Octavio Pinto


Born: November 3, 1890; Sao Paulo, Brazil   Died: October 31, 1950; Sao Paulo, Brazil  
Brazilian composer Octavio Pinto is perhaps better remembered as the husband, from 1922 on, of the brilliant and famous Brazilian pianist Guiomar Novaes. Pinto was in fact not a musician by trade, but actually an architect with a thriving business throughout Brazil. He did manage, however, to get some piano lessons from the well-known Hungarian pianist Isidore Philipp (teacher also of Pinto's wife when she was at the Paris Conservatoire) as a Read more young man, and he issued a relatively steady stream of music -- character and show pieces for solo piano -- until he died in 1950. Pinto's most often-played piece of music is one written for and made famous by his wife: Childhood Memories (Scenas infantis, from 1932). Well-known in South American musical circles even before marrying one of that continent's greatest virtuosi, Pinto was a close friend of Heitor Villa-Lobos. The oft-made claim, however, that Villa-Lobos composed his piano work Próle de bébé, Book 1 in honor of Pinto and Novaes' two children (daughter Anna Maria and son Luis Octavio) is a dubious and untidy one: Villa-Lobos composed Próle de bébé in 1918, several years before the two married and had children. Read less

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