A Young Page, Mr. Wells)
Act I: Song: My name is John Wellington Wells (Mr. Wells)
Act I: Dialogue: I have sent for you to consult you on a very important matter (Alexis, Mr. Wells, Aline)
Act I: Incantation: Sprites of earth and air (Mr. Wells, Male Voices, More Voices, Alexis, Aline, The Spirits)
Act I: Overture
Act I: Opening: Tap, fellows, tap (All)
Act I: Dialogue: Might I have a word with you, Colone? (John Wayne, Colonel, Young Ottilie, Young Richard)
Act I: Duet: There's a home in the land (Richard, Ottilie, Older Richard, Older Ottilie)
Act I: Dialogue: On every birthday for the last 5 years (Ottilie, Richard, Aunt Matilde, Colonel, Alice, Matthew, Girls)
Act I: Song: It's a windy day on the Battery (Matthew, Girls)
Act I: Dialogue: Thunderation and damnation (Colonel, Matthew, Claude, Frank, Ottilie)
Act I: Gypsy Song: Do you hear the woodland call? (Rodolfo, Maria)
Act I: Dialogue: Now to read the future in your hands (Maria, Ottilie, Richard, Matthew, Alice, Matilde)
Act I: Duet: Will you remember? (Ottilie, Richard)
Act I: Finale: What's this? How dare you? (Claude, Richard, Ottilie, Colonel)
Act I: Entr'acte: Mazurka
Act II: Dialogue: Good evening, good evening (Delphine, Claude, Frank, Matthew, Angelica)
Act II: Song: To dance the Do-Si-Do (Matthew, All)
Act II: Dialogue: Oh, Ottilie, do you think we should have come here alone? (Alice, Ottilie, Richard, Matthew)
Act I: Overture
Act I: Opening: Life is like a bubble in our glasses (Parisians)
Act I: Song: Here's your dream of happiness (Huguette, Parisians)
Act I: Scene: Wine! Wine! (Tabary, Huguette, Parisians)
Act I: Dialogue: Your Majesty ... (Tristan, Louis, Voices of the Men, Villon, Huguette, Margot)
Act I: Song: Come, all you beggars of Paristown (Villon, All)
Act I: Scene: Too bad Burgundy can't hear your tune (Louis, Villon, Huguette, Katherine, Tabary)
Act I: Duet: Red rose out of the East, tell the man I love least (Katherine, Villon)
Act I: Dialogue: That is he (Katherine, Villon, Rene, Thibault, Huguette, Captain, Louis, Tristan)
Act I: Finale: Why not? If I be not a better man (Villon, Katherine, All)
Act II: Dialogue: If Villon were the King of France (Louis, Tristan, Astrologer)
Act II: Hunting, hunting, after a lady (Hunters, Ladies)
Act II: Dialogue: Now you smile again (Lady Mary, Katherine, Louis, Tristan, Oliver, Villon, Noel, Tabary)
Act II: There's a crook with a look (Captain, Archers)
Act I: Overture
Act I: Introduction: The horn on yonder mountain (Domino, Barvabano, Voices, Brigands, Carmagnola, Fiametta, Girls, Falsacappa)
Act I: Scene - Song: Now then, by the head of my daughter Fiorella (Falsacappa, Fiorella)
Act I: Dialogue: My daughter! (Falsacappa, Barbavano, Fiorella, Brigands, Domino)
Act I: We've seized this very little chap (All, Fiorella, Fragoletto, Domino, Falsacappa)
Act I: Dialogue - Song: I yield myself to this charming young lady (Fragoletto, Falsacappa)
Act I: Dialogue: Fire and fury, why, this amounts to a declaration! (Falsacappa, Fragoletto, Fiorella, Pietro, Prince)
Act I: Song: Take the turning on the right, sir (Fiorella, Prince)
Act I: Dialogue - Scene: Well, where's this young man? (Falsacappa, Fiorella, Fragoletto)
Act I: Dialogue: Excellent! Now to examine its contents (Falsacappa, Pietro)
