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Sullivan: The Gondoliers or The King of Barataria - Overture
Sullivan: 1. List and learn
Sullivan: 2. Good morrow, pretty maids
Sullivan: 3. For the merriest fellows are we
Sullivan: 4. See, see at last they come to make their choice
Sullivan: 5. Buon' giorno, signorine!
Sullivan: The Gondoliers - We're called gondolieri, but that's a vagary
Sullivan: 7. And now to choose our brides!
Sullivan: 8. Are you peeping?
Sullivan: 9. Thank you gallant gondolieri
Sullivan: 10. From the sunny Spanish shore
Sullivan: The Gondoliers - In enterprise of martial kind
Sullivan: 12. O rapture, when alone together
Sullivan: 13. There was a time, a time for ever gone
Sullivan: 14. I stole the Prince
Sullivan: 15. But, bless my heart, consider my position!
Sullivan: 16. Try we life-long we can never
Sullivan: 17. Bride-groom and bride!
Sullivan: 18. When a merry maiden marries
Sullivan: 19. Kind sir, you cannot have the heart, our lives to p
Sullivan: 20. Do not give way to this uncalled-for grief
Sullivan: Then one of us will be a Queen
Sullivan: 22. Now pray, what us the cause of this
Sullivan: 23. Replying, we sing as one individual
Sullivan: 24. For ev'ryone who feels inclined
Sullivan: 25. Come let's away - our island crown awaits me
Sullivan: 26. Now, Marco dear, my wishes hear
Sullivan: 27. Then away they go to an island fair
Sullivan: 28. Of happiness the very pith
Sullivan: 29. Rising early in the morning
Sullivan: The Gondoliers - Take a pair of sparkling eyes
Sullivan: 31. Here we are, at the risk of our lives
Sullivan: 32. After sailing to this land
Sullivan: 33. Dance a cachucha, fandango, bolero
Sullivan: 34. There lived a king, as I've been told
Sullivan: 35. In a contemplative fashion
Sullivan: 36. With ducal pomp and ducal pride
Sullivan: 37. This polite attention
Sullivan: 38. On the day when I was wedded
Sullivan: 39. To help unhappy commoners
Sullivan: 40. Small titles and orders for mayors and recorders
Sullivan: 41. I am a courtier grave and serious
Sullivan: 42. Here is a case unprecedented!
Sullivan: 43. Now let the loyal lieges gather round
Sullivan: 44. Speak woman speak, we're all attention!
Sullivan: 45. The royal prince was by the king entrusted
Sullivan: 46. Luiz! Casilda!
Sullivan: 47. One more, gondolieri
Sullivan: Iolanthe or The Peer and The Peri - Overture
Sullivan: 1. Tripping hither, tripping thither
Sullivan: 2. Iolanthe! From thy dark exile
Sullivan: 3. Good morrow, good mother, Good mother, good morrow
Sullivan: 4. Fare thee well, attractive stranger
Sullivan: 5. Good morrow, good lover! Good lover, good morrow!
Sullivan: 6. None shall part us from each other
Sullivan: Iolanthe - Loudly let the trumpet bray
Sullivan: 8. Entrance of the Lord Chancellor tha's
Sullivan: 9. The law is the embodiment
Sullivan: 10. My well-beloved Lord
Sullivan: 11. Nay, tempt me not
Sullivan: 12. Spurn not the nobly born
Sullivan: 13. Lords, it may not be
Sullivan: Said I to myself, said I
Sullivan: 15. When darkly looms the day
Sullivan: When all night long a chap remains
Sullivan: 17. Strephon's a member of Parliament
Sullivan: 18. When Britain really ruled the waves
Sullivan: 19. In vain to us you plead
Sullivan: 20. Oh, foolish fay
Sullivan: 21. Though p'r'aps I may incur your blame
Sullivan: 22. Love unrequited
Sullivan: 23. If you go in you're sure to win
Sullivan: 24. If you're weak enough to tarry
Sullivan: 25. My Lord, a suppliant at your feet
Sullivan: 26. It may not be
Sullivan: 27. Soon as we may, off and away
Sullivan: Patience - Overture
Sullivan: Patience / Act 1 - Twenty love-sick maidens we
Sullivan: Patience / Act 1 - Still brooding on their mad infatuation!
