Mark Zeltser


Born: April 8, 1947   Country: USSR, currently USA   Period: 20th/21st Centuries
Born in the Soviet Union, Mark Zeltser is a member of a musical family. His maternal grandfather, Mark Pester, a classmate of Heifetz, Elman and Zimbalist at St. Petersburg Conservatory, was famous internationally as a concert violinist and conductor (Chaliapin and Rachmaninov were among his soloists).

Dr. Zeltser began his piano studies with his mother when he was six year old. At eight he gave his first public recital and at nine
Read more made his orchestral debut, performing Haydn and Grieg concertos.

He was admitted to the Moscow Conservatory at an early age and was not required to take the entrance examinations due to his proven talents. It was the first and only time that such concession was made in the 100 year history of the Moscow Conservatory. While still a student, Mark Zeltser entered and won several mayor competitions, including The National Competition in Moscow, The Marguerite Long-Jacques Thibaud Competition in Paris, and The Busoni Competition in Italy. When he began his concert career, he received the critical acclaim that is known to have been accorded to only one or two artists in a generation.

Mark Zeltser holds a Doctor of Musical Arts degree from the Moscow State Conservatory. Read less

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