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Twenty love-sick maidens we
Still brooding on their mad infatuation!
I cannot tell what this love may be
Twenty love-sick maidens we
The soldiers of our Queen
If you want a receipt for that popular mystery
In a doleful train two and two we walk all day
Twenty love-sick maidens we
When I first put this uniform on
Am I alone and unobserved?
If you're anxious for to shine in the high aesthetic..
Long years ago - fourteen, maybe
Prithee, pretty maiden - Prithee
Though to marry you
Let the merry cymbals sound
Now tell us, we pray you
Heart broken at my Patience's barbarity
Stay, we implore you, before our hopes are blighted
Your maiden hearts, ah, do steel
Come, walk up, and purchase with avidity
We've been thrown over, we're aware
And are you going a ticket to buy?
Hold! Stay your hand!
True love must single hearted be
I hear the soft note of the echoing voice
But who is this, whose god-like grace...
List Reginald, whilst I confess a love that's all...
On such eyes as maidens cherish
Sad is a woman's lot who, year by year
Silvered is the raven hair
Turn, oh turn in this direction
A magnet hung in a hardware shop
Love is a plaintive song
So go to him and say to him, with compliment ironical
It's clear that the mediaeval art alone retains...
If Saphir I choose to marry, I shall be fixed...
When I go out of the door
I'm a Waterloo House young man
After much debate internal, I on Lady Jane decide
1. Fair is rose as bright as May day
2. Sir Rupert Murgatroyd, his leisure and his riches
3. If somebody there chanced to be
I know a youth who loves a little maid
5. From the briny sea...I shipp'd, d'ye see
6. Hornpipe
7. My boy, you may take it from me
8. The battle's roar is over
9. In sailing o'er life's ocean wide
10. Cheerily carols the lark...To a garden full ... fposies
11. Welcome, gentry
12. Oh why am I moody and sad?
13. You understand? I think I do
14. Hail the bride of seventeen summers
15. Hold, bride and bridegroom
Overture, Original version
16. I once was as meek as a newborn lamb
17. Happily coupled are we
18. In bygone days I had thy love
19. Painted emblems of a race
When the night wind howls
21. He yields! He yields!
22. I once was a very abandon'd person
My eyes are fully open to my awful situation
24. There grew a little flower
25. Oh, happy the lily when kiss'd by the bee
My Boy, You May Take It From Me
I Know A Youth Who Loves A Little Maid
There Grew A Little Flower
The Battle's Roar Is Over
In Sailing O'er Life's Ocean Wide

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