Act I: Finale: Silence and let him pass (Falsacappa, Fiorella, Fragoletto, The Others, Small Band of Carbineers, Brigands)
Act II: Gaily does our furnance roar (Cooks, Pipo, Others)
Act II: Oh spare a roll, a penny thing (Fragoletto, Pietro, All)
Act III: Dialogue - Scene: 1,283.25. That's 283.25 for the Marchioness and the Duchess to divide between them (Treasurer, Mantuan Ladies, Usher, Prince, Fiorella, Fragoletto, Brigands, Falsacappa)
Act III: Dialogue: Why, how's this? Where's the escort? (Prince, Pietro, Falsacappa, Fiorella, Treasurer)
Act III: Finale: Ruffian and thief. Robber I say ... (Falsacappa, Treasurer, Brigands, Prince, Mantuan Noobles, Spanish Embassy, Carbineers, Page, Baron, Captain, Fiorella, Gloria Cassis, Fragoletto)
Act I: Overture
Act I: Song: When maiden loves, she sits and sighs (Phobe)
Act I: Dialogue: Mistress Meryll (Wilfred, Phoebe)
Act I: Tower warders, under orders (Townspeople, Yeomen, A Yeoman)
Act I: Dialogue: G'day Dame Carruthers. Busy today? (Yeoman, Dame Carruthers, A Yeomen, Phoebe)
Act I: Song: When our gallant Norman foes (Dame Carruthers, Yeomen)
Act I: Dialogue: Father! Has no reprieve arrived for the poor gentleman? (Phoebe, Sergeant Meryll, Leonard)
Act I: Trio: Alas, I waver to and fro (Phoebe, Leonard, Meryll)
Act I: Dialogue: Be of good cheer, we may save him yet! (Meryll, Phoebe, Lieutenant, Colonel Fairfax)
Act I: Song: Is life a boon? If so, it must befall (Fairfax)
Act I: Dialogue: And now, Sir, Richard, I have a boon to beg (Fairfax, Lieutenant)
Act I: Here's a man of jollity, jibe ... (Townspeople, Jack Point, Man, Elsie)
Act I: Duet: I have a song to sing, O! (Point, Elsie)
Act I: Dialogue: Pretty maid! Aye, kisses all round ... (Townspeople, Elsie, Point, Man, Lieutenant)
Act I: Trio: How say you, maiden, will you wed (Lieutenant, Elsie, Point)
Act I: Dialogue - Song: So, good fellow, you are a jester? (Lieutenant, Point)
Act I: Dialogue: And how came you to leave your last employ? (Lieutenant, Point)
Act I: Song: 'Tis done. I am a bride (Elsie)
Act I: Dialogue: 'Tis an odd freak for a dying man (Wilfred, Phoebe, Meryll, Fairfax)
Act I: Finale: Oh, Sergent Meryll, is it true (Yeomen, Meryll, A Yeoman, Another Yeoman, Fairfax, Phoebe, Wilfred)
Act I: Finale: To thy fraternal care (Wilfred, Yeomen, Phoebe, Fairfax, Elsie, Women, Lieutenant, Meryll, Dame)
Act II: Night has spread her pall once more (Women, Dame Carruthers, Men)
Act II: Dialogue: The merrie Jestes of Hugh Ambrose, No. 7863 (Jack Point, Wilfred)
Act II: Song: Oh, a private buffoon (Point)
Act II: Dialogue: And so thou wouldst be a jester, eh? (Point, Wilfred)
Act II: Duet: Hereupon we're both agreed (Point, Wilfred)
Act II: Dialogue - Song: Two days gone and no news of poor (Fairfax)
Act II: Dialogue: Well, Sergent Meryll, and how fares thy pretty charge (Fairfax, Meryll, Dame, Kate)
Act II: Quartet: Strange adventure! (Kate, Dame, Fairfax, Meryll)
Act II: Dialogue: So, my mysterious bride is no other than this winsome Elsie (Fairfax, Elsie)
Act II: Scene: Hark, what was that, sir? (Meryll, Fairfax, Lieutenant, Wilfred, Point)
Act II: Scene: The river must be dragged (Lieutenant, All)
Act II: Dialogue: Nay, Sweetheart, be comforted (Point, Elsie, Phoebe, Fairfax)
Act II: Trio: A man who would woo a fair maid (Fairfax, Phoebe, Elsie)
Act II: Dialogue: Now listen to me (Fairfax, Point, Phoebe, Elsie)