Sullivan: Patience / Act 1 - I cannot tell what this love may be
Sullivan: Patience / Act 1 - Twenty love-sick maidens we
Sullivan: Patience / Act 1 - The soldiers of our Queen
Sullivan: Patience / Act 1 - If you want a receipt for that popular mystery
Sullivan: Patience / Act 1 - In a doleful train two and two we walk all day
Sullivan: Patience / Act 1 - Twenty love-sick maidens we
Sullivan: Patience / Act 1 - When I first put this uniform on
Sullivan: Patience / Act 1 - Am I alone and unobserved?
Sullivan: Patience / Act 1 - If you're anxious for to shine in the high aesthetic..
Sullivan: Patience / Act 1 - Long years ago - fourteen, maybe
Sullivan: Patience / Act 1 - Prithee, pretty maiden - Prithee
Sullivan: Patience / Act 1 - Though to marry you
Sullivan: Patience / Act 1 - Let the merry cymbals sound
Sullivan: Patience / Act 1 - Now tell us, we pray you
Sullivan: Patience / Act 1 - Heart broken at my Patience's barbarity
Sullivan: Patience / Act 1 - Stay, we implore you, before our hopes are blighted
Sullivan: Patience / Act 1 - Your maiden hearts, ah, do steel
Sullivan: Patience / Act 1 - Come, walk up, and purchase with avidity
Sullivan: Patience / Act 1 - We've been thrown over, we're aware
Sullivan: Patience / Act 1 - And are you going a ticket to buy?
Sullivan: Patience / Act 1 - Hold! Stay your hand!
Sullivan: Patience / Act 1 - True love must single hearted be
Sullivan: Patience / Act 1 - I hear the soft note of the echoing voice
Sullivan: Patience / Act 1 - But who is this, whose god-like grace...
Sullivan: Patience / Act 1 - List Reginald, whilst I confess a love that's all...
Sullivan: Patience / Act 2 - On such eyes as maidens cherish
Sullivan: Patience / Act 2 - Sad is a woman's lot who, year by year
Sullivan: Patience / Act 2 - Silvered is the raven hair
Sullivan: Patience / Act 2 - Turn, oh turn in this direction
Sullivan: Patience / Act 2 - A magnet hung in a hardware shop
Sullivan: Patience / Act 2 - Love is a plaintive song
Sullivan: Patience / Act 2 - So go to him and say to him, with compliment ironical
Sullivan: Patience / Act 2 - It's clear that the mediaeval art alone retains...
Sullivan: Patience / Act 2 - If Saphir I choose to marry, I shall be fixed...
Sullivan: Patience / Act 2 - When I go out of the door
Sullivan: Patience / Act 2 - I'm a Waterloo House young man
Sullivan: Patience / Act 2 - After much debate internal, I on Lady Jane decide
Sullivan: Ruddigore or The Witch's Curse - Overture
Sullivan: 1. Fair is rose as bright as May day
Sullivan: 2. Sir Rupert Murgatroyd, his leisure and his riches
Sullivan: 3. If somebody there chanced to be
Sullivan: I know a youth who loves a little maid
Sullivan: 5. From the briny sea...I shipp'd, d'ye see
Sullivan: 6. Hornpipe
Sullivan: 7. My boy, you may take it from me
Sullivan: 8. The battle's roar is over
Sullivan: 9. In sailing o'er life's ocean wide
Sullivan: 10. Cheerily carols the lark...To a garden full ... fposies
Sullivan: 11. Welcome, gentry
Sullivan: 12. Oh why am I moody and sad?
Sullivan: 13. You understand? I think I do
Sullivan: 14. Hail the bride of seventeen summers
Sullivan: 15. Hold, bride and bridegroom
Sullivan: Overture, Original version
Sullivan: 16. I once was as meek as a newborn lamb
Sullivan: 17. Happily coupled are we
Sullivan: 18. In bygone days I had thy love
Sullivan: 19. Painted emblems of a race
Sullivan: When the night wind howls
Sullivan: 21. He yields! He yields!
Sullivan: 22. I once was a very abandon'd person
Sullivan: My eyes are fully open to my awful situation
Sullivan: 24. There grew a little flower
Sullivan: 25. Oh, happy the lily when kiss'd by the bee
Sullivan: Ruddigore or The Witch's Curse / Act 1 - My Boy, You May Take It From Me
Sullivan: Ruddigore or The Witch's Curse / Act 1 - I Know A Youth Who Loves A Little Maid
Sullivan: Ruddigore or The Witch's Curse / Act 2 - There Grew A Little Flower
Sullivan: Ruddigore or The Witch's Curse / Act 1 - The Battle's Roar Is Over
Sullivan: Ruddigore or The Witch's Curse / Act 1 - In Sailing O'er Life's Ocean Wide

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