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Formats & Featured

Act I: Hail! Let us greet the spring with singing (Tutti, Greta)
Act I: Scene: Well, Vogl, how are things at the opera? (Kuppelweiser, Vogl, Schwind, Bellabruna, Count Scharntoff, Franz Schubert)
Act I: Song: I feel your flowing eyes (Bellabruna, Count Scharntoff)
Act I: Trio: Three little maids (Mitzi, Fritzi, Kitzi)
Act I: Dialogue: Oh, isn't it wonderful! (Fritzi, Kitzi, Erkmann, Binder, Mitzi, Franz Schubert, Vogl, Kuppelweiser, Herr Kranz, Schwind)
Act I: Ensemble: Good afternoon! (Baron Schober, Vogl, Schwind, Kuppelweiser, Franz Schubert)
Act I: Dialogue: My dear friend, it's exquisite! (Baron Schober, Franz Schubert, Vogl, Tutti)
Act I: Quintet: Birds are darting, buds are starting (Five Friends)
Act I: Dialogue: Come along, the sun is setting (Mitzi, Kitzi, Erkmann, Binder, Franz Schubert, Baron Schober, Fritzi)
Act I: Duet: Once on a time (Franz Schubert, Mitzi)
Act I: Dialogue: My dear Herr Kranz, I assure you (Baron Schober, Franz Schubert, Mitzi, Kranz, Fritzi, Kitzi, Tutti)
Act I: Finale: Underneath the lilac tree (Tutti)
Act III: In the golden autumn time (Greta)
Act III: Dialogue: Good afternoon, Frau Coburg! (Vogl, Frau Coburg, Kuppelweiser, Bellabruna)
Act III: Quartet: Can't you men unsympathetic (Bellabruna, Men)
Act III: Dialogue: Careful now! (Vogl, Kuppelweiser, Schwind, Franz Schubert, Count Scharntoff)
Act III: Scene: Oh, what music! (Franz Schubert, Mitzi)
Act III: Dialogue: Franz, Franz (Mitzi, Franz Schubert, Baron Schober, Kuppelweiser, Schwind, Fritzi, Kitzi, Vogl, Herr Kranz, Scharntoff, Bellabruna)
Act III: Finale: You are my song of love (Baron Schober, Mitzi, Tutti)
Act I: What do I hear? (Fresco, Girls, Matosin)
Act I: Scene: You ought to be ashamed of yourselves (Fresco, Vera, Wanda, Girls)
Act I: Dialogue: Ah, good morning, Professore (Count, Fresco, Girls, Wanda)
Act I: Scene: Ha ha ha ha! (Irma's Voice, All, Fresco, Girls, Irma)
Act I: Dialogue: Psst, Count, it's she (Fresco, Count, Irma)
Act I: Scene: Tramp, tramp, tramp ... (Hussars, Ladislas, All)
Act I: Dialogue: Irma! (Ladislas, Irma)
Act I: Duet: On a gray May morn (Irma, Ladislas)
Act I: Dialogue: Magnificent! Ah, you see! (Ladislas, Irma, Fresco)
Act I: Song: Ho, ye townsmen (Sandor)
Act I: Here we are! (Gypsies, All, Musette)
Act I: Dialogue: Allow me to present my wonderful band of Hungarian Gypsy Musicora (Boris, Fresco, All, Vaninka, Musette, Sandor, Wanda, Count, Ladislas, Lieutenant)
Act I: Finale: Come to my chateau! (Count, All, Musette, Fresco, Boris, Sandor, The Count's Valet, Gypsies, Vaninka, Rafael, Sandor, The Others)
Act III: Dialogue: Fresco! There you are (Count, Fresco, Boris, Mlle. Pompom, Irma, General Korbay, Hussar, All, Ladislas, Sandor)
Act III: Finale: Wher'er the thick of the fight ... (All)

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