Nicole Cabell

Bellini: I Capuleti E I Montecchi / Didonato, Cabell, Pirgu, Frizza
Release Date: 10/28/2014   Label: Euroarts  
Catalog: 59668   Number of Discs: 2
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Bellini:  I Capuleti E I Montecchi / Didonato, Cabell, Pirgu, Frizza [blu-ray]
Release Date: 10/28/2014   Label: Euroarts  
Catalog: 59664   Number of Discs: 1
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G. Charpentier: Louise / Act 3 - "Depuis le jour"
G. Charpentier: Louise / Act 3 - "Depuis le jour"
"Questo Mar Rosso"
Pensier profondo"
"Si può"
"Io resto"
"Chi è là?"
"Si sente meglio?"
"Che gelida manina"
"Sì. Mi chiamano Mimì"
"Ehi! Rodolfo!"
"O soave fanciulla"
"Arranci, datteri!"
Chi guardi?
"Viva Parpignol"
Ch'io beva del tossico!
"Quando m'en vo"
"Chi l'ha richiesto?...Caro! - Fuori il danaro!"
"Ohè, là, le guardie!" - "Aprite!"
"Sa dirmi, scusi"
"Mimi!" - "Speravo di trovarvi qui"
"Marcello. Finalmente!"
"Mimì è una civetta"
"Mimì è tanto malata!"
"Donde lieta uscì"
"Dunque è propio finita!"
"In un coupé?"
O Mimì, tu più non torni
Che ora sia?
"C'è Mimì..."
"Vecchia zimarra, senti"
"Sono andati"
"Che avvien?"
"Che ha detto il medico?"
Seems like these bones don't give me nothin' but boxcars tonight
What, that chile ain't asleep yet?...A woman is a sometime thing
Honey man! Honey man! Here come de honey man
They pass by singin'
Here comes Big Boy!
Crown cock-eyed drunk...Oh, little stars
Oh stop them! Don't let them fight!
Wake up an' hit it out. You ain't got no time to lose
Gone, gone, gone...Overflow
Um! A saucer-buryin' setup, I see
My man's gone now
How de saucer stan'now, my sister?
Leavin' for the Promise' Lan
Oh, I'm a-goin' out to the Blackfish Banks
Oh, I got plenty o'nuttin'
Mornin, lawyer, lookin' for somebody?
Dey's a Buckra comin'
'Lo Bess, goin' to de picnic?
Bess, you is my woman now
Oh, I can't sit down
Allegretto barbaro...Ha da da, ha da da
It ain't necessarily so
Crown! You know very well dis Crown
Oh...What you want wid Bess?
Honey, dat's all de breakfast I got time for
Well, if it ain't ole Peter!
Oh Doctor Jesus
Oh dey's so fresh an' fine...I'm talkin' about devil crabs
Porgy, Porgy, dat you there, ain't it?
I loves you, Porgy
Why you been out on that wharf so long, Clara?
Oh, de Lawd shake de Heavens
One of dese mornin's...Oh, dere's somebody knockin' at de do'
You is a nice parcel of Christians
A red-headed woman
Jake's boat in de river, upside down!
Clara, Clara, don't you be downhearted
Ha ha ha
Introduction, Wait for us at the corner
Listen: There's a boat dat's leavin' soon for New York
Occupational humoresque (Good mornin')
It's Porgy comin' home
Oh, Bess, oh where's my Bess
Where's Bess gone? Oh Lawd, I'm on my way

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