Act II: Quarter: When a wooer goes a-wooing (Elsie, Fairfax, Phoebe, Point)
Act II: Dialogue: And I helped that man to escape (Phoebe, Wilfred, Leonard, Meryll, Dame Carruthers)
Act II: Duet: Rapture, rapture, when love's votary (Dame, Meryll)
Act II: Finale: Comes the pretty young bride (Women, Elsie, Dame, Phoebe, Lieutenant, Fairfax, Point)
Act I: Overture
Act I: Opening: Won't it be a pretty wedding? (All, Elsa, Bertha, Olga, Gretchen, Ludwig)
Act I: Dialogue: Hallo! Surely I'm not late? (Notary, Ludwig, Lisa, Gretchen, Bertha)
Act I: Solo: By the mystic regulation of our dark Association (Ludwig, All)
Act I: Dialogue: Oh, bother the secret sign! (Elsa, Bertha, Ludwig, Lisa, Notary, Ernest, Olga, Gretchen)
Act I: Song: Were I a king, in very truth, and had a son in guileless youth (Ernest)
Act I: Dialogue: Elected by my fellow conspirators to be Grand Duke of Pfenning Halbpfennig (Ernest, Julia)
Act I: Duet: How would I play this part - 's Bride? (Julia, Ernest)
Act I: Song: My goodness me, what shall I do (All, Ernest, Ludwig)
Act I: Dialogue: Well, a nice mess you've got us into (Julia, Ernest, Ludwig, Notary)
Act I: Quintet: About a century since, the code of the duello (Notary, Julia, Lisa, Ernest, Ludwig)
Act I: Dialogue: I see! The man who draws the lowest card ... (Ludwig, Notary, Ernest, Julia, Lisa)
Act I: Quintets: Strange the views some people hold (Ludwig, Notary, Ernest, Julia, Lisa)
Act I: Song: The good Grand Duke of Pfenning-Halbpfenning (Chamberlains)
Act I: Dialogue - Duet: My Lord Chamberlain, as you are aware (Rudolph, Baroness)
Act I: Dialogue - Song: Oh, now for my detective's report! (Rudolph)
Act I: Dialogue: Now for my confession and full pardon! (Ludwig, Rudolph)
Act I: Finale: Come hither, all you people (Rudolph, Ludwig, Notary, A Maiden, Another Girl, A Third, Julia)
Act II: Dialogue: My good sir, it's no use yoyr saying (Ludwig, Rudolph, Notary, Ernest, Julia, Princess, Lisa)
Act II: Finale: Happy couples, lightly treading (All)
Act I: Overture
Act I: Opening: All we do the whole day through is iron ... (Girls, One Girl, Dame Paula's Voice, Another Girl)
Act I: Dialogue: The moment my back is turned - dancing and flirting! (Paula, Toinette, Jeanette, Lisette, Clairette)
Act I: When the band starts to play it is heard far away (Soldiers, Girls)
Act I: Dialogue: Karl! Darling! ... (Daughters, Karl, Paula, Liane, Lisette)
Act I: Song: Opinion may vary on what's neccessary to fascinate a man (Liane, Girls, Soldiers)
Act I: Dialogue: Good morning, young ladies (Mikel, Daughters, Clarette, Babette, Nanette, Lisette, Toinette, Jeanette, Sylvia, Soldier)
Act I: Song: If you ask where love is found (Sylvia, Girls, Soldier)
Act I: Dialogue: Soldiers like Lieutenant Karl are born, not made (Sylvia, Paula, Mikel, Jeanette, Daughters, Franz, Clairette)
Act I: Song: When Love would have stood as my master (Franz, Girls, Soldiers)
Act I: Dialogue: How happy that girl will be when you find her! (Clairette, Jeanette, Franz, Babette, Paula, Daughters, Mikel, Van Tromp, Caniche, Slingsby, Silvia)
Act I: Song: Mother Goose had an awful time (Sylvia, Daughters)
Act I: Dialogue - Scene: Now I'm as good a laundry girl as any of you (Liane, Babette, Jeanette, Sylvia, Mikel, Karl)
Act I: Prayer: Now on the air a solemn silence falls (Sylvia, Franz, Monks)
