Nathan Gunn

Opening (Joseph Taylor, Jr.)
I Know It Can Happen Again
Pudgy Legs
Dialogue - One Foot, Other Foot
One Foot, Other Foot
Children's Dance
Grandmother's Death
Winters Go By
Dialogue - Poor Joe
Poor Joe
A Fellow Needs A Girl
Freshmen Get Together
Dream Sequence
Pas de Deux
End of College Dance
Jennie Reads Letter
Scene of Professors
So Far
You Are Never Away
You Are Never Away (Encore)
Dialogue - Poor Joe (Reprise)
Poor Joe (Reprise)
Marjorie's Death
What A Lovely Day For A Wedding!
It May Be A Good Idea
Finale Act I
Billy Budd: Prologue 'I am an old man' (Vere)
Billy Budd: Pull, my bantams! Pull, my sparrow-legs!...Who did that? (First Mate et al)
Billy Budd: Guard boat! Indomitable! (Maintop et al)
Billy Budd: First man forward! (Claggart et al)
Billy Budd: Your name? - Billy Budd, sir (Claggart/Billy/First Lieutenant/Sailing Master)
Billy Budd: Billy Budd, king of the birds (Billy/Sailing Master/First Lieutenant/Ratcliffe)
Billy Budd: Gentlemen, the King! (Vere/First Lieutenant/Sailing Master)
Billy Budd: Ay, at Spithead the men may have had their grievances (Vere/Sailing Master/First Lieutenant)
Billy Budd: We are, sir. Claggart is an able one...Land on the port bow, sir (First Lieutenant/Vere/Sailing Master/Ratcliffe)
Billy Budd: Blow her away, Blow her to Hilo (Red Whiskers/Chorus/Billy/Donald/Dansker)
Billy Budd: We're off to Samoa (Donald/Chorus/Red Whiskers/Billy/Donald/Dansker)
Billy Budd: Hi! You...a...a... (Billy et al)
Billy Budd: Over the water, over the ocean (Chorus/Claggart)
Billy Budd: Come here, Remember your promise (Claggart/Novice)
Billy Budd: Billy!...Hist! Billy Budd! (Novice/Billy)
Billy Budd: Dansker, old friend, glad to see you! (Billy/Dansker)
Peter Grimes: Prologue ?Peter Grimes!?
Peter Grimes: Prologue ?The truth ... the pity ...?
Peter Grimes: Act I. Interlude 1
Peter Grimes: Act I. ?Oh, hang at open doors ...?
Peter Grimes: Act I. ?I'll give a hand ...?
Peter Grimes: Act I. ?Let her among you without fault?
Peter Grimes: Act I. ?Look, the storm cone!?
Peter Grimes: Act I. ?And do you prefer the storm ...?
Peter Grimes: Act I. Interlude 2
Peter Grimes: Act I. ?Past time to close!?
Peter Grimes: Act I. ?We live and let live ...?
Peter Grimes: Act I. ?Now the Great Bear and Pleiades?
Peter Grimes: Act I. ?For peace sake ... Old Joe has gone fishing ...?
Peter Grimes: Act II. Interlude 3
Peter Grimes: Act II. ?Glitter of Waves?
Peter Grimes: Act II. ?Now that the daylight fills the sky?
Peter Grimes: Act II. ?Fool to let it come to this?
Peter Grimes: Act II. ?We planned that their lives ...?
Peter Grimes: Act II. ?From the gutter ...?
Peter Grimes: Act II. Interlude 4
Peter Grimes: Act II. ?Go there!?
Peter Grimes: Act II. ?In dreams I've built myself ...?
Peter Grimes: Act II. ?The whole affair gives Borough talk ...?
Peter Grimes: Act III. Interlude 5
Peter Grimes: Act III. ?Assign your prettiness to me?
Peter Grimes: Act III. ?Embroidery in childhood ...?
Peter Grimes: Act III. ?Mr Swallow ...?
Peter Grimes: Act III. Interlude 6
Peter Grimes: Act III. ?Grimes! ... Steady. There you are. Nearly Home.?
Peter Grimes: Act III. ?Peter, we've come to take you home?
Peter Grimes: Act III. ?To those who pass the Borough sounds betray?

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