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Avodath Hakodesh - Sacred Service (2010 Digital Remaster): Part 1. Meditation (Prelude) - Mah tovu - Borechu - Shema Yisroel - Ve'ohavto - Mi chomochoch - Adonoy Yimloch - Tsur Yisroel
Avodath Hakodesh - Sacred Service (2010 Digital Remaster): Part 2. Kedushah (Sanctification)
Avodath Hakodesh - Sacred Service (2010 Digital Remaster): Part 3. Silent Devotion (Prelude) and Response - Yih'yu Ietrotzon - Se'u she'orim - Taking the Scroll from the Ark (Interlude) - Toroh tzivoh - Shema Yisroel - Lechoh Adonoy
Avodath Hakodesh - Sacred Service (2010 Digital Remaster): Part 4. Returning the Scroll to the Ark - Hodo al eretz - Toras Adonoy - Eitz chayim (Song of Peace)
Avodath Hakodesh - Sacred Service (2010 Digital Remaster): Part 5. Va'anachnu (Adoration) - Tsur Yisroel - Adon Olom - Yevorechechoh Adoshem (Benediction)
One Life to Live
The Princess of Pure Delight
My Ship
It's Never Too Late to Mendelssohn
Prelude (Orchestra)
Moonfaced, Starry-eyed (Orchestra)
Ain't It Awful, the Heat - Charlie ... Good ev'ning, Mrs. Jones (Helen Arden, Hope Emerson, Ellen Repp, Wilson Smith)
Blues: I Got a Marble and a Star (Creighton Thompson)
Gossip Trio: Get a Load of That - Come in, come in wherever you are! (Helen Arden, Hope Emerson, Ellen Repp)
Arietta: When a Woman Has a Baby - Oh, good evening, Mr. Buchanan (Hope Emerson, Remo Lota, Polyna Stoska, Helen Arden)
Aria: Somehow I Never Could Believe (Polyna Stoska)
Wrapped in a Ribbon and Tied in a Bow - Here they are ... It's Jenny coming home from the graduation (E. Lane, P. Stoska, H. Arden, S. Rainer, W. Smith....)
Arioso: Lonely Home - At night when ev'rything is quiet (Brian Sullivan)
Scene and Song: Wouldn't You Like to be on Broadway? - Why, a girl like you ought to be on the stage (Don Saxon, Anne Jeffreys)
Cavatina: What Good Would the Moon Be? - I've looked in the windows at diamonds (Anne Jeffreys)
Duet: Remember That I Care - I don't know, Sam (Anne Jeffreys, Brian Sullivan)
Introduction: Morning (Orchestra)
Children's Game - One, two, three, four, superman (Bennett Burrill, Helen Ferguson, Joan, Peter Griffith)
Song: A Boy Like You - Somebody's going to be so handsome (Polyna Stoska, Brian Sullivan)
Duet: We'll Go Away Together - When birds get old enough (Anne Jeffreys, Brian Sullivan)
Choral Scene and Lament: The Woman Who Lived Up There - Sam, what's happened? Is anybody hurt? (Anne Jeffreys, Brian Sullivan, Polyna Stoska, Ensemble)
Lullaby: Ah, shut up a little while, can't ya? (Peggy Turnley, Ellen Carleen)
Finale: I Loved Her Too - They got him! (Norman Cordon, Anne Jeffreys, Ensemble)
Farewell Duet: Don't Forget the Lilac Bush - What are you going to do, Rose? (Brian Sullivan, Anne Jeffreys)

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