Act I: Dialogue: Well, Monsieur what can I do for you? (Paula, Franz, Mikel, Van Tromp, Caniche, Slingsby, Liane)
Act I: Song: The lively Jeanette (Liane, The 3 Men)
Act I: Dialogue: Quite a charmer, the new little gosling (Karl, Paula, Sylvia)
Act I: Finale: Pretty one, I have vowed to make you my own! (Karl, Liane, Sylvia, Paula, Girls, Men, Franz)
Act I: By the side of the mill (Girls, Men Artists)
Act I: Dialogue: My help all left me today without a moment's notice (Willem, Tina, Franz, Girls)
Act I: Song: I'll tell you all her history (Tina, The Girls)
Act I: Dialogue: Good Morning, Willem! (Burgomaster, Willem)
Act I: Duet: You can tell about the weather (Burgomaster, Willem)
Act I: Dialogue: This is the place! (Bertha, Gretchen, Con, Kid, Burgomaster, Tina)
Act I: Trio: There isn't any word a girl can use (Tina, Kid, Con)
Act I: Dialogue: Say! that Burgomaster is still out to get us (Kid, Tina, Con, Burgomaster, Willem, Franz, Bertha, Chris, Gretchen)
Act I: Duet: When my heart grows faint and weary (Chris, Gretchen)
Act I: Dialogue: There are two strangers here (Gretchen, Chris, Willem, Kid, Con, Bertha, Tina)
Act I: Trio: Big Jim was a sportin' individual (Kid, Con)
Act I: Dialogue: Here, what's all this? (Franz, Kid, Con, Tina)
Act I: Ensemble: An accident! What happened? (Comtesse, Pennyfeather, Daughters, Tina, Sons)
Act I: Dialogue: The doctor can wait (Pennyfeather, Heather, Rose, Kid, Daughters, Tina, Comtesse, Willem, Con, Franz, Burgo, Chris, Gretchen)
Act I: Finale: The day is gone and the night comes on (Gretchen, Chris, Friends, Voices of the Crowd, Burgo)
Act II: Finale: In old New York ... (Con, Kid, All)
Duet: Oh, these days it is too easy, yes to swallow castor oil! (Don Hilarion, Don Sebastian)
Ensemble: Some are smiling, some are laughing (Julian, Rita, Carlos, Mozo 2, Mozo 1, Don Hilarion, Don Sebastian, Mozos)
The baby's fast asleep (Porter, Porter's Wife, Chulapos, Chalapas, Tiples, Bajos, Tiples 1, Tens)
Seguidillas: To greet our Lady of La Paloma (Chulapos, Chulapas, Woman, Man, Others)
Dialogue: They have all the time in the world (Julian, Rita, Carlos, Mozo 1, Mozo 2, Sebastian, Hilarion)
Couplets: Don Sebastian is really right (Don Hilarion) - Dialogue: What a lovely time we had this morning (Don Hilarion, Carlos, Mozo 1, Mozo 2)
Soledad: Ah! Let me sing like a gitana ... (Contradora, Voices, Aunt Antonia, Policeman 1, Policeman 2, Susana, Casta, Woman, Man, Men)
Dialogue: Ay, aren't you ladies going to the verbena? (A Young Man, Casta, Severiana, Antonia, Susana, Mariquita)
Nocturne: Don't talk about politics! (Policeman 2, Policeman 1, A Woman's Voice, Voice, Watchman)
Ensemble: Oh! these girls, they make me merry! (Don Hilarion, Casta, Susana, Aunt Antonia)
Mazurka: Listen! How pretty the music is! (Casta, Susana, Antonia, Don Hilarion, Rita, Julian, Policemen, Policeman 2, Policeman 1)
Ensemble: Lovely Susana, Casta, so entrancing! (Don Hilarion, Susana, Casta, Rita, Julian, Policemen)
Come on, let's have some more music (Carlos, Severiana, Don Sebastian, Mariquita, Hilarion, Julian, Rita, Susana, Casta, Antonia, Poicemen, Policeman 1, Policeman 2)
Finale: Before we visit the verbena shall we have a drink, dear ladies? (Don Hilarion, Casta, Susana, Aunt Antonia, Chulapas)

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